Bob Barr and the Beijing Olympics

Between now and August 24th, I need your help to raise $201,000 for Bob Barr’s campaign for President.

Why $201,000 and why August 24?

Over the next three weeks you will be bombarded with Olympic metaphors and all eyes will be focused on Beijing and our athletes in competition. And while I certainly wish all of America’s athletes success at the games, the Barr for President effort is NOT slowing.

Even as Obama and McCain are vacationing along with the rest of the Congress we are increasing our activity to catch up with them. (Now if Bob was our President, he would have called Congress back to Washington with the instructions: finish your job fixing our nation’s energy crisis . . . or don’t go home. But that’s another matter . . .)

So, between August 1 and August 24 (the end of the Olympics), it is my goal to collect $201,000 in gifts. That’s a 50% increase in giving over the last 24 days of July. Unlike a marathon or the decathlon where it is important to perform equally strong over many days, this fundraising goal must be treated like a sprint where we need to get ahead right now . . . today.

Your gift during this time when media attention will be focused on Olympic coverage will help Bob close the gap on his opponents. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even more will equip us with the funds to broaden and strengthen our grass-roots campaign organization all across America. Please click here to donate today.

Because we have thousands of volunteers who are advancing our cause of limited government and lower taxes, the total of $201,000 will be leveraged to a great advantage.

I thank you in advance for your gift and will be reporting back in the days ahead on our progress.

Bob Barr



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