The Other View [Roberto Pique]

Frank Calzon suggested in the “other views” section of The Miami Herald,


that “Candidate Obama” ought “to weigh carefully the impact” of “taking unilateral action” to ease restrictions on tourist travel and trade with Cuba. Raul Castro plans to visit Moscow to strenghten military ties. Accepting the placement of missiles on the island, as in the ’60’s,  was ruled out by the despot’s spokesman.


As President,  Obama’s duty will be the security of the United States.  Should not he be primarily concerned with preventing Russia from developing a stronger military presence in Cuba?  Would not the presence of Russian troops in Cuban soil complicate a military response by the U.S. if a violent revolt affecting regional security were to take place in Cuba?


Ending the embargo is a negotiating tool.  Raul Castro now has his own negotiating tool. 


The embargo has certainly debilitated the Castro regime.  Unlike the Soviet Union in the 90’s, the Castro brothers have had the political will to resist.  Both brothers have the support of an unknown number of Cubans in the island keeping the rest of the population subjugated in the “island prison”. 


Some claim that Castro wants the embargo to continue to cover up the economic misery under communism.  Castro did not negotiate with President Carter in good faith.  There are no guarantees with his brother either.  However, thousands of political prisoners and reunited Cuban families owe a debt to the good faith of Jimmy Carter.


Negotiating with the regime in North Korea in the interest of the security of the U.S. has been effective.  President Bush‘s initial refusal to negotiate was ineffective.  Unfortunately, an unknown minority of North Koreans keep murdering and torturing political prisoners and the U.S. has not been able prevent those horrible violations of human rights in that peninsula.  President Bush refusing to negotiate with Castro has not produced any results compared to what President Carter accomplished. 


Mr. Calzon mentioned that our three Cuban-American Republicans from South Florida reelected to Congress will represent those in their district who “did not vote for them”. 


I agree that these Representatives represent all of us even if one does not agree with their ideas. 


Cubans in the United States, whether American citizens or not should bear in mind that President Obama will represent all of us in dealing with Cuba whether he is right or wrong or whether we agree with his policies or not.  President Obama’s district, however, is the nation we have adopted.


Un comentario sobre “The Other View [Roberto Pique]

  1. I think the president Obama is going to look through all the interests of the people who live in his country. The change is done, now let´s to rely on our new president.


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