Libertarian Party News

July 31, 2008 Contact: Andrew Davis E-mail: Phone: 202-731-0002 FROM THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY: Freedom going up in smoke Regulations would endanger health of liberty in the United States Washington, D.C. – Tobacco regulations that just passed the House “should carry a warning label about their dangerous effects on liberty,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew […]

Bob Barr and the American Republic

I recently testified at a congressional hearing about the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.  Incredibly, there was a discussion about the erosion of your rights as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  What is incredible is that we were having the dialogue in the first place. But, I […]

More News from Joe Garcia

I want you to join us this weekend. We’re going to be canvassing on Saturday and Sunday.  Here are the details: Canvass and BBQ with Joe Garcia Saturday, August 2nd at 10 am West Perrine Park 10301 SW 170th Terrace Miami, FL 33157 Please RSVP with Mario Bailey at or (205)246-3932. Canvass in West […]

Noticias de Venevision: 30-VII-2008

Leopoldo López, candidato a la alcaldía Mayor, confía en que la decisión del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia en el caso de las inhabilitaciones  lo favorecerá para poder participar en las elecciones regionales. Todavía falta que corra agua debajo del puente. Mañana (martes) es un día importante y nosotros estamos a la espera de la decisión […]


The Western Media still talks about Tibet and China as if both were separate countries. Before talking about this soc called Tibetan Issue, let us separate politics from sports. Politics and Sports are to be separated with the people participating in the Olympics with the objective of doing their best to win and have a […]

Bob Barr VS Special Interest

    Every month of this year Democrats and Republicans have raised tens of millions of dollars in their quest to retain absolute control over your government. For decades they have held a monopoly on power and the establishment there has become fat. Special interests of every stripe feed at the trough of big government. […]