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Marks and The Libs Talk Health Care And Decision 2010 In Illinois

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The opinions expressed in the following interview is that of the interviewee. It is not the opinion of the interviewer nor Now Public.

While President Barack Obama signed into law the Health Care Overhaul, the Libertarians in Illinois have been talking about health care and the Elections of 2010. Doug Marks is the Libertarian Party Candidate for the 14th Congressional District for Illinois.


Doug Marks took time off from his busy campaign schedule to talk with Now Public and I.


1. What was the reason behind your decision to run for public office?
After watching everything that has gone on in Washington over the last few years and all the rhetoric generated through the recent primary elections I have found myself alone with no voice in the system.
I am entering this political arena because I want my voice heard. I want everyone’s voice heard. There has not been a true representation of my district in Illinois as long as I can remember. I want Congress to know it is not a picnic out here. They either do not here it or choose not to hear it and they do not have the ability to understand it, but I CAN! Remember, I am one of the common folk not another political hack. I do not have ties to big money or large corporations just to my conscience and the Constitution.
2. What can the Libertarians offer that the two major parties cannot offer?
First and foremost, integrity. Libertarians want government out of the lives of Americans because we know, from the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the founders, and natural law, that government that does anything else is tyrannical. The only efficient government is a small government with little power. The government needs to be in fear of the people not the other way around. That is what a Libertarian wants. Having less government means lower taxes and more freedom. It’s straight from the Constitution.
3. What would be an ideal Health Care Reform for America?
I know what you mean but let’s use the right words. We are talking about health INSURANCE reform.
Start by repealing all the mandates that are levied against the insurance companies at the State and Federal levels. This will allow for cafeteria style plans that the person can select which and how much coverage they wish to choose. Sell insurance to the person/family and not through corporations as benefit. This will ensure people as they move through the job market will not be left without coverage. There will be a need for some protections to ensure everyone has access to good health insurance but these should be handled at the State level.
The only protection I see that is needed at the federal level is to prevent monopolies and ensure all insurance companies have access to all potential customers. The market forces will work if we let it.
4. If you are elected, what will you do that would be different from the major political parties?

Place as much pressure that I can to reduce government at all levels. I have no ties to any corporations so removing all forms of corporate welfare should be easy.
Get the Federal government out of the way so education so learning can happen. There is no reason in the world why the Federal government should have a 2 billion dollar payroll for the Dept of Education.
Move away from being a welfare state.
5. The Republicans and Democrats love to talk about human rights and freedoms to the world but exclude Libertarians and Greens from the political process. Have you encountered any problems with regards to ballot access for your candidacy?
It is the largest hurdle I have to accomplish. For my district I need to have 16743 validated petition signatures to get onto the ballot and have from Mar 23rd thru Jun 20th to accomplish it. If I were running as a Democrat or Republican I would need around 900 and have until Election Day, Nov 2nd, to present these signatures. Somehow fairness does not find its way into this equation. In Illinois, the parties in power have set up the system to ensure their rule will reign.
As a true grass roots candidate I do not have the funding to hire people to collect signatures and have limited friends to help me out. My task is nearly impossible but I will not stop until I have to. This endeavor has become more than a personal one and is bigger than being about me, it is too important so quitting is not an option.
6. What is you position and the Libertarians on Card Check?
 Any legislation were one cannot vote privately is an unfair law and as such should be repealed.
7. What is you position and the Libertarians on Immigration?
I believe we should have open borders but with the disparity we have between the classes, the current welfare state we live in and other political challenges it is not something that would currently work within our society. So here is the challenge, a way to find a simpler and more streamlined process for immigrants to gain citizenship. I understand that there is way too much bureaucracy, difficult paperwork, and unrealistic fees attached to becoming a citizen. So that is where we need to begin, with a rebuilding of the current requirements and fees attached to citizenship.
8. What is you position and the Libertarians on Cap and Trade?
This is just another method for taxing people. It is bad for business and bad for the economy. I worked in the pollution monitoring industry for roughly twelve years and during that tenure CO2 was, and still is, considered a diluent. If we truly want to stop the production of CO2 then we need to remove ourselves from using combustion systems. There is technology available today to do this but the oil and coal industries have such control over our government these technologies are not being recognized.
9. What will you do to bring jobs to your district?
First of all it would not be entirely up to me and my working within the federal government to create an atmosphere conducive to business. The State of Illinois has greater influence and needs to change their policies.
On the federal level, I would push for reducing taxes on both the consumer and businesses. If the people have more money to spend they will spend it increasing the demand for goods, or services, produced and as the demand increases for these products businesses will hire to accommodate the increased demand.
Secondly, we need to exit all these supposed “Fair Trade Agreements”. The only thing fair about them is their title.
10. What is your statement to all voters?
Imagine the November 2010 election was being held today. You walk into the voting booth and review the choices for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Secretary of State, Treasurer, US House, and US Senate.
Each would look something like this:
Candidate (D) – Vote for the government running everyone’s lives in a blue way
Candidate (G) – Vote for the government running everyone’s lives in a green way
Candidate (R) – Vote for the government running everyone’s lives in a red way
Do you want a better choice?
Candidate (L) – Vote for peaceful, honest people running their lives their own way
If you think that government meddling, taxing, and spending are out of control, you want to vote Libertarian in the next general election. If you want to end all wars, you want to vote Libertarian. If you want the oath of office to mean something, you want to vote Libertarian.
This is a time in history where the true voice of the American people can be heard and represented in our government. We have a chance to take back our country from the influences that are on the verge of destroying the greatest nation history has ever witnessed. Be a part of the new voice, be a part of the new era in politics, and bring Libertarians into office.
Thank you,
Doug Marks


Thank You Doug Marks for your time with us.

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The Libertarian Party of Illinois (“LP Illinois”) enthusiastically

introduces the following candidates for election in 2010:


Mike Labno   U.S. Senate 
Lex Green   Governor 
Ed Rutledge   Lt. Governor 
Josh Hanson   Secretary of State 
Bill Malan   Attorney General 
Julie Fox    Comptroller 
James Pauly   Treasurer 
Doug Marks   U.S. Representative, 14th District 
Steve Funk   State Representative, 18th District

Biographical information on each candidate is contained on the following pages.

LP Illinois also announces the commencement of our ballot drive.  We intend to collect 50,000 signatures state-wide in this effort.  A combination of volunteers and paid petitioners will be utilized to accomplish this goal. LP Illinois’ local chapters throughout the state, as well as our university affiliates, are ready to hit the ground running.  We plan to present our petitions to the State Board of Elections in Springfield on Monday, June 21, 2010. We will also be holding a press conference in the state capitol building that afternoon.

Marks will be working to obtain the necessary 16,743 signatures to obtain ballot access in his district.  Funk will need to obtain 2,561 signatures for his run.  

It will not be an easy or inexpensive task, but LP Illinois is committed to providing the citizens of Illinois with an alternative to the political parties who have caused the historical corruption and the erosion of the reputation of our state in the eyes of the rest of the country. 

Please stay tuned for further developments.  

The Libertarian Party of Illinois is a political home for those who value honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion. 



 Name: Mike Labno 
Candidate For: U.S. Senate 
Personal Bio: Mike is a lifelong resident of Illinois and spent most of his life in Cicero before moving to DuPage County where he currently resides in Oak Brook. He has spent the last 12 years working as a project manager in the electrical construction industry and enjoys hobbies including various athletics, piano and NHRA Drag Racing. The greatest love of his life now is his six-year-old daughter, Emily. Michael and his ex-wife have amicable arrangements to spend equitable and joyful parenting time with Emily. 
Qualifications: Mike is actively involved in his local Libertarian Party and is also a member at the State and National levels. He is a constitutional conservative and takes great pride in his understanding of our Founder’s true intentions when they formed our modern government. 
Why Running: I know our founding fathers, despite their faults and inconsistencies, laid a great foundation for this country; but in contrast, I also understand the concerns stated by the local representatives at the various state conventions of 1787 regarding the formation of the “new” US Constitution. It is the fruition of these concerns that now affect our everyday lives, and something must be done to reverse course and recapture our values. The federal government is now on a continual path of destroying our country and they are largely held unaccountable. I am compelled, by the needs of my family and my fellow Americans, to extend my tireless work habits in the effort to bring sanity back to Capitol Hill. Our citizens are losing their freedoms and our economic prosperity has come to a grinding halt. We are on the verge of the greatest disaster this country has ever seen and the insanity must stop.

Contact Info: 
                   (630) 541-8322


 Name: Lex Green 
Candidate for: Governor of the State of Illinois 
Personal Bio: Lex has been a citizen of Illinois all of his life. He and his wife Karen have three children, Jeffrey, Tera and Matt.   
Lex graduated from Bloomington High School in 1972 as a member of the National Honor Society. He earned a degree in Electronic Technology at Illinois Central College. 
He is a member of the Bloomington Area 912 Project, the McLean County Campaign for Liberty, and the founder of the McLean County Freedom Coalition. He is also the chairman of the McLean County Libertarian Party and a member of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. 
Why running: Lex wants to bring integrity and common sense back to Illinois government. He feels he can have a positive impact on Illinois politics with his principles of honesty, limited Constitutional government and protection of individual liberties. 
Contact information: Email:  Campaign phone: (309) 828-9212 
Web site: 


Name: Ed Rutledge 
Candidate for: Lieutenant Governor of the State of Illinois 
Personal Bio: Ed was raised in Chicago’s western suburbs, lives in Chicago, and has deep family roots near Springfield. While he has lived and worked throughout the United States and Europe, he has always made his way back to his home state of Illinois. He and his wife, Casey, have two beautiful daughters and one rambunctious bird dog.  
Qualifications: After graduating from Miami University with degrees in Finance, German, and International Business, Ed’s career has led him into progressively more challenging and rewarding endeavors. He was responsible for coordinating global business development activities for a large investment company, he has reorganized the corporate structure of several prominent financial services companies, and he has secured the financing needed to complete industrial real estate projects which support hundreds of permanent jobs in Illinois and which generate millions of dollars in tax revenue each year.  He has consistently found and implemented techniques which make organizations more effective and efficient. 
Ed was the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Chicago for a year before being elected to be that chapter’s Chair, a post he has held for the past two years. Ed is an Eagle Scout, and is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and Mensa.  
Why Running: Ed is running to reduce the size, the power, and the cost of government, to let citizens keep more of what they earn and manage their own lives, and to bring prosperity and integrity back to Illinois. He is running to get the weight of government of your back, out of your wallet, and out of your family room. He is running so that his children can inherit a state that is free, peaceful, and prosperous, rather than overbearing, corrupt, and broke.  
Contact information: Email:  Campaign phone: (309) 828-9212 
Web site: 


Name:  Josh Hanson  
Candidate for:  Secretary of State  
Personal Bio:  Josh was born in Louisville, KY in 1983, and was raised in Terre Haute, IN.  He has been a strong supporter of limited government since 2nd grade, when he discovered politics by listening to the 1992 Presidential debates on the radio.  He moved to Wheaton in 2002 to attend Wheaton College, where he earned a degree in Political Science.  He is also a passionate student of economics in his spare time.

Qualifications:  Josh works as a Project Coordinator in a customer service department, and therefore understands the frustration many voters feel with the Department of Motor Vehicles.   Josh is also a member of Campaign for Liberty, has served as Chair of the DuPage Libertarians, and was named “Rookie of the Year” in 2009 by the Libertarian Party of Illinois.  
Why running:  Common sense has been absent from Illinois politics for too long, and Illinois politicians have only succeeded in making life more difficult for the people.  Illinois has real problems, and until we elect officials who understand that they are not overseers but servants of the people, we will continue to get the kind of government Illinoisans have come to expect over the past few years.  
Contact information:  E-mail:  Phone: 630-200-9527  


Name:  Bill Malan

Candidate for:  Attorney General

Personal Bio: Bill was born in Chicago in 1955. He and his wife Jill reside in Chicago with their three young children.

Following a four-year enlistment in the Air Force, Bill received a B.S. in political science summa cum laude, and then a law degree at the University of Idaho. After law school, Bill clerked for a district judge in Idaho and did contract work for several law firms.

Bill has pursued his interests of public policy and technology by self-study as well as formally. He received an MBA, with a concentration in health informatics (the use of computers to improve health care delivery, research and education) and a specialization in health administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2000, he completed a telecommunications management certificate program at DePaul.

Bill’s experience in the health care and technology sectors include working in sales support for a health care technology services company and over a decade in various roles in the information technology division at an academic medical center.

In 2007, Bill attained a long time goal, writing and publishing The Audacity of Truth, a searing critique of domestic and foreign policy as practiced by the bipartisan Same Old Party.

Bill was admitted to the Illinois bar in 2002. He has a general civil practice and represents small businesses and individuals.

Why I am Running:  The time is now. There is a growing popular perception that government at every level is out of control, and the problem cannot be solved by either faction – Democratic or Republican – of the Same Old Party. The City of Chicago has tapped out its “rainy day fund” and the State of Illinois is insolvent.

When Reagan took office, the national debt was less than $1 trillion; it nearly tripled during his presidency. It was over $4 trillion when Clinton was sworn in, nearly $10 trillion when Obama was elected and is now climbing to $13 trillion.

Contact information: Email:

Campaign phone: (312) Bill4AG 


Name:  Julie Fox 
Candidate For:  Comptroller 
Personal Bio:  Julie was born in 1957 in Chicago. She has lived most of her life in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She is one of eight siblings. She is the mother of two grown children and aunt to seven nieces and nephews. Most of her family remains in the Chicago land area. 
Julie received a B.S. with Distinction in Biochemistry from the University of IL Champaign-Urbana in 1980. She received a B.S. with Honors in Biology from the University of IL Chicago in 1981. Fox began work in the field of accounting in 1987. She passed the CPA exam in 1995. 
Qualifications:  Fox has been employed as Controller for the U.S. operations of Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. since 1998. Bell Flavors and Fragrances is a family-owned international chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. 
Julie’s involvement in politics began in 1993, when she first discovered and joined the Libertarian Party at both the state and national levels. She and fellow Libertarian activist Ken Prazak co-founded the Fox Valley Libertarian Party in 1995, which she currently serves as Chair of. Fox was Co-founder, President and Treasurer of the Coalition for Accountability in Public Education (CAPE) from 1997 to 1999, during which time the group defeated four school tax referenda in 18 months in the eighth largest school district (D300) in Illinois. Fox was elected to the Dundee Township Library District Board in 2001, and re-elected in 2005. She served as Treasurer of the board from 2003 to 2005..  
Why Running:  Julie is running to use her experience and expertise as a controller by trade to improve the role of the IL Comptroller, by reducing spending, increasing transparency, and blocking certain payments.  It’s time for an accountant to start managing the books in Illinois! 
Contact Information:  e-mail:  Campaign phone 888-317-1977. 



Name:      James Pauly

Candidate for:  Treasurer

Personal Bio:  
James has lived in Chicago for over five years and Illinois for over 38. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University and an MBA from Loyola University Chicago. 
James has worked in the financial field for over seven years as a Quality assurance analyst.  He served on a condominium board acting as treasurer and also for a budget committee with a different condominium complex.  Currently he is serving as the fundraiser for the Libertarian Party of Chicago. 
Why running: 
Is it too late to take back our state from lobbyists and the two major parties who feel that spending is the only way to make sure they are reelected?  I don’t think so, and this is the main reason that I am running. Spending is out of control and our liabilities are going to crush us under a mountain of debt. 
As your treasurer, I will start first with trimming down my department’s budget (which includes my salary) and then continue to search for all areas where the budget can be cut for the state. In addition I will look for only high quality investments for the state to invest in and make sure that every dollar is working as hard as it can to earn money for the people of Illinois. Finally, I will challenge any program under the treasurer’s umbrella that is not mandated by the State Constitution.

Contact information: 

Phone:  773/426-2006 


Name:  Doug Marks

Candidate For: US House 14th District of Illinois 
Personal Bio: Doug was born and raised in Illinois and has been a resident of the 14th district for nearly 45 years. He currently resides in the town he grew up in, Carpentersville. He has spent the nearly the last decade as a software architect and developer for large multinational corporations. Prior to this he designed and fabricated air pollution monitoring stations, used to monitor gaseous emissions for compliance to the Clean Air Act, at fossil fuel generating stations for a company in Gilberts. He has numerous hobbies and activities including photography, playing guitar, and is currently authoring a book. He is extremely devoted to his family which includes his wife Colette, nine-year-old daughter Tiana and adult son, from a previous marriage, Scott. He also was an adult leader for the Boy Scouts for 6 years, has worked with Habitat for Humanity, and volunteered to judge science fair competitions at the middle school level. 
Qualifications: He is a constitutional advocate and takes to heart the meaning of the foundation our forefathers created. Has experience in streamlining processes and reducing inefficiencies through consolidation and technology effectively reducing the required staff. 
Why Running: I’ve never had any intention of becoming a politician, as I truly enjoy my current career, but after numerous election cycles no one has come forward to let the voice of the people within this district be heard in congress. My desire for this office comes after years of abuse from our government and rabid disdain toward this district by its elected officials. If I don’t stand up and try to stop what is happening to our country who will?

In my lifetime I cannot remember when the representative for this district cared about the people’s needs above their party’s wants. I desire to bring integrity, an open door, and a determination to reduce this gluttonous entity known as the federal government. We have lost enough of our freedoms and have had the government reduce our proud nation to a mere shell of what it was so now is the time to end this before our nation is crippled beyond repair. 
Contact Info:            


Name: Steve Funk 
Candidate for:  
18th District Sate Representative to the General Assembly 
Personal Bio:  
Steve Funk has lived in Evanston, Illinois for over seven years.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin and has extensive professional experience in sales and service management. 
Steve Funk joined the Libertarian Party in 1998.  He served on the board of the Libertarian Party of Boulder County in Colorado and was a delegate to the 2000 LP National Convention.   
Why running:  

Business as usual is literally putting Illinois out of business.  


We face an unprecedented budgetary crisis brought on by decades of reckless and arrogant mismanagement by the status quo parties in Springfield. The entrenched political establishment lacks the necessary fortitude to confront this harsh but simple reality: ILLINOIS IS BROKE.  


The entire function, structure, and “business model” of state government must be re-examined and rebuilt from the bottom up.  


Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. A massive tax increase on individuals and businesses is not only unnecessary, it is unethical. We the taxpayers did not create this mess and we should not bear the burden of an income tax hike to help clean it up. Reducing the size and scope of state government to its constitutionally authorized functions is the proper way to restore fiscal sanity, revitalize Illinois’s economy, and provide badly needed tax relief for our citizens.

Contact information: 
(847) 733-8429

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Libertarians Excluded From Health Care Debate

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While the politicians at Washington DC debate the future of health care reform behind closed doors,  the press and others have been talking about health care. The media and the politicians have excluded the Libertarian Party and their opinions concerning the reform of health care.

The Libertarian Party issued a press release of their opposition to government mandated health care. The  press release commented about how the government has intruded into the decisions that should be made between a Physician and the patient. It continued to talk about the increase in costs.

The response to the increase cost of health care from Non Libertarians was to compare the discussion about health care reform with the discussions about Medicare. The Libertarians responded by releasing the following statistic about Medicare. The politicians approved Medicare in 1965 with the projected cost of Nine Billion Dollars in 1990.

The statistic further revealed that when 1990 arrived, Medicare exceeded the projected costs of 1965 with 67 Billion Dollars. The Libertarians further projected that the US Government will be downgraded with regards to its debt and will lead to an increase in interest rates.

Dr. Jeffrey H. Anderson wrote an article in Investors Business Daily concerning the costs of Government Run Health Care. The article was published in the webpage of the Libertarian Party. The article commented about the increase in Medicare Costs [without the prescription drug costs] by 34% and greater per patient.

The article commented how health care costs increased since 1970 from $364 to $7119 Dollars without Medicare and Medicaid, IIt included the cost of Medicare and Medicaid [in the same era] jumped from $368 Dollars to $7119 per patient as well as Medicare’s $368 to $9634 per patient cost.

The Libertariane expressed their fear of the end result of an unstable economy for the United States of America. The Libertarians have a belief in that the Free Market is the key to resolving the problems that affect the United States of America including health care. They are of the belief that the people should choose their own form of health insurance as well as health care professionals.

They are also believers in the need for the citizens of the United States of America to exercise responsibility in their health care decisions including preventive measures such as exercising and eating healthy balanced foods. The Libertarians are also of the belief that the discussions about health care reform should have been held in public instead of behind closed doors.

The ideal thing in any health care reform should be choice between the Public Option as well as the Private and Preventive Option instead of a one size fits all. It would also help if the reform included the right for insurance companies to compete across state lines.

At the present time, a patient in Michigan can only purchase from insurance companies based in Michigan which limits competition. The reform should include insurance companies from other states competing in Michigan against Michigan Insurance Companies.

It remains to be seen what will transpire. One can only hope for the best.

Doug Marks Denounces Bill Foster’s vote on the Healthcare Bill

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Doug Marks Denounces Bill Foster’s vote on the Healthcare Bill
Carpentersville, IL – March 22, 2010 

14th District Libertarian Congressional Candidate Doug Marks has denounced the ‘Yes’ vote from Bill Foster on the Healthcare Reform Act.
“Once again Bill has shown his disdain for the people of the 14th District,” Mr. Marks asserts.  He opposes governmentally healthcare that has been passed in a late night session of the House of Representatives by a narrow margin. “No one except the insurance companies will benefit from this legislation,” Funk says.  “This is nothing more than a government takeover of 1/6 of the economy. There is nothing constitutional about this action and even with the most deranged twist of the ‘commerce clause’ they could not justify this. It is time Washington starts to listen to the people of this country. We’ve had enough of being told what is good for us.”

Doug Marks is also committed to a smaller government, a constitutional government, and an end to war.

“Business as usual is putting party policy before the people,” Mr. Marks declared.  “The voters of the 14th district deserve an independent choice for Congress.   Let’s put Marks on the ballot!”


Doug Marks is committed to smaller government, personal freedom, property rights, ending corporate welfare, and bringing our troops home.  For more information please visit

Doug Marks

Media Relations – Rob Kahren

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Miguel Bose, Willy Toledo, Pablo Milanes, y Rosita Fornes [Segunda Parte]

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Sonido de Tic Toc como Fondo

Locutor: “Radio Relajo transmitiendo desde el Culo de Perro con las ultimas noticias”.

Locutora: “Miguel Bose, Pablo Milanés, Willy Toledo anunciaron que harán una telenovela con Rosita Fornes después de su cirugía de trasplante de cara y culo. La novela tendrá como título “Cara de Culo” con los tres maricones haciendo el papelazo de médicos cirujanos al estilo de los tres chiflados. Es algo inolvidable.

 Locutor: ““Radio Relajo transmitiendo desde el Culo de Perro con las ultimas noticias”.

Locutora: “Miguel Bose niega que tendrá la falda puesta para “Cara De Culo” pues no quiere mancharse con la mierda de Milanés y Toledo. Willy Toledo anuncio que actuara en la novela basada en recibir inspiración de Osvaldo Ríos y su flecha en el culo con un pero y por la decisión acertada de la Fornes en la Cirugía Cara y Culo”

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Damas De Blanco

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Por la excarcelación inmediata e incondicional de todos los presos políticos en las cárceles cubanas; por el respeto al ejercicio, la promoción y la defensa de los derechos humanos en cualquier parte del mundo; por el decoro y el valor de Orlando Zapata Tamayo, injustamente encarcelado y brutalmente torturado en las prisiones castristas, muerto en huelga de hambre denunciando estos crímenes y la falta de derechos y democracia en su país; por el respeto a la vida de quienes corren el riesgo de morir como él para impedir que el gobierno de Fidel y Raúl Castro continúe eliminando físicamente a sus críticos y opositores pacíficos, condenándolos a penas de hasta 28 años de cárcel por “delitos” de opinión; por el respeto a la integridad física y moral de cada persona; firmamos esta carta, y exhortamos a firmarla a todos los que han elegido defender su libertad y la libertad de los otros
Para firmar

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Miguel Bose, Pablo Milanes, Willy Toledo, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Chavez, Hollywood, Washington

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La Cirugia de Rosita Fornes

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Sonido de Tic Toc como Fondo

Locutor: “Radio Relajo transmitiendo desde el Culo de Perro con las ultimas noticias”.

Locutora: “Rosita Fornes la vedete latina de Nueva York viviendo en Cuba besando el culo de caballo y la mariconera anuncio que irá a Miami para la cirugía plástica. La cirugía consiste en un trasplante de cara y culo. El Dr. Hijo De Puta anuncio que ubicaría la cara de la Fornes en el Culo y el culo en la cara”

Locutor: ““Radio Relajo transmitiendo desde el Culo de Perro con las ultimas noticias”.

Locutora: “La Fornes en una entrevista con Culovision quería hacer la intervención quirúrgica para poder participar en un video de reggaetón con Nore. Si es verdad sería la primera vez que la puta vedete de casi 90 ANOS participaría puteando con jóvenes en un video de reggaetón.

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Nuevas huelgas de hambre en Cuba y victorias para dos prisioneros de conciencia

Posted in Cuba by alvarezgalloso on marzo 11, 2010

Para mayor información:
Janisset Rivero
Marcibel Loo
Nuevas huelgas de hambre en Cuba y victorias para dos prisioneros de conciencia
Miami. 10 de marzo de 2010. Directorio Democrático Cubano. Dos prisioneros de conciencia cubanos quienes se habían declarado en huelga de hambre la semana pasada Luis Enrique Ferrer García e Iván Hernández Carrillo, han logrado que el régimen castrista acceda a sus demandas, mientras los prisioneros políticos Lázaro Alejandro García Farah y Ricardo Galbán Casals han comenzado nuevas huelgas de hambre.
El prisionero político Ricardo Galbán Casals, activista del Movimiento Cubano de Jóvenes por la Democracia, comenzó una huelga de hambre el día 8 de marzo para reclamar atención médica según informaciones del periodista independiente Jorge Corrales Ceballos. Galbán Casals se encuentra recluido en la Prisión Provincial de Guantánamo.
Lázaro Alejandro García Farah, también prisionero político se encuentra en huelga de hambre desde el día 5 de marzo, exigiendo ser trasladado a La Habana, su provincia de residencia, según informaciones de su madre, Gladys Farah Estrada. Según Gladys, hace 9 meses que no ha podido visitar a su hijo, quien se encuentra recluido en la Prisión de Boniato en la provincia de Santiago de Cuba.
“La única forma de que se respete su derecho es de esta forma, ya que él ha cumplido 15 años y 8 meses, sabiendo ellos los trabajos que se pasa para ir a verlo, sabiendo ellos que yo no puedo ir a verlo… Se le debe dar su libertad,” denunció Gladys por vía telefónica al Directorio.
Por su parte, el prisionero de conciencia Luis Enrique Ferrer García, sancionado a 28 años de privación de libertad en la Primavera Negra del 2003, se había plantado en huelga de hambre el día 26 de febrero para exigir que se le entregaran los alimentos que le traían sus familiares, según su esposa Belkis Cantillo Ramírez  y su hermana Ana Belkis Ferrer García. Logró que se respetara su reclamo y depuso la huelga el viernes 5 de marzo.
Asimismo, Iván Hernández Carrillo, igualmente injustamente encarcelado en la Primavera Negra del 2003, se declaró en huelga de hambre el 2 de marzo exigiendo el cese de los abusos contra su persona y en protesta por la muerte del prisionero asesinado Orlando Zapata Tamayo. Según informaciones de su madre Asunción Carrillo Hernánez, Iván depuso la huelga el 8 de marzo, cuando le fue restaurado su derecho a los alimentos proveídos por su familia, aunque aún continúa en celda de castigo.
“La lucha sigue por los derechos humanos en Cuba. Las victorias de Hernández Carrillo y Ferrer García indican que los prisioneros políticos cubanos van a seguir levantando la voz. Una vez mas, reclamamos el apoyo de la comunidad internacional para que se liberen inmediatamente todos los prisionero políticos cubanos,” afirmó Janisset Rivero, Secretaria Nacional Adjunta del Directorio Democrático Cubano.


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COMUNICADO: El asesinato del prisionero de conciencia Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Posted in Cuba by alvarezgalloso on marzo 11, 2010

Para mayor información:

Janisset Rivero
Marcibel Loo


Hechos Claves:

El asesinato del prisionero de conciencia Orlando Zapata Tamayo a manos
del régimen castrista

Recopilado por el Directorio Democrático Cubano

1- El 6 de diciembre de 2002 Orlando Zapata Tamayo es detenido
arbitrariamente junto a varios activistas para impedir su
participación en un taller sobre derechos humanos en la casa del
defensor de los derechos humanos Raúl Arencibia Fajardo. Entre los
detenidos ese día se encontraba el Doctor Oscar Elías Biscet.
Zapata permaneció secuestrado hasta el 8 de marzo de 2003 sin
habérsele realizado juicio.

2- El 20 de marzo de 2003, Orlando Zapata Tamayo es detenido nuevamente
mientras participaba en un ayuno y vigilia por la libertad del Doctor
Biscet, quien permanecía encarcelado arbitrariamente. Su arresto
ocurre junto a reconocidos opositores pacíficos y durante la ola
masiva de arrestos de la primavera del 2003 que llevó a prisión a
75 activistas y periodistas independientes.

3- Permanece sin juicio hasta el 24 de mayo de 2004, confinado en la
Prisión de Taco Taco en Pinar del Río a cientos de kilómetros
de su familia que reside en el otro extremo de la Isla de Cuba. Es
condenado a 3 años de prisión por sus actividades opositoras. Es
reconocido por Amnistía Internacional como prisionero de conciencia.

4- Protagonizó numerosas huelgas de hambre para protestar por los
maltratos y arbitrariedades dentro de las prisiones donde fue llevado.
En el periodo entre mayo de 2004 y diciembre de 2009 le fueron
celebrados 9 juicios sin garantías procesales para una sanción
conjunta de 25 años y 6 meses.

5- El 26 de julio de 2008, estando en la Prisión Provincial de
Holguín es golpeado brutalmente en todo el cuerpo y especialmente en
la cabeza produciéndole un hematoma en la parte baja del cerebro que
un año después se vieron obligados a operar. El Mayor Orelvis
Miraldea, director de la prisión fue el que ordenó este atropello.

6- Durante el 2009 recibió tres golpizas una el día 29 de agosto,
otra el 24 de septiembre y otra, la más grande, el día 26 de

7- El 3 de diciembre de 2009 como forma de castigo es trasladado de la
Prisión Provincial de Holguín a la prisión de máxima
severidad Kilo 8 en Camagüey. A su llegada le confiscan los alimentos
que el día anterior le había llevado su madre en la reglamentaria
visita familiar y le quieren obligar a vestir el uniforme de preso
común. Zapata se niega e inicia su última huelga de hambre.

8- Es llevado a una celda de aislamiento sin ropa y durmiendo en el
suelo. Durante 18 días se le niega el agua para tratar de sofocar su
protesta. Esta orden la impone el Mayor Filiberto Hernández Luis,
director de la prisión Kilo 8. Debido a esto, el 3 y el 6 de enero
de 2010, es llevado en dos ocasiones al hospital Amalia Simoni donde le
ponen sueros de hidratación y lo devuelven a la celda de aislamiento
en la mencionada prisión.

9- El 21 de enero de 2010, es trasladado en estado grave a la sala de
penados (una sala enrejada y custodiada por guardias) en el hospital
provincial de Camaguey Amalia Simoni. Allí lo mantienen bajo un
fuerte aire acondicionado y solo con una fina sabana, hecho que le
produce neumonía agravando su estado. En varias ocasiones los
oficiales de la Seguridad del Estado filman a Zapata en su cama de
hospital. Se desconoce por que motivo.

10- Sus carceleros y agentes de la Seguridad el Estado nunca
respondieron sus demandas: vestir ropa blanca y comer solamente el
alimento que le entrega su madre en las visitas cada tres meses.

11- El 16 de febrero de 2010 es trasladado hacia La Habana bajo un
fuerte operativo militar e impiden a su madre ir en la ambulancia. Este
día es el ultimo día que su madre lo ve conciente.

12- El 20 de febrero de 2010, después de fuertes protestas de su
madre ante los oficiales de la Seguridad del Estado, su madre logra
verlo en el Hospital de reclusos de la Prisión habanera Combinado del
Este. Ya se encuentra inconciente y entubado.

13- El 22 de febrero de 2010, su madre es citada a altas horas de la
noche a una reunión con los médicos, donde es filmada con una
cámara oculta. Allí le informan por primera y única vez que su
hijo está vivo gracias a un respirador artificial. Sin embargo en un
artículo posterior publicado por el periódico Granma se indica que
Zapata Tamayo estuvo varios días con un respirador.

14- El 23 de febrero de 2010, en horas del mediodía, oficiales de la
Seguridad del Estado y médicos militares informan a la madre de
Zapata Tamayo que este ha sido trasladado al Hospital Hermanos
Ameijeiras en crítico estado, para morir tres horas más tarde, de
acuerdo a las informaciones que la policía política le da a su

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