Another Message from Bob Barr



Dear friend,

By now you have probably read the message from Shane Cory, my Deputy Campaign Manager, regarding his critical work in West Virginia.

Over the weekend, we gained ground in our quest to gain ballot access there, but we are still short of our goal by $14,400.  The deadline for petitions is looming next week and unless we can bring in a few more circulators right now, we will fall short.

As you may have read – it even was covered in the New York Times – a federal judge has ruled in our favor and we will be on the ballot in Ohio this November.  Much attention has been paid to this because in the past few elections, Ohio has been a battleground state that is not guaranteed for either the Republican or Democrat candidates.

Furthermore, our lawsuit in Oklahoma is progressing and it is possible that with an additional court order, AND the necessary signatures in West Virginia, we will be on the ballot in all 50 states.  This is no small feat and is indicative of the public’s desire for change in our country.

Change starts with choice.   Please, if you haven’t already helped me, I ask you to do so today.  We are at a critical point and we urgently need your support.

Your gift of $50 is enough to bring me roughly 25 signatures closer to the requirement of 15,118 to be on the ballot in West Virginia.

When we are on the ballot there, then it will be even more difficult for the national media to ignore my campaign.  Participation in the debates will follow.

Please click here to donate.

I thank you for your consideration.




Bob Barr

P.S. – Another way you can show your support is with a bumper sticker, yard sign, t-short or hat.  Visit our store on-line today to order.  Thanks again!



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