Indiana, Horning, and Foreclosures




After reading the article about Indiana leading the nation in foreclosed homes, I have decided to add a little fire to the fuel in the literal sense. The problems with the Housing Crisis in Indiana as well as other states in the American Union lies in three aspects. The first aspect is in the people. The second aspect is in the government. The third aspect lies in the fact that there are unscrupulous people who work in banking institutions who will do anything for a commission.

The first subject to be discussed is the responsibility of the people. The people who bouy homes should at least read the contract including the final and hidden lines. The people have the right to ask the banking institution to clarify any of the words or actions in the contract before signing on the dotted line. If the people have any doubt, they should consult a lawyer or a legal service.

The second subject has been the Government with its excessive intervention and the use of tax dollars to finance foolish adventures in the Middle East while America and Indiana is crashing to the ground. This does not have to be the case. The Government with its foolish concepts of the FDIC, Freddy Macs, and Fannie Maes are nothing more than props to help people who were not responsible in the first place to use public money to extricate themselves from the position they find themselves in.

The third aspect have been certain employees that work in banks and lending institutions who are more worried about making a commission by selling anything to an unsuspecting customer. These people invent many lies and the purchaser falls for it and then the purchaser loses the house, the money, and still has to make payments on the foreclosure of the house and the foreclosed house itself.

The solution lies primarily in the people of Indiana. I challenge the Hoosiers to use common sense when they vote for a Governor. The Hoosiers should throw out the Republicans and Democrats who have made these myriad financial rules and replace them with the Libertarian Party of Indiana under the guidance of Andy Horning. This is the beginning of a transformation in which common sense reigns without the excess of rules, regulations, and bureaucratic obstacles. The rest will follow with the state and the banking institutions obeying the wishes of the governed instead of the other way around.

Of course, responsibility should be instilled in the world [including Hoosiers] without regard to race, creed, colour, ethnicity, and class



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