Should Digital TV Be a Personal Choice Instead of Government?

It seems that our so called government and politicians called the Republicans and Democrats appear to want to do something for our goodwill. The idea which will soon become a reality is to force the people of the United States of America to have digital television.

The government and politicians from the Republicans and Democrats and their propaganda machines say that it is for our good and we should embrace progress. We are forced to accept this as a reality of life without offering the minimal resistance.

The people who live in their ivory towers in Washington DC continue with their propaganda by saying that we will have better vision and better choices of channels. We will have television of almost three dimensional qualities. What has happened is that the people have not been consulted and it is an example of the government intervening in the affairs of the people.

What about the people who did not want digital television nor the cards that offer discount for the regular analog television sets? What about the people who were forced to buy plasma screen television for the digital age? The government has no right to interfere in the market economy of the United States of America.

The government and their executive lobbyists from the television industry have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of the people. If people want to remain with their television sets, they should have the right to remain with analog while respecting the rights of those who want to go digital television.

What is needed is a common sense approach to the digital VS analog television debate especially since most of the people of the United States of America watch television. Why not take a vote on digital versus analog television? A vote is not a waste of time and is needed as to gauge the opinion of the people. Digital Television has been a concept that has been forced upon the people of the United of America without consulting them. I am sure that if Digital and Analog Television was placed to a vote that Analog would win.

Another proposal would be to allow those who want digital or analog television to make the choice for themselves without the interference of the politicians and the government. It would be better in that the consumer will be the one making the decision instead of some politician who in the majority lack knowledge on how to deal with the public. The proposal allowing people to take charge of their television future would send a strong signal to the politicians and the conglomerates to stay away from interfering with one of the rights of consumers.



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