US Media Should Give Adequate Coverage To Snitker

The situation in the United States of America is dire with people looking for answers. The Republican/Democratic Elite that have misgoverned the country for a century and a half attempt to find excuses by blaming others for the mess that they brought on America.

While others are looking at alternative parties or independents, the elite use the same lame excuse of “wasted vote” or marginalizing the candidates for the 2010 Elections.

All of this coming from the elite that loves to showcases their version of America as a place of freedom and democracy to the world while not practicing it at home.

The biggest example of marginalizing a candidate has occurred in the State of Florida during the 2010 Senate Race. The race is a four way race with the following candidates: Charlie Crist [Governor of Florida and Republican turned Independent], Kendrick Meeks [Democrat], Marco Rubio [Republican], and Alexander Snitker [Libertarian].

The media has portrayed the race as a three way race with Mr. Meeks saying that he is running “against two Republicans”. Mr. Snitker has already complied with the rules, regulations, and requirements for the Senate Race.

The rules, regulations, and requirements are tougher for alternative parties than for Republicans and Democrats since those who hold the power write the rules.

The Alexander Snitker and Libertarian Party of Florida have launched a campaign to convince the media [using petitions, letters, E Mails, and phone calls] to give equal and ample coverage to the four candidates instead of three.

The campaign has fallen on deaf ears as the media refuse to listen. The New York Times [which is a vestige of the past] has even blamed Libertarians for the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

How can the Republicans and Democrats talk about freedom and democracy when they do not practice it at home?

How could they talk about free choice when it is not practiced? Why do they talk about a wasted vote when they use every stumbling block in the legal system to maintain their monopoly on power?

Mr. Snitker does not deserve this treatment especially since he has served his country in the capacity of the US Marines. He has placed his life and his self interest to defend the freedoms that are the foundations of the USA but never practiced. Mr. Snitker believes that people should have a right to choose their own healthcare providers, insurance, and place to live.

Mr. Snitker believes that excess government is not the answer to the problems that affect the State of Florida or the United States of America. He also believes that the illegal immigration issue is due to the excess regulations of the Federal Government and that existing laws should be enforced.

He also believes that the United States of America should fight terrorism at home by safeguarding the borders instead of sending troops to fight in wars abroad.

If the media in the United States of America especially Florida want to prove that they are reliable when it comes to coverage of the 2010 Elections, they should report on all of the candidates including Mr. Snitker.


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