The Fall of the USA

Lovers of liberty must unite by finding common ground.  And humans must take care of each other – person to person.


But I reject the premise that ‘dismemberment’ of the USA would be somehow awful or that ‘United We Stand.Divided We Fall’ as political subdivisions.  Yes, it would be the end of an era.  No, it would not be a sad day if people grouped by their choices and responsibilities.


The right of voluntary association and self-determination was American long before the Union became the Holy Grail in the 1850s. If you take away those freedoms and continue to load regulations, interventions and taxes on our heads, there WILL be a civil war.




I am beginning to be in agreement with this comment. I am hoping for the lovers of liberty being able to find a common good and I believe in unity from person to person. While I am supporting the Libertarian Party and hoping that there will be NO Civil War, our politicians have closed the door to any form of dialogue by excluding the Libertarians and other parties from the Presidential [and other public office] debates.


Our politicians have preached human rights to the world but never practiced at home with their tactics of denying Libertarians and other political parties the right to present their viewpoint to a people who are tired of the Republican and Democrat’s Old Promises and Diversionary Tactics.


Our politicians in Washington have made a mockery of the Founding Fathers continued to add regulations, interventions, and taxes in a manner that would have King George III [during the American Revolution] in a celebratory mood. We are forced to accept these regulations and interventions as “reality”. Many people come to the USA in the hope of looking for economic improvement instead of freedom and we are forced to pay for them in terms of these excess taxes. These immigrants as well as the world think that the USA is a country of endless riches without taking into account that excess regulations are killing us.


Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid [as well as other government programmes] are broken beyond repair. The Federal Government and other forms of government are also broke and beyond repair.


While the world may be surprised by the demise of the United States of America, I would not be surprised if the United States of America were to dissolve into different republics, monarchies, or whatever the different people want. It would probably be a great idea if people in America were to form their own societies based on their definition of choices and responsibilities. I would also not be surprised if there was a Civil War if the Republicans and Democrats were to one day wake up and find that the country they have oppressed for so long no longer exists. Regardless, the Republicans and Democrats paved the way for the demise of the United States of America with their action and lack of action. I am also in agreement that Voluntary Association as well as the right to self determination are as American as Apple Pie.



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