The Dumbing Down, Fall, and Salvation of USA?

The people of the United States of America have become collectively dumb as a nation. The people of the United States of America [with some exceptions] have the power to remove the Republicans and Democrats via free elections. The response of the people of the United States of America has been to be brainwashed into believing everything the US Elite tells them. This belief has stripped the people of the United States of America of the ability to think for themselves, take responsibility, and work.

We have seen this in 2008 when the pundits told the unsuspecting American people that their jobs were being taken away by the Chinese, the Latin Populations [in the United States regardless of birth in USA or immigration], and that they would be receiving a paycheck from the government. It is this complacency that has contributed to the dumbing of America. Another medium that has contributed to the people of the United States of America being dumb as a nation has been television.

The television stations in the United States of America [with the exception of Public Television and Independent Stations such as Green News Network] have entertained the American People with cheap entertainment. We are witness to all forms of immorality, violence, and even programmes that encourage the break up of the family.

It is this violence and immoralities as well as programmes that promote stereotypes against nationalities and ethnic groups that have contributed to the collective stupidity that has become the United States of America. Who cannot forget programmes such as Jerry Springer, Family Guy, South Park, and even some of the soap operas such as Days Of Our Lives which promote violence, hatred, and being plain stupid?

Who cannot forget the programmes of CSI and NCIS as well as other programmes that have promoted death and tragedy in a place already dumbed down by tragedy? The news stories that are broadcast in stations such as NBC, CBS, and even ABC have also been a promotion of stupidity and fear. After all, people see the television and the majority believe everything that is going on even though the US Mainstream Media twists it.

Another place where the United States of America has been collectively dumb as a nation lies in a public school system that is broken. The United States Public School System is broken and throwing money at the problem does not resolve a situation in which students want to do drugs and sex instead of learn. The teachers do not teach but collect their paycheck. What can the United States of America expect?

The situation has become dire to the point that Dr. Panarin has predicted the fall of the United States of America in the year 2010 and after with the country divided into spheres of influence. He based his predictions on the moral degradation and economic decline.

Dr. Panarin also talks about Massive Immigration to the United States along with ignorance of other cultures. At the present time, Univision has reported about legislatures and politicians in Texas [from the Republicans and Democrats] wanting to remove US Citizenship from illegal aliens

I am tempting to agree with him taking into account that the moral degradation and economic decline is also a result of the American People becoming collectively dumb as a nation.

I disagree with Dr. Panarin on the account of mass immigration contributing to the fall of the USA. Kris Gutierrez of FOX News reported that Illegal Immigration has dropped 11% since the previous year according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report also revealed that 1.3 million illegal immigrants returned to their home countries during this period because of deportation laws and the economic situation in America.

Another disagreement with Dr. Panarin is that the USA would be divided into spheres of influence from other countries. An example is the South being influenced by Mexico which is doubtful. If there is dissolution of America, many states and groups could form their own countries without the need of a sphere of influence.

While talking about the dumbing and dissolution of America, no one talks about how it can be saved. America can be saved if the people were to wake up and realize that the people who are destroying their country are the governing elite called Republicans and Democrats.

America could save itself by voting Libertarian and adopting the lifestyle of the Libertarian of less government, lower taxes, more responsibility, and more freedom. This in itself requires a lifestyle change and an end to the “nanny state” mentality that has plagued America and the world. It could also return to the Gold Standard that has helped the American Dollar by abolishing the free floating currency of the Federal Reserve [which is another institution not worth saving].

America can also withdraw from the Middle East, Korea, and other commitments that have nothing to do with it in order to concentrate on its infrastructure. I doubt that there exists a commitment for such a change.

“As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.” Osborn, Andrew; Wall Street Journal December 29, 2008 SB123051100709638419.html,2933,409221,00.html



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