MSNBC reports Edwards had an Affair and Paris wants to be President

MSNBC reports that John Edwards had an affair with a campaign worker who produced his videos. While Edwards denied that he had the affair in the beginning, he decided to admit it and offered to subject himself to a DNA Test. It is this sorry state of affairs that this sort of thing has to happen. This is more proof that the Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and have something to hide. We elect our politicians and expect them to be responsible and they throw this sort of thing on us. Do we need this for our country?

In other news, Paris Hilton admIts that Mc Cain is old and proposed combining the platform of Obama and Mc Cain to resolve the problems of America. Is there something that is worth talking about? How about Paris Hilton for President?


MSNBC: “Edwards admits to extramarital affair”



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