As you may know, several of the most senior members of Congress are in tough re-election contests this fall. That’s because they voted for the Bush/Obama/McCain Bailout (B.O.M.B.)!

Incumbents are being (rightfully so) clobbered for giving away your tax dollars and mine. The BOMB is exploding in districts across America and it is hurting both Republicans and Democrats who voted to give billions of dollars to Wall Street.

So why isn’t this issue having an impact in the Presidential race?

It is! Because Bob Barr, unlike his opponents, opposed the bailouts. Bob has been on news programs this past week defending his stand and pointing out that there is more to come in an Obama administration.

(Given that all polls now conclude that John McCain is going to lose, I’m not going to bother addressing what he would do – – not that it would be any different.)

In federal races where incumbents voted for the BOMB challengers are gaining ground. As this race for the Presidency focuses more and more on economic issues and the Bob Barr plan for our economy, he will continue to gain momentum. In Washington there is already talk of as much as $1 trillion more in the coming months to be spent. And as Republicans and Independents abandon the McCain camp, there is only one place for them to go.



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