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Over the past few weeks, it is obvious that the McCain campaign has lost and that Barack Obama may well be our next President.  Ghosts and goblins don’t scare me. 


Barack Obama does.


Four years of Obama in the White House will lead to the largest movement toward socialism in American history.


Higher taxes, higher spending, government run health care, and elimination of private retirement plans are just a start. 


At this point, only one candidate stands between the American taxpayers and unprecedented, massive growth in government and taxes: Bob Barr. 

As John McCain has faded, the Bob Barr platform of lower taxes, smaller government, free markets and more personal freedom is catching fire.

Young voters, and especially first time voters, are flocking to Bob Barr in record numbers.  But we need your help to continue this political tsunami that is going to make history next week.


In four days, the Washington establishment is going to hear from us.  They are going to have to sit up and take notice that there is a large and angry segment of the voter population who are fed up with reckless spending, Wall Street Bailouts and corruption.


And our voters believe that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats are to blame.

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Un Comentario/A Comment

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“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost”


John Quincy Adams


President of the United States



“Siempre debes votar mediante sus principios aunque estes solo pues tendra la tranquilidad que su voto no fue perdido”


John Quincy Adams


Presidente de los EEUU


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No puedo soportar la demagogia de los Republicanos y Democratas. Incluso soy un perseguido politico por apoyar a los Libertarios. A pesar de las amenazas contra mi persona, apoyo a Bob Barr y el Partido Libertario. Si ustedes son amantes de la libertad, vota Libertario.

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Persecuted for supporting Barr and the Libertarian Party

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I am tired of the Republicans and Democrats with their insults and commercials. The current elections are a sham since the Libertarians and Greens have been excluded from the debates and from the political process. I am being persecuted in America for my political beliefs which are supporting Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party. Regardless of the repression by the Republicans and Democrats, I support Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party. I also refuse to recognize any President elected via this illegitimate and crappy election. I also hope that God will answer my prayers and expel the Republicans and Democrats from America.



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Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

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Distributed by the Green Party of the United States


Jesse Johnson for Governor of West Virginia

West Virginia Mountain Party


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Contact: Mountain Party Press, 304-552-6167, or Jesse Johnson, 304-541-9841



Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund



WASHINGTON, DC — the Jesse Johnson campaign for Governor of West Virginia was endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund


The Citizen Action Fund, a new political action committee formed by West Virginia Citizen Action Group, is the state’s oldest consumer protection and government watch-dog organization.


The endorsement, announced last week and reported in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch (“Citizen group announces endorsements,” Oct. 19, recognizes Jesse Johnson’s outspoken advocacy for West Virginians in public health, the environment, workers’ and consumers’ protections, transition to clean alternative energy, and other areas.


“The CAF endorsement clearly acknowledges Jesse as the gubernatorial candidate who will fight for the people of West Virginia instead of powerful corporate interests who’ve treated the state like a dumping ground,” said Lesia Angel, Deputy Commissioner of the Mountain Party.


“Because of mountaintop removal and the power of the coal companies, West Virginia has become ground zero for global climate change in the US,” said Jesse Johnson. “The Interior Department is now relaxing rules on mountaintop mining, which will bring untold devastation to the natural environment and a massive threat to public health, through contamination of water and other resources.  I’m the only nominee addressing this crisis, because the Democrat and Republican are too closely allied with the coal companies that are plundering West Virginia.”


Johnson supporters also noted his strong opposition to a plan by Governor Manchin to allow electric transmission lines, which would allow private, out-of-state companies to take private property from West Virginia citizens and gouge ratepayers.


On October 3, Jesse Johnson was endorsed by the Sierra Club (  Mr. Johnson is a former chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party, and as chair, he affiliated the Mountain Party with the Green Party of the United States (


Video clip of Jesse Johnson speaking at a recent West Virginia Youth Commission forum:

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No this isn’t a trivia question.  And, yes, it’s Bob Barr.


Your gun rights are not a trivial matter, that’s one reason Bob Barr wants to be our next President.  And unlike any time in the past almost 15 years, our rights are threatened now more than ever.


Anti-gun Barack Obama leads in most polls and at this late date, John McCain has peaked and is falling.  The McCain campaign is a lost cause – not that he was ever a real friend to gun owners.


I am old enough to remember the early days of the Clinton administration.  Clinton owed the anti-gun fanatics his election victory.  The same will be said for Obama and just like 1993, come the New Year, you can expect a litany of anti-gun schemes in Congress.  But unlike1993, Obama will have a huge margin of anti-gun members of Congress.  In the Senate, he may even have 60 – enough to block a filibuster.


Semi-automatic firearms of every type will be first on the targeted list.  Guns like my HK 12 guage shotgun, my Colt AR-15 and every one of my auto loading pistols (Glocks, Beretta’s, Rugers, Sigs, HK, S&W – all of them) And with that, magazine capacities will be reduced.  Next, expect a massive fee to be collected for processing the mandatory back ground checks.  And finally, an ammo tax of say 200% or more.    And that’s just in the first few months of the new Congress!


After that, total bans and ultimately, confiscation of the types seen in England, Australia and other countries. 


Bob Barr would allow none of this nonsense.  And unlike many politicians who claim to be pro-gun, Bob Barr walks the walk.  Yes, he exercises his right to own and carry firearms, just like me and millions of other law-abiding Americans.


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Green Party becomes the first party to endorse the Standing For Voters pledge to defend election integrity

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Monday, October 27, 2008



Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,



Green Party becomes the first party to endorse the Standing For Voters pledge to defend election integrity


• Green national candidates McKinney and Clemente sign on, along with other Green candidates; Greens cite their leadership role in the 2004 Ohio and New Mexico recounts after evidence of vote theft


• Greens condemn GOP efforts to disqualify legitimate voters in the 2008 election



WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States has become the first political party to endorse the Election Integrity Pledge promoted by Standing For Voters (, an internet-based group inviting candidates to  pledge their commitment to fair elections.


Along with the Green Party, several Green Party candidates have pledged ‘no early concessions’ and actions challenging election outcomes if necessary: presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente; US Congressional  candidates Carol Brouillet (Calif.-14), Rebecca Dewitt (Ariz.-4), Harold Burbank (Conn.-5), and Mike Beilstein (Or.-4); and five candidates for state and local offices: Dan Kairis of Illinois, Richard Boyle of California, Rick Lass of New Mexico, Allan Hancock of Minnesota, and Charles A. Pillsbury of Connecticut.


“Led by David Cobb, our 2004 presidential candidate, Greens organized the response to the 2004 vote theft.  John Kerry and most of his fellow Democrats did nothing after reports and evidence of GOP election manipulation and obstruction of African American and young voters surfaced.  Meanwhile, Greens filed for the recounts in Ohio and New Mexico and raised most of the money for legal expenses.  It’s our special obligation and privilege to be the first party to sign on to the Standing For Voters pledge,” said Holly Hart, secretary of the Green Party of the United States.


For more on Green leadership in the Ohio and New Mexico recounts, visit  (


In signing the pledge, Greens sharply condemned recent tactics that have been used to obstruct and discourage voters, especially African Americans in certain states, from voting.  Such tactics include letters to voters falsely claiming that they’ve been declared ineligible to vote, foreclosure lists denying right to vote because a voter’s address is “no longer valid,” and vicious attacks on voter registration efforts.


“The drastic efforts to disqualify legitimate voters suggests that we’ll see a repeat of Republican conspiracies to steal the national election.  Will Democrats fight this time, or will they roll over again and leave it to the Green Party?” asked Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party.


The documentary ‘American Blackout’ covers Cynthia McKinney’s role in the struggle for election integrity (  A recent essay by Ms. McKinney also addresses the breakdown in fair elections (, Oct. 7,


The Green Party advocates various systematic reforms to ensure fair, accurate, and truly democratic elections, including public financing of elections, free time on public airwaves for all candidates, repeal of ballot access laws restricting alternative-party and independent candidates, paper verification and open-source software for computer voting systems, instant runoff voting, and proportional representation.


According to the Standing For Voters pledge, signers promise to challenge election results “if the combination of election conditions, incident reports, and announced election results calls into question the reliability of the official vote count.”  Should another candidate be declared the winner in a race, signers vow to “wait until all valid votes are counted and all serious challenges resolved before conceding defeat.”


“We’d like to see all of the nation’s political parties endorse Standing For Voters, as the Green Party has done nationally,” said Emily Levy, Standing For Voters Project Coordinator.  “As participants in what’s commonly known as ‘our democratic process,’ all parties should commit to fair elections.  We welcome endorsements from local, state, and national party organizations, as well as other groups that care about democracy.”





Green Party of the United States

202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN

Fax 202-319-7193

• Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

• Green Party News Center

• Green Party Speakers Bureau

• Green Party ballot access page

• 2008 Green candidates to watch


Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente ‘Power to the People’ Campaign for the White House


Cynthia McKinney on video

• interview, Oct. 19:

• Democracy Now! interview, Oct. 16:

• Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video

• Interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote

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Alan Dershowitz Insults Green Party Candidates for US Presidency

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Monday, October 27, 2008



Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,



Greens respond to a slanderous attack by lawyer Alan Dershowitz

against the Green Party and its position on the Israeli-Palestinian




WASHINGTON, DC — The co-chairs of the Green Party’s International

Committee ( have responded to an

attack by Alan Dershowitz against the Green Party and its position on

the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The text of the response follows



On October 12, Mr. Dershowitz, a prominent attorney, published an

op-ed column in The Daily News (New York) titled “Both Barack Obama

and John McCain are true friends of Israel …”



In his column, Mr. Dershowitz accused the Green Party and Green

presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney of anti-Semitism and endorsed

elections limited to two political parties.


Greens noted that Mr. Dershowitz has promoted ‘torture warrants’ to

permit torture of individuals when a threat to US is detected, a

position he shares with the Israeli government.  The use of torture

has been categorically rejected by numerous military, intelligence,

and legal experts because of humane concerns, international laws and

treaties, unreliability as a method for obtaining information, and

because torture would place US military personnel and other Americans

at risk of similar treatment in retaliation. Justine McCabe and Julia Willebrand submitted the Green response to

the Daily News’ editorial department, which declined to publish it.

The response was embargoed until last week to give the Daily News

first right of publication.



It Isn’t Easy Being Green


By Justine McCabe and Julia Willebrand

Co-Chairs, International Committee, Green Party of the United States


Presidential election years aren’t easy for those of us in parties

outside the Democratic and Republican mainstream.  Shut out of the

national debates and most media coverage, our ideas seldom get a fair

hearing, even though most Americans agree with us.  But worse than no

coverage is when our policies are dismissed, not on their merit or the

facts, but by slander.


Case in point: a recent Daily News column by Harvard law professor

Alan Dershowitz.  Known for his unwavering support of Israel,

Dershowitz isn’t merely content to ban Palestinians from the public

discussion on the Middle East conflict.  He uses name-calling to drown

out any voices in this election except those of the established

parties — the two parties whose foreign policies have led to

international animosity against the US.


Dershowitz epitomizes those who believe that any criticism of the

state of Israel or its actions constitutes anti-Semitism.  What they

call anti-Semitism in the Green Party’s national platform is actually

adherence to international law, observance of human rights for all

Palestinians and Israelis, and support for a nonviolent negotiated

resolution to the conflict

( )


The Green Party takes no campaign contributions from AIPAC, its

rightwing allies, or the oil industry.  Unlike Democrats and

Republicans, who accept such money, Greens condemn all violenceagainst unarmed civilians, whether by Palestinians or Israelis,

whether through the use of American-made F-16’s or Caterpillar

bulldozers. We oppose military aid to Israel and Arab countries.

Unlike Barack Obama and John McCain, Greens have deplored Israel’s

violation of over 60 UN Security Council resolutions against

collective punishment, confiscation of Palestinian land and illegal

settlement by 400,000 Israeli colonists, and demolition of over 10,000

Palestinian homes.  We continue to oppose Israel’s violations of human

rights that are recognized as universal by the international

community: the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes

and the right of self-determination.


Ironically, unlike the Israeli press, the US media have tolerated

little discussion on the issue.  Otherwise, Americans would know that

the Green position is shared by people like South Africa’s Nobel

laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Congress of South African Trade

Unions, the Irish public sector union IMPACT, the British National

Union of Journalists–all of whom recognize the apartheid-like

conditions in Israel and the Occupied Territories and have endorsed a

boycott to insist that Israel dismantle them



Dershowitz repeats accusations, lies, and distortions that have been

leveled against former Democratic congresswoman and now Green Party

presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney because of her principled

positions and her refusal to take orders from AIPAC — a lobby for a

foreign government — and its allies.  However, he gets one thing

correct: Obama and McCain have expressed the same uncritical support

for the government of Israel and its actions, which guarantees no hope

of peaceful resolution in the next administration, regardless of which

candidate wins the White House.  Why not just toss a coin instead ofholding an election?


In the end, so eager are apologists like Dershowitz to shut down real

debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other vital topics

that they would limit the political field and banish “extremist”

alternative parties.  In fact, alternative parties have introduced

such extremist ideas as abolition of slavery, women’s right to vote,

the 8-hour workday, and Social Security.  The Green Party is here to

remind Americans that unequivocal support for Israel’s actions is a

corruption of American values like justice and equality before the law

— values that most Americans still hold dear.





Green Party of the United States

202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN

Fax 202-319-7193

• Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

• Green Party News Center

• Green Party Speakers Bureau

• Green Party ballot access page

• 2008 Green candidates to watch


Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente ‘Power to the People’ Campaign for the

White House”Where’s Kenny Rogers When You Need Him? The Big Boys Got Their

Bailout, But the Elected Leadership and the Voters Meet at the

Election Day Showdown”

By Cynthia McKinney,, Oct. 7, 2008


Cynthia McKinney on video

• interview, Oct. 19:

• Democracy Now! interview, Oct. 16:

• Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video

• Interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote


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Response to “The Beginning of The End”

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Thank you for your article. Before I get burned at the stake, I would like you to hear me out. I have a right because I was born in America. While the USA has the possibility of becoming a Communist State, there is an even bigger possibility that the USA may descend into civil war based on ethnicity. There is also a possibility that the USA may dissolve into smaller countries. It cannot be denied the existence of independence movements in Alaska, Vermont, Hawai’i, Ohio, and South Carolina.


There is also the existence of The Alliance of the South which wants to resurrect the Confederate States of America. Please feel free to Google “Ohio Republic” and “Alaska Independence Party”. Before stating that Washington may repress such groups, I would like to respond that in many rural areas where White Anglo-Saxon Americans live; many reject the comforts we have and have gone to hide in mountains on their own.


While Cuba and Venezuela were countries in their own rights with an identity, the concept of identity never existed in the USA. I could remember in Ohio how people placed ethnicity and or state above America. America was a place where people tolerated each other but never actually felt united with each other. There were people in America who were loyal to it out of money. This occurs in the America of today that still exists. I never denied America but I could not consider the Anglo-Americans or others as fellow countrymen while the USA betrayed Cuba [and other Latin Countries] time and time again. In fact, while I respect the African Americans and Anglo Americans and tried to engage them as brothers and fellow countrymen, they are a different country within a country. The society that exists in the USA dictates that. I am not a frustrated low class worker. I am a professional and an individual. 


I wanted a free, democratic, and sovereign Cuba and a Union of Latins [as dreamt by Jose Marti] or at least to live among my people in Miami Florida but the Latin people [including Cuba] wanted to feel part of an America that does not exist and did not want us because of our blood, ethnicity, and the fact that we do more work than the rest of America. The people of Latin America who live in America did not want to continue the struggle for liberty in their countries. It would have been easier to go elsewhere but I loved Miami and I have my family here. 


For me, the Republicans, Democrats, and 21st Century Communists of America are not only things of the past but are infantile people who have done nothing but harm the USA and the world. These people have harmed America with their excessive government, lack of responsibility, invasion of privacy, and class/racial warfare. My only hope for salvation was Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party. What did the Governing Elite of America do? The Republicans, Democrats, and 21st Century Communists of America started by saying a vote for Barr and other political parties were a wasted vote. The Republicans, Democrats, and 21st Century Communists denied the right of Libertarians, the Constitutionalists, and other political parties the right to a formal debate. In doing so, the Republicans and Democrats [as well as the 21st Century Communists] made a mockery of the election process.


I will always remember the time when Republicans and Democrats insulted each other in Downtown Miami using racial and class slurs. It reinforced my opinion of the USA as a beautiful country but with a people who have always been divided and did not deserve my respect.


Why did I support Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party? They were the party of Liberty, Limited Government, and NO Interference in the affairs of other countries. Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party was in favour of lowering taxes, doing away with excess government [including the reduction of repetitive programmes], and returning to the Gold Standard. I also wanted The USA at the present time is a direct violation of the Founding Fathers who did not want Political Parties, but were in favour of limited government. I also wanted an end to communistic programmes such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I also wanted an end to the Labour Unions that have been corrupt and only represent themselves. While I am hoping the people of the USA would vote for real change under the Libertarians and its Free Market Policies, the system has conspired against it.


The factors [which included the trio of death above mentioned] that killed the USA were the ideas of killing babies [partial abortion] and so called immoral unions called “gay marriages”. These were promoted by Hollywood and others in a culture that has no morals. I am opposed to abortion since the sanctity of human life must be respected. In fact, countries that have legalized abortion ended up killing people on the basis of race, creed, colour, religion, and ethnicity. The concept of abortion and immoral unions promoted by the three Anti-American Monsters and received their inspiration from Germany under Hitler and Russia under Communism.


I have decided that the fight was a good fight and will continue.  Please do not respond to my E Mail. Thank You.


Forastero de Ohio

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