Rebuttal for James Reynolds

James Reynolds of the BBC News Service wrote an article about China and the Olympics which leaves much to be desired. He deals with the so called evictions that are occurring in Beijing in preparations for the Olympics. The following is my response to the ranting and raving of Mr. James Reynolds.

For Mr. James Reynolds: You article about the Chinese Government evicting people in Beijing is biased and unfair. I had the honour of visiting China around June and July 2008. It is unfair to condemn Beijing and the People’s Republic of China for evictions while Banks, Governments, and Mortgage Companies [a great majority] in America have evicted people from their homes for defaulting on their loans or to make room for new buildings. Many people have received their compensation like in America.

According to the same institution called the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, and this is the following quote: “Beyond the epidemic of homelessness, which affects an estimated 3.5 million Americans every year, some 1.35 million of whom are children, millions more live in poor housing conditions that often rival those found in far less developed countries”. The same Centre of Housing Rights and Evictions report also condemns the United States for the methods utilized in housing evictions

BBC News also reports about how in Cleveland, Ohio people have lost their homes secondary to defaulting on mortgages and/or promises of payment to move to alternative housing so that the developers and government can participate in the construction of new buildings. This is called Eminent Domain and Gentrification. The culprits are those who did not read the contract when refinancing or financing their houses. More culprits are financial institutions that did not explain to the customers in plain English and the Republicans and Democrats who have added fuel to the fire with interventions from the FDIC [Federal Deposit Insurance Commission], Fannie Maes, and Freddy Macs.

The BBC also reported on the resignation of Alphonso Jackson as Housing Secretary for the United States of America after a three year stint secondary to irregularities in his position. The resignation occurred in the wake of prices that are falling, foreclosure mania, and abandoned houses.

I have something to tell James Reynolds, before criticizing China, please take a look at the housing crisis in America.

COHRE: “USA: Housing as a Human Right”

BBC TWO: “American Nightmare”

BBC News: “Top US Housing Official Resigns”



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