Open Letter to Justin Webb: Report about the Libertarian Party

I had the honour of reading Justin Webb’s Blog on the BBC News Website. Justin Webb wrote an article about Biden being an antidote to the “lack of foreign policy expertise” from Obama. I have decided to reply to Mr. Webb in his blog. The question in my opinion is the fact that the current choices for President [within the Republicans and Democrats] as well as the governing elite are out of touch with the domestic body in America as well as the International Body [The World]. The following is my letter to Mr. Webb and the need for the Press to address the true alternatives to the current malaise affecting America.


Dear Justin Webb:


I would like to congratulate you for a great article for the BBC News. I do not agree with you that Biden would be a necessary antidote. The problems facing the USA are deeper and cannot be resolved by the current candidates from the Republicans and Democrats.


The BBC [as well as other Western Media] would best be served by reporting on other candidates such as the Libertarian Party Ticket of Barr and Root. After all, the Libertarian Party had their convention and chose Barr and Root in free party elections. The governing elite chose their candidates ahead of the convention which means that the convention is more like a coronation.


The USA must open its political process to the alternative political parties such as the Libertarians or Greens. Instead, we have the Republicans and Democrats using Ballot Access Laws [like the ones used in Venezuela and Zimbabwe] to prevent the emergence of alternative voices to what has become a society that silences real dissent.


The alternative would be the end of the USA in 100 years if there is no political opening toward alternative parties such as the Libertarians and Greens.



Webb, Justin; BBC News: “Biden A Necessary Antidote”





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