Cuba: Torture by Castro, Republican, and Democrats

In the enlightened twenty first century, torture is supposedly a thing of the past. The reality is different with countless countries including those that are supposedly free practicing it. The time has come to mention some of these countries.

The Cuban Government claims that torture does not exist. According to testimony from Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva who is a blind lawyer who was imprisoned and the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights, torture exists and an example is given at the State Security Prison in Holguin, Cuba. The victims of such torture were women. It is weird that the world finished celebrating the International Day of Women and this is tolerated or greeted with indifference

In the State Security Prison in Holguin, Cuba, the women live in cells which are narrow without sunlight, complete with cement beds, and a hole for their physiological needs. The cells are infested with all types of vermin including mice, rats, and roaches. If any women scream, the male guards come and inject them with a sedative.

The women in the State Security Prison in Holguin, Cuba have no running and potable water and receive food that is of a poor quality. The concept of privacy is nonexistent as the guards who are male can enter anytime and inspect their cells. All of this in an island whose government denies torture and condemns the United States for torture at Guantanamo.

The island of Cuba is full of torture with the Castro Government practicing it and the Republican/Democrat clique doing the same thing in the United States Base at Guantanamo. Gary Jones and Rose Prince of the Mirror interviewed Jamal Al Harith who was jailed inside the base.

According to the testimony from Jamal Al Harith, five members of the Extreme Reaction Force from the US Army used batons, fists, knees, and feet after he refused an unknown injection. He was later accused of “biting an officer” and taken to an isolation unit where he had only a mat and towel.

Jamal Al Harith reported on the use of psychological torture in the isolation unit which was designed to break down the person. The reaction of the Government lead by Tony Blair at the time was one of hypocrisy. Jack Straw who was Blair’s Foreign Secretary defended the use of torture by the United States of America.

This comes in light of the fact that Blair’s Government ordered the arrest of former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet for Crimes Against Humanity. The list of what has transpired in Cuba has no end. It serves to reinforce the fact that those who participated in the torture including the governing elite of Cuba, the United States of America, and maybe Tony Blair’s Government should be tried for crimes against humanity.

If the governing elite of Cuba, the United States of America, and the government of Tony Blair are found guilty for their crimes against humanity, the idea of life imprisonment without parole is a good idea.


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