Bob Barr On Gun Control

Dear fellow gun owner,

On Monday, July 20th you may have seen news coverage of statements I made on the issue of new gun control laws in Washington, D.C. Just a few weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Washington’s gun ban unconstitutional, the city government there is passing new ordinances that might as well be a renewal of the ban as it requires that guns kept there be locked up and/or disassembled. Their new law adds further restrictions and registrations that were clearly not the intent of the Court.

Have you noticed the total silence about this issue in the Presidential campaign?

By his actions – not his words – we know that Barack Obama is a long time proponent of every imaginable gun control scheme. He is a perfect fit for the gun grabbers in his party.

And where is John McCain on this issue? Silent.

You see, once again, there is very little difference between their campaigns on issues of importance to our gun rights.

As one of my first acts as President I would order federal law enforcement to step in and force Washington, D.C. officials to abide by the court ruling. I am reminded this day of the time when federal authorities had to step in to enforce court rulings related to desegregation in the South.

Gun ownership and use is as much a civil right as any other, and I will continue the fight for our freedom to keep and use our firearms.
But unless I can get this message out in the debates and to everyone concerned about this issue, gun control will not even be discussed. Click here to help me get the message out.

Right now, today, we need to nail Senators McCain and Obama down on exactly what they will do in office. Every voter has a right to know.
I’ve made it crystal clear that I oppose:
• Gun bans of every type
• Gun registration (which can only lead to confiscation)
• Waiting Periods – because when you need a gun, you need it now
• Ammunition registration and serial numbers – absolutely unworkable
• High taxes to keep folks from owning and using their guns
• Ammunition capacity limitation
• Restricting hunting on federal lands

Still, no word from the Obama and McCain campaigns other than the trite platitudes about “supporting the second amendment.”
It has been said that this campaign for the White House is a revolution.
In many ways it is. We are fighting the powerful special interests who have as their sole aim maintaining power in Washington over you, your life, your money and especially your guns.

When I served in Congress representing the good people of Georgia, I was a strong advocate for gun rights, won “A+” ratings from national gun groups, and today I serve on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.
We are revolting against the status quo.

Today, our revolution needs ammunition to fight back with. Thankfully, our country is still a peaceful nation of laws and the kind of ammo I’m talking about isn’t fired from the guns I want to protect.
But believe me, the ammo I seek from you will make the same political impact and a very loud noise.

If you don’t care that gun control is part of the public debate in this election, then just hit “delete.” Barack Obama and John McCain hope you do just that.

I think, however, that you aren’t one to turn and run from a fight. Like me, you have the courage to stand up for what you believe. You put principle above party.
You put your gun rights first.

When I buy ammo for any one or more of my guns, it is now common for me to spend $35 to $50 for a few hours at the range or a day in the field hunting.

May I ask you to provide my campaign “ammo” to help us get the message out?
Your gift of $25, $35, $50 or more, when added to our magazine of ammo from other pro-gun, pro-freedom friends, will give me the arsenal to wage an effective battle in this political war for liberty.

We will all have plenty of time for shooting and hunting after the November election. I urgently need your financial support TODAY. Thank you.



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