Measures Against Swine Flu

The EU Health Commissioner Androulla Vasilliou has issued an advisory against non-essential travel to areas affected by swine flu. In the UK, one person in Manchester is currently hospitalized for flu like symptoms while the Health Protection Agency has developed an algorithm for detection of flu like symptoms.

This comes at a time when Spain has reported a swine flu case and Portugal issues a swine flu advisory.

Nepal and Indonesia have been the latest countries to issue a Swine Flu Advisory in response to the growing pandemic. Russia has banned the imports of meat from Mexico, Kansas, Texas, and California. Russia has also started to quarrantine visitors from North America if they have flu like symptoms.

Thailand has installed infrared cameras at the Bangkok Suvarnabuhmi International Airport to detect unusual body temperature with Singapore doing the same.

Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, and Costa Rica have announced measures. Venezuela has advised against travel to Mexico and the USA. Bolivia has announced quarrantine measures. Ecuador and Uruguay have followed suit. Guatemala has issued a preventive alert for those entering from Mexico and the USA.

Honduras and Nicaragua have announced “preventive measures” in their countries.

In the USA, schools have been closed in California, Texas, and New York. President Obama in one report tested negative for Swine Flu. In Florida, the underwriter has seen people take necessary precautions with one store selling masks. People returned from Mexico with masks on their faces. The report from Florida has been based on eyewitness account and photos may follow.



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