I have some exciting news.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr has just finished his newest book, Patriot Nation.

In a clear and compelling way, Bob Barr captures the progressive rollback of American liberty at the hands of a power-hungry executive branch and compliant citizenry. In his powerful and poignant book, Patriot Nation, Bob gives a first-hand glimpse into a world few Americans understand.

The book is being pre-released to select groups of libertarians and liberty-loving Americans who can spread the word.  You are one of patriots selected to receive this special offer.

For only a limited time, the books publisher is offering a special offer in which you can purchase the book today to have it shipped immediately and within minutes, you will receive a special e-version of the book via e-mail so that you can start reading the book immediately.

Go to to take advantage of the offer today and inform your friends, family and neighbors so that they can have their eyes opened and bring the current, undermining of our civil liberties to the forefront of American dialogue.

Thank you for your commitment to liberty.


Stephen Gordon


Libertarian Lists

P.S. The special e-book offer is a great way to start reading Patriot Nation, while the book is being shipped out.  I encourage you to visit the site,, and take advantage of the offer today.



“Bob Barr has been on the barricades defending Americans’ privacy and liberty against Big Government ever since 1995.  He is one of the modern heroes of the Fourth Amendment, standing up for privacy against the FBI, the National Security Agency, and Homeland Security.  He is also one of the most savvy and hard-hitting heroes of the Second Amendment, fighting to expose government abuses around the nation.

Jim Bovard, Author of Lost Rights and Attention Deficit Democracy

“Barr fights for freedom more passionately than any politician I have ever known.”
Gary Aldrich, New York Time’s best selling author

“Bob Barr is the number one protector of the Bill of Rights.”
Alan Gottlieb, Founder
Second Amendment Foundation

“Bob Barr is one of the most thoughtful and persuasive libertarian voices America has seen in a long time.”
Laura W. Murphy

Former Director ACLU Legislative Office




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