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Blago and Beyond

Posted in Partido Libertario/LP by alvarezgalloso on enero 30, 2009

This was an article and an interview with the Libertarian Party of Illinois concerning Blago. This was published in Now Public. 

During the last week of January 2009, Rod Blagojevich fought for his political survival as the Illinois Senate impeached him. Blago [his nick name] presented his case to the world but not in the Illinois Senate until the last minute.

My attempts to talk with Mr. Blagojevich and Ms. Radogno [one of the Illinois Senators involved in the impeachment proceedings] were unsuccessful. Kent Mc Millen who is the Public Relations Chair for the Libertarian Party of Illinois was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule to talk Blago, Illinois, and beyond.


In the process, we have become enlightened with this conversation. The following was done in E Mail format:


      1. Why was Blagojevich removed as governor?


 Rod Blagojevich was removed for several reasons. First and most obvious is that he was caught on tape saying things and making deals that voters should and did find to be disturbing – even for voters in Illinois and Chicago that are used to an outrageous amount of corruption, “Pay to Play” government deals, and just downright underhanded dealings. Less obvious is that the former governor has angered even those colleagues that normally would have stuck by him and covered for him. This started well before the events that resulted in his removal – as far back as the feud between Blagojevich and Dick Mell – a Chicago “Machine” politician and the former governor’s father in law. He lost the support of the people who were protecting him and one of them tipped off the authorities – who in turn started surveillance of him and caught him making dirty political deals on tape.

2. Was Blagojevich the cause of, a part of, a continuation of the problem,
or all of the above? What is the reason behind this answer?

Blagojevich was a major part of and a continuation of the “Business as usual” state of politics in Illinois. One need only review the histories of several past Illinois governors – most recently George Ryan, who is currently serving a prison term for offenses committed while serving as Illinois Governor – to see that corruption at the highest level of Illinois government is nothing new. It’s also important to note that Rod Blagojevich is not the only crooked politician in Illinois, and certainly not the last – not unless the citizens of our state pay attention and demand the removal of other politicians that abuse the power of their offices.

3. The vote against Blagojevich was 59 in favour of removal and 0 against. Is this a reflection of his popularity in government or in the state as a whole?

Though this may reflect Blagojevich’s incredibly low popularity among the state senators, it could also be because the belief Blagojevich is crooked is so established that even those senators that feel more evidence is needed to prove his wrongdoing are afraid to go on record as saying so. It’s clear that even Blogojevich’s friends in the state senate have abandoned him rather than go on record supporting him.

4. Did Blagojevich commit any violations of human or civil rights against
Libertarians and other parties during the Gubernatorial Elections of 2006? Did those who remove Blagojevich commit the same violations of human or civil rights?

Though Blagojevich probably did not commit any specific offenses against Libertarians or other parties, by allowing grossly unfair and unconstitutional ballot access laws to stand after he was elected, he failed to use his executive power to do the right thing. The politicians who removed him are the same ones who are maintaining this unfair system and have also failed the citizens of Illinois.

5. It appears that Illinois has been through a lot with the Republicans and
Democrats destroying the confidence bestowed on them by the people of the Land of Lincoln. What can the Libertarian Party of Illinois offer as an alternative to the tired Governing Elite in your state?

Libertarians don’t claim to be more honest or trustworthy or “better” than anybody else – we’re all human and suffer from human temptations and frailties. However, only Libertarians want to reduce the amount of power wielded by politicians. This would remove the temptation to misuse power and even much of the ability to misuse it. Libertarians not only want to return all power not specifically granted to the government by the Illinois constitution to individuals, but are also champions of government transparency. We want it to be very obvious to the voter and taxpayer what money is being spent, for what, and who is receiving it. Libertarians offer smaller, less-expensive and less-intrusive government at all levels, as well as more individual freedom. We also want people to accept the personal responsibility that comes with this freedom.

By the way – the official motto of Illinois is “The Prairie State” – not the land of Lincoln. Libertarians feel that Lincoln did much to harm states’ rights and contributed to the growth and tyranny of the federal government.

6. Why should there be direct elections instead of a gubernatorial
appointment when a Senate Seat [or any seat for that matter] is vacant?

Though most Illinois voters probably would not have a problem with the governor exercising his authority to fill an empty senate seat, in the case of Blagojevich, his motives to extract personal gain from his choice of replacement senators was so obvious that any choice he made would be suspect. “Tainted” as the news media so correctly pointed out.

7. What can Illinois, America, and the rest of the world learn from what has happened to Blagojevich and Illinois?

Though Illinois may seem to be an extreme case, every other state in the union, the country at large, and citizens of every country should be aware that power corrupts. This is inevitable. Though there is no better form of government for a free people, freedom DEMANDS that citizens remain vigilant. Even when the very best people are elected to office, the voters must not consider their job finished. The people must watch their government and their elected official closely. Be involved in their government. Participate actively and not abdicate their duty to govern themselves. After all, we are a “Government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.” Keeping government honest is OUR responsibility.


I would like to thank Kent Mc Millen and the Libertarian Party of Illinois for this Now Public Exclusive Interview. My best wishes to the people who read Now Public and work for it. Thank you for allowing this exclusive interview. For Now Public, Roberto Alvarez-Galloso reporting.

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Fin de Blago

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El estado de Illinois en los EEUU fue el centro de un proceso en su larga historia de corrupcion politica con la destitucion del Gobernador Rod Blagojevich por corupto, fraude en el correo, y vender el esca~no dejado vacante por el entonces Senador saliente Barack Obama. Incluso, Blagojevich o Blago queria regalar el puesto a la locutora Afro Americana Oprah Winfrey.

El voto en el Senado de Illinois fue un 59 a favor y un 0 en contra a la destitucion de Blago. Blago parece ser parte del problema pues el Estado de Illinois es un estado corrupto. Incluso tres previos gobernadores sin ser destituido fueron a la carcel por cargos similares. La Historia de Illinois es sinonimo con Kerner, Ryan, y Walker [los tres gobernadores].

La Historia de Illinois en especial Chicago es famoso por su politica corupta y tercer mundista con la politica de Daley. Incluso, Kennedy gano los comicios de 1960 en Chicago debido a los votos de los muertos cortesia del finado alcalde Richard Daley. Los intentos en resolver el problema de Illinois fueron frustrado por la clase gobernante de Illinois.

Los Republicanos y Democratas lograron reprimir a los Libertarios y otros partidos con metodos legales como acceso a los boletos y/o negar el derecho de participar en los debates despues de los cumplimientos de los requisitos. Eso es un atropello a los derechos humanos y civiles en loe EEUU en especial Illinois.

El Partido Libertario de Illinois tiene el deber de presentarse como verdadero campiones de un cambio profundo para su estado. El cambio profundo se debe basar en menos gobierno, fin de los politicos de carrera, y una supervision de los politicos como los politicos quieren supervisar la vida y los negocios de los individuos.

El Partido Libertario de Illinois debe exigir mediante todos los medios de comunicaciones [incluyendo la red cibernetica] una cobertura justa y equitativa de TODOS los partidos en las elecciones del futuro. Si es necesario que otro Partidos Libertarios supervisan el proceso, fenomenal.

La destitucion de Blago no resolvera los problemas de inmediato sin un cambio profundo en la estructura y las esferas del poder en Illinois. Quiero retar el pueblo de Illinois de pedir lo mismo de sus politicos, una eleccion limpia y un gobierno limpio con menos intromision en su vida. La alternativa seria una politica de siempre que acabaria con el Estado de Illinois.

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End of Blago What Next?

Posted in Comentario, Partido Libertario/LP by alvarezgalloso on enero 30, 2009

I heard CRI English [China Radio International] on my shortwave radio when they announced that the Illinois Senate removed Rod Blagojevich from his office as Governor of Illinois.

The accusations against Mr. Blagojevich were the following: corruption, selling a Senate Seat being vacated by Barack Obama after being elected President, mail fraud, and attempting to obtain illegal contributions.

The vote was unanimous in the Illinois Senate with 59 saying yes and 0 saying no. It appears that Illinois may have survived its current crisis but there are lessons that have to be learned.

It can be imagined that the next place of residence for Mr. Blagojevich will be a jail cell after being given the political death penalty. The political death penalty means that Mr. Blagojevich can no longer run for ANY Public office in Illinois.

Mr. Blagojevich was not the cause but is part of the problem that afflicts Illinois. The State of Illinois under the governance of the Republicans and Democrats has become a cesspool of corruption of the worst kind.

According to the Huffington Post and the Associated Press, Otto Kerner who was the Democratic Governor of Illinois from 1961 to 1968 went to jail for bribery and tax evasion. Dan Walker was the Democratic Governor of Illinois from 1971 to 1973. He was sentenced to jail for perjury, and bank fraud.

George Ryan was a Republican Governor of Illinois from 1999 to 2003. Mr. Ryan went to jail on charges of corruption. His crime was to award state contracts and leases to associates while covering bribes in truck driver licenses.

The same Republicans and Democrats who also promised to respect the people did not even allow the Libertarians and Greens in the Gubernatorial Debate. The system is broken and needs to be replaced.

The option lies in the Libertarian Party of Illinois and whether they can offer an alternative to the lies and deceit in their state. The Libertarian Party of Illinois issued a challenge to the State of Illinois to replace political appointment of Senators with Direct Elections.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois has also challenged the media and the system to provide equal treatment to ALL Candidates for Governor or other positions within Illinois so that the voters can have a real choice at saving what is a sinking ship.

The lessons that can be learned from what has happened are that the people should ask the media for equal coverage. The people also have the responsibility to look for the alternative political parties in the internet and see what the Libertarians and Greens have to offer.

The alternative parties should find a way to promote themselves as an alternative to an elite of Republicans and Democrats that have lost touch with the people of Illinois. The Libertarian Party of Illinois has done that via the Internet and alternative news sources as well as word of mouth. More has to be done.

The time has come to monitor politicians in the United States of America in the same vein that Business should be monitored. The purpose is to ensure accountability and the Libertarian Party of Illinois favours such a move. Is there a possibility of such a change? It is hoped that there is before it is too late.



Blago Should Go

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The State of Illinois has been in the news recently and it is not because of the recent election and innauguration of Barack Obama as President. Illinois has a Governor whose name is Rod Blagojevich and he is fighting attempts at impeachment and resignation. Blagojevich or Blago is not fighting it at home but with a World Tour [using the phrase of the Libertarian Party of Illinois] which took him to “Good Morning America”, “The View”, “Larry King Live”, and Fox News Channel.


The problem with Blagojevich was that he attempted to sell Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat to the highest bidder. This lead to his arrest by the Federal Government and has made Illinois a laughing stock of the world. It also undercuts Blagojevich’s promise that he would be a catalyst for change. He has bought time by sending to the Senate Seat a respectable person called Mr. Burris. Mr. Burris was appointed by Blagojevich and was almost turned away by Reid [a Nevada Lawmaker in Washington DC].

What gave Blagojevich a reprieve were telehone conversations between Reid and Blagojevich which stated that Reid preferred Lisa Madigan [a White Anglo-Saxon] over Jesse Jackson Jr. [an African American] because Ms. Madigan was “electable”. Regardless, the problem has not been resolved even with Blago declaring that he offered the Senate Seat to Oprah Winfrey.

Rod Blagojevich has also been accused of committing mail fraud, attempts to bribe the Chicago Tribune with funds from the State of Illinois, and attempting to obtain campaign contributions from the Children’s Memorial Hospital.

What is Rod Blagojevich to do in the face of what has transpired? He should resign his office and admit that the political process in Illinois governed by Republicans and Democrats is a mess. The Governing Elite in Illinois should also resign as well.


Rod Blagojevich should resign since he has abused the powers that were conferred to him in two elections. He has abused the trust that the people of Illinois placed on him. He has done a lot for the people but his mistakes would have forced someone else out a long time ago.

Mr. Blagojevich should resign since he attempted to sell a Senate Seat, bribe a member of the media, commit mail fraud, and attempt to obtain contributions in an illegal matter from a Children’s Hospital.

Another reason he should resign is that he does not represent all of the people of Illinois including minor parties.

Rod Blagojevich [as well

as the Powers in Illinois] have excluded the Green Party of Illinois from the gubernatorial debate of 2006. This is a flagrant violation of human rights against those who believe that different viewpoints should be heard. It appears that such a different opinion includes the need for transparent government.

For those not familiar with this scandal, Blagojevich and the Republican Candidate for Governor of Illinois in 2006 whose name was Judy Baar Topinka committed themselves orally to a debate in Southern Illinois. The debate was sponsored by the Paul Simon Public Library Institute and WSIU. Both Blagojevich and Topinka pulled out at the last minute because they could not debate a Green Party Candidate.

Dave Brady [who is the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois] has commented about the “outrageous” and “arrogant” behaviour of Blagojevich and other elected officials in Illinois. He also commented on the “abuse of public trust” by politicians while “enriching” themselves.

I agree with Mr. Brady that the culture of “anything goes” by the Republicans and Democrats have gone too far and that Blagojevich should pay the same price as his predecessors. Mr. Blagojevich should resign with dignity and accept whatever sentence that is handed out. The Govenrment of Illinois should do the same thing as well and there should be special elections in which ALL Political Parties are included.

Reference: /2009/01/03/is-harry-reid-a-ra cist/ 2006/110106.html joomla/index.php?option=com_co ntent&task=view&id=1&a mp;Itemid=9

Torrey Thompson: American Hero, Victim of Injustice

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A Decorated Marine needs your support more than ever.  Torrey Thompson is in danger of serving time in jail for a crime that he did not commit.  Thompson is a former police officer of DeKalb County, Georgia and a Marine Corps veteran.  This dedicated man does not deserve to be convicted all for doing his job; enforcing the law and protecting the public.


Torrey Thompson is charged with felony murder, manslaughter and aggravated assault arising out of an incident which occurred on September 12, 2006.  Thompson was called for back-up along with two other officers in an apartment complex in Decatur, Georgia.  The two officers that called for back-up were Officers Knock and Mondesir.  They were investigating a stolen vehicle in the apartment complex, which had been identified in a hit and run incident earlier that day.


When Officer Knock stopped the vehicle, the occupants jumped and fled on foot.  Knock and Mondesir contacted the owner of the vehicle who informed them that the vehicle had been stolen.  The owner identified one of the occupants to be Lorenzo Mathews.  Mathews was already wanted in connection with a shooting earlier in the month.


Knock and Mondesir were given permission to search the second floor of the apartment building where they believed Mathews to be hiding.  Thompson was then called for back-up along with Officer Nunn and Sergeant Berg. Officers Knock and Mathews positioned themselves at the rear of the apartment on the ground floor.  Officer Thompson positioned himself next to Officer Knock at the base of the stairwell.


As the Officers entered the building, Mathews was standing in the kitchen area.  Mathews fled out the back and down the stairs while Officers Thompson and Knock proceeded to yell “STOP, GET TO THE GROUND” and then ordered Mathews to “SHOW YOUR HANDS”.  Matthews refused the orders and ran down the stairs pointing what appeared to be a gun at Officer Thompson. 


Mathews then pointed the item at Knock.  Officer Knock then yelled “SHOW YOUR HANDS”, “STOP”, “DROP YOUR WEAPON”, and “GIVE UP”.  Once again, Mathews ignored Knock’s commands and lunged towards him.  Officer Knock fired his 9-millimeter Beretta four times hitting Mathews once in the chest. 


Officer Knock did not think that he hit Mathews because he then jumped over the railing of the staircase and ran towards Officer Thompson.  Officer Knock did not fire again because Thompson was in his line of fire.  Knock yelled to Thompson to “shoot him”.  Observing something dark in Matthews hand and believing it to be the butt of a pistol, Officer Thompson shot his 9-millimeter Beretta twice. 


Mathews jumped the backyard fence and fled the scene towards a wooded area behind the apartment building.  Officer Thompson chased Mathews and yelled for Mathews to “STOP” as he chased him through a parking lot towards the wooded area.  Mathews turned and OfficerThompson fired his Beretta four times because he feared that Mathews was armed and would take an offensive position against him as he entered the woods.


As Mathews entered the woods he stopped and looked at Officer Thompson.  Officer Thompson proceeded to fire four more times.  Mathews ran through the woods and jumped over a fence into a shopping center.


When the K-9 unit arrived, they found Lorenzo Mathews located dead in the shopping center.  A large knife was found at the shopping center fence where Mathews had climbed over.


Officer Torrey Thompson is now being charged with felony murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and violation of oath by an officer.  These outrageous charges against Thompson are completely unjust.


Officer Thompson was performing his job the way he was trained to do.  He knew that Lorenzo Mathews was a dangerous felon who had earlier demonstrated a willingness to place others in harms way to avoid arrest.  Thompson took the necessary actions to keep this criminal off the streets of the community he was trying to protect.


Officer Thompson was indicted in July 2008, almost two years after the incident occurred.  It is not fair that this dedicated officer could spend time in jail for protecting the public.


LELDF is assisting to help Officer Torrey Thompson with his expensive legal fees and expert witness testimony, but we need your support.  But, we cannot do it alone.  Thompson needs to know that his fellow Americans support the job he does and that we appreciate his bravery.


LELDF is a non-profit organization founded to support and defend police officers from unfair charges for actions taken in the line of duty. This Decorated Marine has four letters of commendation and has never been disciplined.  This is not a police officer who deserves to spend any time jail for a crime that he did not commit.


The two Officers, Knock and Thompson, both believed that their lives were in danger.  Mathews was a dangerous suspect who was making aggressive moves towards the officers.  They believe that they were justified in the actions they took.


Why should Torrey Thompson, a dedicated Police Officer and Decorated Marine, have to endure the consequences of these charges because of this criminal?


You can help Officer Thompson obtain justice by showing your support as a fellow American who respects the sacrifices he makes for his community.


LELDF is asking you to make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any other amount that you can afford.  Your tax-deductible donation will make a huge impact on Officer Torrey Thompson’s life.


We thank you for your support.

Government Overkill in Health Care

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 I am writing at a time when people have called for government intervention and government has responded to such calls for intervention. While government has a responsibility to the governed, our society as distanced itself from individual responsibility at a time of a great crisis. There are people who say that if there is no government oversight, the people will get richer at the expense of the less fortunate.

The United States of America was founded on the basis of limited government and individual responsibility. The people must not look to government as the source of their solution. The history of the world has been testimony to what has happened when the state takes over. Many times, individual responsibility and freedoms go out of the door and we are faced with slavery. I will deal with the health care aspect and the FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act].

One of the examples of how Government Oversight going amok has been in Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and the United States of America. Cuba, Zimbabwe, and North Korea have people who scrutinize the movements of their citizens in case of disloyalty and any example of public criticism is suppressed. The United States of America under the Republican/Democratic Leadership of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have the FOCA [Freedom of Choice Act].

The Freedom of Choice Act enacts the opposite in which taxpayers are forced to pay for abortions, hospitals [as well as health care workers] are forced to participate in abortions, and parents can do nothing if their child wants an abortion. In other words, the Republican/Democratic Government of the United States of America will kill unborn babies just as they killed innocent Arabs and other nationalities.

According to Donny Ferguson of the Libertarian Party, when a government begins to provide health care, education, and child care; there is a recipe for disaster. The government looks at the people that it supposes to take care of as nothing more than a burden. Nancy Pelosi once told George Stephanopolous that “family planning reduces costs” without taking into account the individual.

Donny Ferguson also wrote in the Libertarian Party Blog about a 43 year old man who suffered from Down’s Syndrome was hospitalized in the National Health Service System in Great Britain. The patient starved to death after 26 days because the Physicians in the National Health Service forgot that he had to be fed.

The result was that the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Report [which will be released] concluded that the Government Run Health Care System in Great Britain discriminates against people who are disabled. The Physicians who did nothing should have been responsible but they had their hands tied by a “nanny state” that wants to control everything in the name of “the village”.

It is hoped that the people of the United States of America would one day learn that government oversight in health care leads to death while the Libertarian Solution is Pro Life.


“Pelosi: Reduce government spending by reducing the population” Ferguson, Donny; January 26, 2009 ferguson/pelosi-reduce-governm ent-spending-by-reducing-the-p opulation

“Report: Government-run hospitals fatally discriminate against the disabled” Ferguson, Donny: January 24, 2009 ferguson/report-government-run -hospitals-fatally-discriminat e-against-the-disabled

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Hay Que Privatizar a Los Servicios Publicos en EEUU

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La Cadena de Television Anglo Estadounidense MSNBC dedico un segmento a la ineficiencia de la policia publica en EEUU y la esclavitud de ni~nos estadounidense. Hubo dos incidentes de aquella infamia en Ohio y la Florida.

La ciudad de Toledo en Ohio [ciudad hermana de Toledo en Espa~na] es una ciudad industrial sufriendo de un atraso en todas las esferas por el exceso de gobierno. La policia y todas las esferas del estado parecen una parodia de cumplir con las leyes.

Nuestro cuento en Toledo, Ohio comienza con el secuestro de tres ni~nas por unos violadores por negocios. Los violadores son un afro americano y dos anglo sajonas estadounidenses. La familia de los secuestrados trataron de acudir a la policia de Toledo, Ohio. La respuesta de la policia fue en lo negativo.

La familia logro buscar la casa y intentaron un rescate de las ni~nas. Las ni~nas lograron escaparse por una ventana pero los secuestradores utilizaron violencia de alta magnitud contra los familiares de las ni~nas. Al final, llego la policia publica que no conocen lo que es la palabra trabajo y castigaron al padre.

En el condado de Escambia en el Estado de la Florida, una ni~na de 16 a~nos establecio una amistad con una compa~nera de clases. La compa~nera invito a la ni~na a su casa pese a la negativa de la mama. La compa~nera visito la casa de la ni~na con su papa y logro ganar la confianza del padre.

La ni~na paso la noche en la casa de la amiga y fue secuestrada, violada, y torturada por el papa [que no era papa de verdad]. La familia acudio a la policia de Escambia que hicieron lo mismo como de Toledo Ohio.

Al final, la familia rescato a la ni~na de 16 a~nos, pese a la incompetencia de la policia. Otra vez, la policia y la salud publica sigue con su persecucion de la ni~na violada y su familia. Incluso, la ni~na sufrio trauma pues ella a veces ve a la gente que la violaron caminando por las calles.

Resolucion: La Policia y los Servicios Publicos en EEUU son un desastre  con el elite del Partido Republicano y Democrata. Invito a los libertarios del mundo para lanzar una protesta contra la violacion de los derechos humanos en EEUU.

Invito a la gente a luchar contra la tirania del exceso de gobierno en EEUU y para un mundo de menos gobiernos. Por ultimo, debemos privatizar a los servicios publicos en los EEUU incluyendo a la policia. La policia estadounidense recibe dinero de los impuestos de la gente pero en su tiempo libre, hacen llamadas para pedir fondos para sus fiestas.

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Libertarian Party Congratulates President Barack Obama

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Libertarian Party Congratulates President Barack Obama


America‘s Third-Largest Political Party Comments on Obama’s Inauguration as the 44th President of the United States



WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Congratulations to President Barack Obama on his inauguration as the 44th President of the United States,” says Libertarian Party National Chairman William Redpath. “I think all Americans ultimately want what libertarians want—peace, prosperity and freedom.  If President Obama and the 111th and 112th Congresses succeed in bringing us all that, they will truly be heroes to this nation.”


“However, because so many people, including libertarians, are skeptical that they will do so with the current and proposed public policies,” says Redpath, “the Libertarian Party will continue to exist and grow, and propose and diligently work for the policies that we think will bring this nation peace, prosperity and freedom.”


“I hope President Obama is extremely serious about terminating government programs that are found to be ineffective, as he stated in his inaugural address,” Redpath continues. “He’ll have to be to succeed in doing that.  If fair judgments are made about all federal government programs, we should see a reduction in the size of the federal government that the Republican Party was never able to achieve.”


“I also was heartened to see President Obama speak of respect for market economies and responsibility to oneself before responsibility to the nation and the world,” says Redpath. “But, to induce the American people to be more responsible, they will need to be given more freedom from government coercion.  Responsibility and freedom are the two sides of the same coin.”


“President Obama has distinguished himself as a great orator, and in that regard, I respectfully ask him to do one thing: not to cheapen the word ‘freedom,’ as so many of his predecessors have done.  While I am not suggesting that the United States become something other than a democratic republic, past presidents have suggested that because we have a democracy that we are ‘free.’  Freedom means living one’s life as one chooses, as long as one does not harm other people or their property, and the simple existence of democracy does not guarantee that.  Only proper public policies will,” Redpath explains.  “If President Obama pursues policies of economic freedom, which is the historical fundamental reason of this world’s prosperity, and personal freedom, we will have a prosperous, harmonious and just society—and he would go down as a great President,” says Redpath. 


For more information on this issue, or to arrange an interview with the Libertarian Party, please email Andrew Davis at, or call (202) 731-0002.


The Libertarian Party is America’s third-largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties.  You can find more information on the Libertarian Party by visiting The Libertarian Party proudly stands for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom

Libertarian Party Faults Bush Administration With Pushing Idea that Government is an Agent of Good

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Contact: Andrew Davis

Phone: 202-731-0002

Libertarians: Most Dangerous Part of Bush Legacy is What Cannot Be Seen

Libertarian Party Faults Bush Administration With Pushing Idea that Government is an Agent of Good

WASHINGTON, D.C. – America’s largest third party says the most dangerous part of President George Bush’s legacy is that which cannot be seen.  “President Bush leaves office after eight years having pushed the idea that people should trust the government because it knows what’s right for them,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis. “This is the most dangerous facet of the Bush legacy.”

“In a matter of decades, we have gone from President Reagan who said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help,’ to President Bush, who considers those words to be inspirational and rousing,” says Davis.

“Americans, especially conservatives, have been brainwashed into trusting—without question—that the government will do the right thing,” says Davis. “What have we gotten in exchange? A bigger, more powerful government that has shown no fidelity to civil liberties or the Constitution.”

“Americans forgot that enemies of freedom are both foreign and domestic,” says Davis.

“Bush leaves office with many Republicans looking at government the same as their Democratic colleagues,” says Davis. “They see government as an agent of good in society, rather than an agent of corruption or iniquity. The economy can rebound and civil liberties can be restored, but ideas have lasting consequences. The idea that government can be unquestionably trusted will have disastrous consequences for liberty in the United States,” explains Davis. 

“The most terrifying phrase a citizen of a free country can hear is, ‘In Government We Trust,'” says Davis. 

For more information on this issue, or to arrange an interview with the Libertarian Party, please email Andrew Davis at, or call (202) 731-0002.

The Libertarian Party is America’s third-largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties.  You can find more information on the Libertarian Party by visiting The Libertarian Party proudly stands for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

Homenaje a Barack Obama

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