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For the past 2 years the Libertarian Party of Texas has worked very hard to exceed the record performance of the 2006 elections.  The party has travelled the state recruiting candidates, distributing outreach materials, and responding to media requests.  In 9 days all of that work will come to its conclusion.  The party will ship yard signs, bumper stickers, and door hangers to volunteers that want to help.

Please donate at
Volunteer at or 512-442-4910



In September we informed you of a lawsuit filed by the Libertarian Party of Texas and the Bob Barr for President campaign regarding the failure of the Democratic and Republican parties to file required notifications to place Barack Obama and John McCain on the ballot by the deadline mandated by state law.  The Texas Supreme court rejected the case without comment.

It is noted that Bob Barr has been removed from the ballot in Louisiana due to hurricane Gustav closing the state offices where the forms were to be filed.  The Libertarian Party of Louisiana was unable to file the papers until the offices reopened, which was past their deadline.:

The Libertarian Party was removed from the ballot in Connecticut by having almost half of its petition signatures thrown out:

The Libertarian president ticket will appear on 45 state ballots.  The ballots in which they will not appear are Washington DC, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Maine, Connecticut, and Louisiana.



For a little background on how your state legislators in Texas regard the importance of a fair process for voting, take a look at the following report:



The State Libertarian Party Executive Committee of Texas (SLECT) approved an offer for a new executive director when current executive director Wes Benedict returns to the private sector.  The position has been posted at the following websites:



Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate Yvonne Schick participated in the first televised debate with John Cornyn and Rick Noriega on Oct 9.  She was excluded from the second debate on Oct 16.  The debate can be viewed on her website  Additionally a YouTube video from Schick is found at



The Libertarian Party of Texas was recently represented in several high school and college events:


Libertarian candidate for US Congress district 23 Lani Conolly ( participated in a presentation at Brandies High School in San Antonio.  The presentation was well received:

“Ms. Connolly,

Thank you so much for your time yesterday.  All of the feedback
pertaining to you has been glowingly positive.  The students felt that
you answered every question in a very to-the-point manner.  Students
have specifically said that your responses were informative and that
they felt that you did not seem like a “normal” politician because
you answered the question and did not attack any one else’s responses.

We wish you the best of luck in your campaign.

Thank you again,

Jennifer Bishop
Social Studies Coordinator
Louis D. Brandeis High School
13011 Kyle Seale Pkwy
San Antonio, Tx 78249″


Libertarians in Tarrant County under the leadership of county chair John Spivey participated in an event at Alvaredo High School.  State chair Pat Dixon received the following feedback from the school:

“Patrick, It was absolutely fantastic!  I’m going to be uploading pictures and clips from the kids’ and the adults’ speeches to our website, but check out the article about the event currently on our district site.

Lark Johnston
speech/debate teacher in Alvarado High School”


Judge Ben Neece spoke to South Texas College in McAllen on Oct 14.  The Libertarian Party was invited by Alexander Burton,  an instructor in the Department of Government


Libertarians Mike Ford and Gary Johnson participated in interviews by student at Del Valle High School near Austin. 


US Congress candidate district 15 Gricha Rather ( and state chair Pat Dixon participated in a political party forum at McNeil High School in Austin on Oct 6 and 7.  Feedback from the school was positive:

“Thank you all very much for either speaking at McNeil or providing speakers from your party. Over the course of the two days approximately 800 students were able to attend. The sessions provoked much classroom discussion and piqued the interest of many students (both voters and future voters).

Again, thank you all for your help, and please pass on my gratitude to any speaker from your party who did not make the email list.

Craig Studer
McNeil High School”



The latest edition of the Houston Business Connections newsletter includes candidates from the Libertarian Party and can be viewed at



The Tarrant County Libertarian Party ( will host an election night party in Grapevine.  See the message below:

I wanted to let you know that we’re having a BLOWOUT of an Election Night Returns Watching Party in Grapevine (by DFW Airport) at the most appropriately named venue I could find –  “Love and War in Texas”.  So, on Tuesday, November 4th starting at 6:30 we’ll have the run of the venue and the use of their stage, lights, theater sized screen and projector, PA system, multiple flat screen TVs – (they’re set up for nice sized country music concerts).  We would be honored for you to attend!
For $20, each attendee will get some great food at the ‘Fajita and Tex-Mex Buffet’, be eligible for some incredible donated doorprizes and will enjoy great music, videos, live news feeds, awards (!) – and I would like to try to get a hookup (via internet video chat – most likely) between Bob Barr’s campaign party – AND Yvonne Schick’s, if she doesn’t come here!!!  Yvonne – I may have to chat with you you to set things up – all you need is a video camera, laptop and a high speed internet hook up. 
Of course, we’ll have candidate speeches too – mostly acceptance speeches 🙂   – as well as cheers and boos and friendship in liberty all around. 
The name of the party is “You Can’t Stop Freedom!” – and you can get more information here.
I just put it on the meetup about a day ago and we’re getting a lot of RSVP ‘Yes’ replies.  We’ll have the ability to purchase tickets online very soon – but in the mean time, you can purchase/reserve tickets by calling 817-416-6897!!!  If you know of folks in the area that are in surrounding counties (I’m going to be clobbering Dallas, Denton, Collin – and of course, Tarrant) that may like to attend please pass them the word!!!
Lastly, I needed to let Wes and Art know that the new Tarrant LP website is up and going!!  It’s really incredible so far and is the result of a few really talented folks in the Tarrant LP!  If you could change references on the TXLP website to link to this, I would really appreciate it! 
Thank you in advance for passing this along to interested party-goers and for changing the info on the Texas LP website!
John Spivey
Chair, Tarrant County LP


Austin area Libertarians, please come out on election night to party with us.  This is open to anyone that would like to come by.  Don’t be shy, we really want a nice turnout and hope you can come and feel free to bring friends and family.

Join the Libertarian Party of State Chair, Pat Dixon, Executive Director, Wes Benedict, plus many Libertarian Party candidates to watch the election returns on the big screen TV’s

Travis County Libertarian Party election night party, Tues Nov 4 starting at 7 PM, Paradise Cafe (, free parking under the I-35 bridge, $5 parking one block away, no charge to attend, food and drink can be purchased from the menu, appetizers provided.

Meetup listing for event at



Libertarians had the following letters to the editor printed:


Oct 19, Dallas News,

Both opinions are wrong

Rod Dreher and Tod Robberson are both wrong. Mr. Dreher is wrong because not voting is indistinguishable from silent assent to the winner and the winner’s policies and actions, and Mr. Robberson because the lesser of two evils can still be significantly evil.

Their positions are especially wrong-headed in light of an abundance of third-party choices on our ballots. No, a vote for a third party is not a wasted vote.

There are 173 Libertarians on the ballot in Texas this year, from presidential candidate Bob Barr down through many local offices, and a vote for any or all of them is a message to the “major” parties that smaller government and personal freedom are ideas that still resonate with many Texans.

John Shuey, Carrollton


Oct 18, Abilene Reporter,

Republicans should consider Libertarian

Republicans should repent and listen to their conscience, the Libertarian Party. We left you because you were becoming a socialist organization, competing with the Democratic Party for most of the same votes and disregarding good principles.

The more intelligent ones among you have realized that John McCain will lose this presidential election to Barack Obama. Obama’s brand of socialism, level of taxation and policy is preferable to more Americans. He will defeat McCain in much the same way as he defeated Clinton in his party’s primary process.

Consider our presidential candidate, Bob Barr. His principles include securing our national borders, limiting government and taxes to the minimum necessary, honoring constitutional rights, such as to keep and bear arms, protecting life and liberty, a strong and sensible national defense and opposing government bailouts. Barr was largely responsible for Ronald Reagan’s presidential election while Reagan disowned McCain for dishonorable conduct. Barr is the only legitimate presidential candidate on the Texas ballot since he filed timely while McCain and Obama filed past the deadline set by Texas state law.

On Nov. 4, the McCain/Palin campaign will crash and end just like the five aircraft McCain crashed during his active military career. Palin will fly back to Alaska and the Alaskan Independence Party. Bob Barr is a real American patriot who represents our values and deserves our vote. You can vote for Bob Barr and be proud of it!

Fred Jones, Abilene



The state party often receives solicitations for advertising.  For those candidates that would like to advertise on radio, the following information is provided:

As you know, there is less than two weeks left to present each candidates Name and Message to the Hearts and Minds of the Voters.

KTAE has over 50,000 Loyal Listener who live in Austin, Temple and Waco and in all of the communities around them.

KTAE can provide you with an economical way to get Your Message to Voters at RATES You CANNOT Beat Anywhere:

   One (30 second) Radio Spot per Hour,  18 times per day (6 am to 12 midnight) for 7 days = 126 spots at $6.00 per spot =     $756 total
  Two (30 second) Radio Spot per Hour,  36 times per day (6 am to 12 midnight) for 7 days = 252 spots at $5.00 per spot =  $1,260 total
Three (30 second) Radio Spot per Hour,  54 times per day (6 am to 12 midnight) for 7 days = 378 spots at $4.50 per spot =  $1,701 total

Doug Bell
Sales Director – KTAE Radio 1330 AM
Telephone: (512) 789-2374



Greed.  It’s all about greed.  Greed is the cause of all suffering and pain.  That’s the problem with the free market.  The free market has failed because of greed.  We can’t have the free market any more.  The solution is more government.  We haven’t had enough government, so we need more government to protect us from the free market and greed.

That summarizes everything I have heard from McBama and Congress since the bailout.

Perhaps you would consider this 2 minute opinion about greed from another notable individual:

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  We hear revisionist history about the great depression proving that the free market doesn’t work.  The work of the aforementioned notable individual proved that it was the policies of the federal government, not the free market, to reduce the supply of money by 1/3 that caused a transient market adjustment to turn into a prolonged depression.  The true history that we should have learned is to place more trust in the free market than in the greed of Republicans and Democrats.

Today, here we are again with politicians absolving themselves of blame and putting it all at the feet at the free market.  Just give them more power and trust them to eliminate greed.

I am not an economist and most of you aren’t either.  That is why I carefully consider the opinion of economists like these:

It is interesting to note that only Libertarians have been warning about this impending disaster and taking it seriously.  We knew these policies would lead to ruin.  Those of you that read chapter 6 of Ron Paul’s “A Revolution” know that long before the bailout he explained how current policies would lead the economic hardship we are experiencing.

Some of you may already be suffering from this hardship.  The hardship will hit the Libertarian Party as well.  The funding we need may diminish.  As we search for a new executive director it may be difficult to raise revenue.

We need your support.  I am sure some of you have planned well and have secured your financial well being and can help support us at 

For those whose financial condition is more precarious, you can still help us.  This week I planted about 50 campaign signs around Austin.  Yesterday I spent a few hours outside on a beautiful day putting door hangers on about 200 houses.  We have signs and door hangers we can ship to you and only 9 days left to get our message out there.  Our staff is ready for you to contact them at or 512-442-4910.

It’s all about greed. When will voters get tired of the greed of politicians?  When will they recognize that politicians are to blame for crushing the free market spirit?  When will they reject the greed that leads politicians to take more control of your lives and property?  There are only 9 days left and we won’t have this opportunity again for another 2 years.  Let’s fight the greed of McBama and Congress and defend the free market before we completely lose it.

Donate at
Volunteer at or 512-442-4910

Pat Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Texas



Tuesday November 4: General election date, get out and vote!
Tarrant County Election night party,
Travis County election night party, 7 PM, Paradise Cafe downtown on 6th St (,

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