An Interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett

The media has given coverage to the War On Terrorism and there have been viewpoints from different hues. The attempts to interview people who are experts on the War On Terrorism have been met with indifference. The only exception to the rule is Kevin Barrett.


He was issued an invitation by E Mail and accepted. Dr. Barrett was a university lecturer who has appeared in various shows such as the O’Reilly Factor. He has two radio shows, which you can find through his website, The following was the question and answer segment from Kevin Barrett.


1. In what way did the War On Terror trigger our current economic and political problems?


The War on Terror is the biggest single cause of the economic crisis. It doubled military spending even though we don’t have any real enemies. By some estimates the war on terror could end up costing more than ten trillion dollars. And military spending is by far the most economically destructive form of government spending. The War on Terror is really a war on our economy, waged on behalf of the trillionaire international financiers and the military-industrial complex. And our economy is losing.


The War on Terror is not only a war on the economy, it is also a war on truth. The majority of the American people know that Bush lied us into war. And 36% of us think 9/11 was an inside job designed to pave the road to war, according to a Scripps poll. That’s about 100 million Americans. With this level of mistrust of government, how can we have a viable democracy?  



 2. If Bin Laden has denied involvement in 9/11 and the FBI agrees with him, who started 9/11 and the chain of events that followed it?


Nobody knows for sure, but we need to find out. That’s why everyone should support the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative at, which would create a real, independent investigation with subpoena power. 


The neocon think tank Project for a New American Century, which included Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, and Wolfowitz, called for a “new Pearl Harbor” in September, 2000. Why? Because they said America needed to vastly increase its military budget, launch “pre-emptive wars” in the Middle East, take out Saddam, and make other drastic changes, but that such changes would not happen any time soon unless there were a “new Pearl Harbor.” Based on my research, 9/11 was designed to be that “new Pearl Harbor.”


9/11 was probably  set up and run by a low-profile private company or companies with ties to the U.S., British, and/or Israeli military and intelligence establishments and to the highest levels of organized crime. Cheney was probably the 9/11 go-to guy in the Bush Administration. Whatever the truth is about 9/11, we know for a fact that Bush was unconstitutionally deprived of his status as Commander-in-Chief on 9/11, and Cheney was unconstitutionally elevated to acting Commander-in-Chief. That’s why Bush refused to speak to the 9/11 Commission unless they came to the White House with no tape recorders and no notebooks and administered no oaths to tell the truth, and Cheney was there to hold Bush’s hand and deflect any real questions.

 3. What are the reasons behind the theory that governments are the terrorists of today?


Terrorism is usually defined as “violence against civilians for political purposes.” Non-government terrorist groups kill, on the average, perhaps 30 people per year on the average in the USA. Governments are infinitely more lethal. They kill millions of civilians for political purposes. The US government has killed more than one million Iraqi civilians since 1993. The Russian government has killed a huge number of civilians in Chechnya. The Georgian government recently killed a high percentage of the population of South Ossetia.  The Israeli government kills Palestinian civilians by the thousands. And governments possess huge stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons designed to terrorize civilians and some day kill them by the billions. No reasonable person could possibly doubt that the only significant terrorists on earth today are governments.



 4. What proof can be offered that terrorism was and is an inside job?


Most terrorism — violence against civilians for political purposes — is openly conducted by governments. They call it “war” or “collateral damage” or whatever they want to call it, but it is still terrorism. So even the terrorist governments themselves admit that 99% of all terrorism on earth is an “inside job” perpetrated by governments.


Of the tiny minority of acts of violence blamed on anti-government insurgents, the most spectacular of them often turn out to be false-flag attacks conducted by governments but blamed on their enemies. For example, almost all of the “radical left-wing terrorism” in Cold War Europe was actually conducted by the US military and its NATO proxies in “Operation Gladio.” They slaughtered many thousands of innocent European civilians in fake-terrorist bombings and shootings blamed on America’s left-wing enemies. Many of the people involved have confessed, and Swiss historian Daniele Ganser has written a book about it called NATO’s Secret Armies. 


Another well-known inside-job terrorist plot was Operation Northwoods. Every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on this 1962 plan to murder hundreds of Americans in fake terrorist acts for which Cuba would be blamed. When JFK nixed the plan, and then ordered withdrawal from Vietnam, he fell victim to a false-flag assassination.


When people learn about Gladio and Northwoods, then look at the three-minute video of the demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 at www., they quickly begin to suspect that 9/11 was another of these false-flag attacks by forces in or around the US military. And if they go on to look at the full-length version of Blueprint for Truth at, their suspicions soon become convictions.



 5. The Republicans have accused Obama of leading America towards a dictatorship while the Democrats have made the same accusation against Bush. If both parties accuse each other, is it possible for both parties to be accused of inventing the war on terrorism to install a dictatorship?


Both parties are guilty of allowing a transparently phony War on Terror to install a whole new level of dictatorship. But the parties aren’t the real centers of power. The USA has long since ceased to be a democracy. The president isn’t even middle management. The real power centers are the Trilateral Commission, the National Security Council, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the International Monetary Fund, the international bankers who own the Federal Reserve, and so on. We need a mass awakening of the people so that the few honest politicians from all the parties — Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Cynthia McKinney are good examples — can help us overthrow this covert dictatorship and restore our democracy.



 6. What proof can be offered against the link between Islam and Terrorism?


The proof is in Robert Pape’s book Dying to Win. Pape, a University of Chicago professor, studied every act of suicide terrorism committed on earth during a ten-year period, and discovered that Muslims are no more likely to commit terrorist acts than anyone else. He found that people of any religion or no religion use suicide terrorism as a weapon of last resort when their lands are invaded and occupied.



 7. Why has the media not paid attention to your findings?


I have gotten a fair amount of press, but most of it came when State Legislator Steve Nass tried to get me fired from my university teaching job. They covered the human interest story, though not very fairly. But they showed no interest in carefully investigating my arguments about 9/11. Why not? Journalists have a limited amount of time and energy. Some of those who have considered taking on 9/11, but decided not to, have told me that they either sensed, or were told by superiors, that it would kill their careers. Then there is the fact that the CIA has a huge influence on the top of the media pyramid. Former CIA Chief William Colby bragged that when he was head of CIA, he owned all of the most influential journalists in America. Today, when six or seven people own the entire US mainstream media, that influence has gotten much stronger. 



 8. Could the UN or other International Organizations be the mastermind of terrorism?


The UN, like the US government, is a sprawling group of tens of thousands of people. Obviously most of those people are not terrorist masterminds. But many researchers believe that there is a secret group of pro-world-government people allied to the Rothschild and Rockefeller fortunes (Cecil Rhodes was supposedly a key figure in this movement) and that this group may be involved in false-flag terrorism. The evidence for this seems somewhat sketchy to me.



 9. What can the people do in order to effect change from the current situation?


My book lists 22 concrete, specific ways people can take action to end the War on Terror and build a better world. Some of these include: Organizing to oust incumbents (see and; confronting lying leaders and posting video of the encounters on youtube (see; learning about the truth of 9/11 and helping spread that truth (see ae911truthlorg, and; pressuring the media by organizing, writing letters, making phone calls, calling in to talk shows, and joining media reform groups; joining the movement to end the private bankers’ monopoly on our currency; and so on. (Buy the book to see all 22 suggestions for action!)


Thank you, Roberto!

Kevin Barrett

Thank you Kevin for the interview.



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