Doug Marks Denounces Bill Foster’s vote on the Healthcare Bill

Doug Marks Denounces Bill Foster’s vote on the Healthcare Bill
Carpentersville, IL – March 22, 2010 

14th District Libertarian Congressional Candidate Doug Marks has denounced the ‘Yes’ vote from Bill Foster on the Healthcare Reform Act.
“Once again Bill has shown his disdain for the people of the 14th District,” Mr. Marks asserts.  He opposes governmentally healthcare that has been passed in a late night session of the House of Representatives by a narrow margin. “No one except the insurance companies will benefit from this legislation,” Funk says.  “This is nothing more than a government takeover of 1/6 of the economy. There is nothing constitutional about this action and even with the most deranged twist of the ‘commerce clause’ they could not justify this. It is time Washington starts to listen to the people of this country. We’ve had enough of being told what is good for us.”

Doug Marks is also committed to a smaller government, a constitutional government, and an end to war.

“Business as usual is putting party policy before the people,” Mr. Marks declared.  “The voters of the 14th district deserve an independent choice for Congress.   Let’s put Marks on the ballot!”


Doug Marks is committed to smaller government, personal freedom, property rights, ending corporate welfare, and bringing our troops home.  For more information please visit

Doug Marks

Media Relations – Rob Kahren



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