No this isn’t a trivia question.  And, yes, it’s Bob Barr.


Your gun rights are not a trivial matter, that’s one reason Bob Barr wants to be our next President.  And unlike any time in the past almost 15 years, our rights are threatened now more than ever.


Anti-gun Barack Obama leads in most polls and at this late date, John McCain has peaked and is falling.  The McCain campaign is a lost cause – not that he was ever a real friend to gun owners.


I am old enough to remember the early days of the Clinton administration.  Clinton owed the anti-gun fanatics his election victory.  The same will be said for Obama and just like 1993, come the New Year, you can expect a litany of anti-gun schemes in Congress.  But unlike1993, Obama will have a huge margin of anti-gun members of Congress.  In the Senate, he may even have 60 – enough to block a filibuster.


Semi-automatic firearms of every type will be first on the targeted list.  Guns like my HK 12 guage shotgun, my Colt AR-15 and every one of my auto loading pistols (Glocks, Beretta’s, Rugers, Sigs, HK, S&W – all of them) And with that, magazine capacities will be reduced.  Next, expect a massive fee to be collected for processing the mandatory back ground checks.  And finally, an ammo tax of say 200% or more.    And that’s just in the first few months of the new Congress!


After that, total bans and ultimately, confiscation of the types seen in England, Australia and other countries. 


Bob Barr would allow none of this nonsense.  And unlike many politicians who claim to be pro-gun, Bob Barr walks the walk.  Yes, he exercises his right to own and carry firearms, just like me and millions of other law-abiding Americans.




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