Bob Barr and Financial Crisis in America

Today, Bob Barr is taking a break from the campaign trail. However, Bob’s idea of a “break” isn’t the typical one; no windsurfing or strolls in the park for our candidate.

This afternoon, Bob Barr is in the courtroom looking out for the rights of a sporting goods store owner who was sued by Michael Bloomberg during his notorious 2006 gun lawsuits.

While Bob is out for the day, I thought I would take a few minutes to comment on recent events affecting our nation.

The massive stock market tumble yesterday has left a lot of people wondering about the future. And, well they should be.

First to respond in typical attack fashion were the McCain and Obama campaigns each blaming the other for the latest crisis. Well, they are BOTH right. Both are to blame.

Republicans and Democrats alike have regulated and taxed our economy to near death. For the future, both propose still more regulations. For the present, they continue to bail out poorly managed businesses and they artificially inflate or depress interest rates to suit their immediate political desires.

Bob Barr has repeatedly said enough is enough. No more bailouts, no more taxpayer funded subsidies and no more regulations on the free markets that have in the past served this great nation.

But have you noticed that the media continues to almost totally ignore the Barr campaign and its message of less government, lower taxes and more freedom?

To that, I say enough is enough.

As I’ve explained in recent weeks, it is time for us to go up on TV and radio with ads that tell voters they have a choice. The McCain and Obama campaigns are at the highest level of attacks now and the chance any substantive issue will even be remotely addressed is low.

Bob Barr ads will stand out in a sea of anger and bitterness that people will surely be able to relate to. But to get them broadcast, I urgently need your help.

Most of the states we are targeting are not as expensive for buying time on radio and TV stations. And once we break through in the polls in a state like New Hampshire, it will get the ball rolling – so to speak – toward more progress in other key areas.




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