60 Seconds for Bob: Chapter Three

Yesterday, we asked you to subscribe Bob Barr’s YouTube page.  After a few weeks of being stuck at around 2,700 subscribers, we now have 3,280 subscribers.  We gained 528 subscribers nearly overnight!  Good job!

Now for today’s task: Call Talk Radio!

We need to hit the local airwaves to let people know about our candidate, Bob Barr!  Bob stands for maximizing individual liberty and minimizing government power.

Give the following task a shot and get back to me by e-mailing feedback@bobbarr2008.com and let me know how it went.

Also, feel free to save this task for tomorrow morning if you have a favorite morning program to call.

So here’s the task:

1.    Go to Radio-Locator.com and enter your zip code to find a local talk station.
2.    Visit your station’s Web site to get the call-in number.
3.    Tune in, get the topic of discussion and dial.
4.    If you get through, you’ll probably be connected with the call screener.  Say you want to weight in on the topic being discussed.
5.    When you get on the air, address the topic if you wish, then say something along the lines of, “That’s a great issue to discuss but let me tell you about a real choice in the race for the presidency, Bob Barr.
6.    Finally, and this is important, before it’s too late, plug our site: BobBarr2008.com.
7.    Shoot a quick note to me at
feedback@bobbarr2008.com and let me know how it went.

That’s it!

I’ll report back to you tomorrow with feedback from others.

That does it for today’s “60 Seconds for Bob!”

In Liberty,




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