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Alexander Snitker: American Hero From Florida

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Alexander Snitker is running for the US Senate in Florida under the Libertarian Party ticket. He has presented himself as a candidate of the people against a political machine that is dominated by retrograde members of the governing US Elite.

He is a believer in a common sense approach to governing which he acquired when he was serving in the US Marine Corp. The centre of Snitker’s promises are based on term limits, respect for the Constitution [especially the Second and Tenth Amendment], Foreign Policy, Reducing Entitlements, Energy, and Education.

Mr. Snitker believes that the United States of America is in the process of being destroyed by career politicians of both the Republican and Democratic Party. He has said that the career politicians care more about remaining in power and using all means possible to do that instead of helping the people.

He believes that there should be a limit of two four year terms for politicians. While career politicians have talked about the need for experience in order to run the USA, Mr. Snitker believes that political offices are simply temporary jobs for the people and that others should be given an opportunity.

According to Mr. Snitker, term limits have made the USA what it is. He also believes that the US Constitution should be respected especially in the right to a militia or the right for self defence [as stated in the Second Amendment] and voting in accordance with the US Constitution [as stated in the Tenth Amendment].

The Foreign Policy of Alexander Snitker is one of Non Interference in the Internal Affairs of other countries. George Washington discussed that subject in his Farewell Address when he talked about the need for the USA to avoid involvement in foreign affairs. His idea is that defence of the interests of the USA should begin at home instead of troops all around the world.

Mr Snitker also believes in the need to rely on domestic sources when it comes to energy by using alternative sources. He believes that the way to find energy sources is to allow private enterprise to do their job without the interference of government and big conglomerates.

He believes that education should belong to the parents and not the state. The proposal by Alexander Snitker to abolish the Department of Education has sounded a positive note among people fed up with excess government in their lives. The concept of reducing entitlements and allowing people to pull their own weight has also been popular.

Regardless of the good intentions of Mr. Snitker and that he has complied with the law governing elections, the US Governing Elite has done all it can to prevent his message of common sense from being heard. The US TV Conglomerates such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN have refused to interview him and have ignored him.

The US TV Conglomerates have referred to the Florida Senate Race as a three or four way race with Meeks [Democrat], Rubio [Republican], and Crist [Republican who calls himself Independent].

During a conference of the above mentioned candidates by the Florida Press Association, Mr. Snitker attempted to address the conference but was expelled savagely by an archaic association that falsely accused him of agitation.

It is surreal that the US Press and their governing elite love to talk about human rights and liberty while repressing it at home. The people have responded but there is still a long way to go before this American Hero receives his time with the press.

Capitulo de la Novela “Soy Tu Puta”

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Hay una novela con el título “Soy Tu Dueña”. Decidimos hacer un arreglo con la escena donde Lucero esta duchando en la hacienda “Cascabeles”.

Soy Tu Puta

Mientras duchaba Lucerito en su hacienda “Cascabeles”, apareció una víbora cascabel amenazando a la Puta. La víbora mordió a la Puta en el Culo. Ella grito “CO~NO” y tiro un peo.

Murió la víbora del olor y la intensidad del sonido del peo. Las criadas escucharon los gritos y peos. Ella vinieron con tanques de oxigeno cubriendo sus rostros y antídoto anti veneno.

Las criadas aplico la inyección del antídoto y la Puta tiro otro peo.

ARMANDO PEREZ-ROURA DECANO La Habana, Viernes 16 de Diciembre de 1960

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Por la Junta de Gobierno del Colegio Nacional de Locutores, ARMANDO PEREZ-ROURA DECANO

Organo del Movimiento 26 de Julio
Año III No. 625
La Habana, Viernes 16 de Diciembre de 1960

Director: Carlos Franqui

Precio: 5 Centavos



Los Locutores cubanos repudiamos el criminal atentado perpetrado en el centro de trabajo de la Empresa C.M.Q. pagado con los dineros del imperialismo americano (1) y que no es otra cosa que la continuación de una serie de hechos realizados por la Contrarrevolución.

Los Locutores, a la vez que condenamos este sistema de agresión, no solo a los centros de trabajo, sino también a la familia cubana, estamos respondiendo presente en esta lucha del Pueblo de Cuba frente a los grandes intereses monopolistas (2) y declaramos que estaremos vigilantes para evitar que los propósitos criminales de los enemigos de las ansias reivindicativas del Pueblo continúen repitiéndose.

Tenemos que declarar, también, que ésta es una lucha abierta del Pueblo trabajador y revolucionario, frente a los peores intereses, tanto nacionales como internacionales, que junto a los criminales torturadores y esbirros de la Dictadura (3), no cesan de trabajar para tratar de arrebatarle al Pueblo las conquistas alcanzadas a base de tanta sangre (4).

Por eso los Locutores cubanos, en esta nueva llamada de la Patria, seguiremos repitiendo las consignas de la Revolución (5): Frente a las agresiones imperialistas, nuestra inquebrantable decisión de vencer o morir: PATRIA O MUERTE.

Por la Junta de Gobierno del Colegio Nacional de Locutores,



Florida Press ASSociation Violates Human And Civil Rights of Alexander Snitker

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The US System and members of the US Media were founded on the basis of human rights and freedom. They lecture the world about human rights and freedom and attempt to export their distorted version of freedom and democracy to the world. It is rare that they talk about freedom and democracy while repressing it at home.

This is what happened when Alexander Snitker who is a Candidate of the Libertarian Party for US Senate attempted to participate in a press conference sponsored by the Florida Press ASSociation. The Florida Press ASSociation as well as Press ASSociations within America only allow Republicans and Democrats to speak while others are forced into silence, marginalized, or even publicly humilliated with false accusations.

Is this the freedom and democracy so defended in America?  Either the US System and the Press ASSociations allow other voices such as Alexander Snitker [who is a US Marine who fought for our freedoms] to express themselves or they should remain silent.

If the US System and Press ASSociations such as the Florida Press ASSociation cannot allow multiple voices to speak and cannot keep silent about peace and freedom to the world, they should put their mouths inside their ASS in order to suck up the crap inside their ASS.


What would you do in my Situation?



I would like to explain my actions at the Florida Press Association’s candidate forum on Thursday at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota.  


I was only notified of the event about an hour beforehand by an alert campaign volunteer.  I dropped what I was doing in Tampa and drove to Sarasota. On the way I called Adrian Wyllie, the campaign media director, to let him know what was happening. He also called the Dean Ridings, President of the FPA, to ask why I was not included and to ask for the opportunity to speak. 


Adrian informed them we were on the way and my voice will be heard.  We alerted the media to inform them of our presence.  I arrived late and sat down midway through Kendrick Meek’s question and answer session.   Afterword, Marco Rubio addressed the audience.  It was only after Marco Rubio had finished that I stood to speak at a microphone placed in the aisle for guest comments.  I did not interrupt any of the candidates.


I said, “I’d like to make a statement. I think denying a person who served eight years in the United States Marine Corps defending your right to have this today…is an atrocity.” I asked for the opportunity to address the group and to answer questions just like the other four candidates, Kendrick Meek, Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist and Jeff Greene.  They denied my request. 


Their justification was that only candidates polling above 10% in a credible poll were welcome to speak. I pointed out that Greene had not received 10% in a credible general election poll.  Ridings cited a Quinnipiac poll that showed Green had more than 10%.   However, this was a poll of Democrats only, and was limited to candidates in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. If we applied the same rules to the Libertarian party I would have undoubtedly polled above 10%, especially considering I am not facing a primary challenge and I already am the Libertarian nominee.   If Greene has met that criteria of having at least 10% within his own party, then so have I.


The bottom line is this:  There is a good possibility that I would be polling ahead of Green in a general election poll right now.  Our internal polling data suggests it.  Since the media has never included me in any of their polls, how could they possibly know whether I am polling above or below 10%?  We can only assume that they made a judgment call to exclude me based on their own preconceived notions and bias.


What would you do under these circumstances?


It is not obvious I that the media is attempting to determine who the candidates will be?


Do you think my actions were justified?


It seemed to me that the media would continue to ignore our grassroots campaign.  I could not let that stand.  I have been actively campaigning since June of 2009.  In April of this year, I paid the $10,440 state qualification fee to ensure my name is on this ballot.   It is against everything this country stands for to exclude me.


I spoke for less than five minutes and then left without incident.  Many in the press have described my actions using terms like “disruptive,” and described my speech as “frothing at the mouth.”  I did not “storm out” as one reporter put it.   In the hallway, I was greeted by several enthusiastic reporters asking for more information about my campaign. We did what was necessary for the media to recognize us.  We made our point and left.  We were heard.  Let’s hope that they acknowledge that, and that they give a regular citizen a level playing field to compete vs. the career politicians and big money candidates in this race.


In Liberty,

Alexander Snitker

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate, Florida

An Open Letter to the Tea Parties of Florida



As a proud member of the tea party movement, I am overjoyed by the enormous accomplishments we’ve made. I am humbled by the support so many of you have given me in my run for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida, and I would like to express my sincere thanks.

Our movement was formed over our outrage in the direction the two-party political class was taking our great nation. We stand together to tell the Washington insiders that we will not sit idly by while they ignore and subvert the United States Constitution. We will not sit quietly while they spend our nation into oblivion, and saddle our children and grandchildren with crushing debt. We will not abdicate our personal and financial freedom to them.

The tea party movement is the voice of the people. Just like you, I am one of those voices. I have never sought political office before. Until recently, I had absolutely no desire to do so. I have no political ambitions other than to serve my Country, and help to restore it to our Founders’ original intent.

Like you, I watched in outrage as Republicans and Democrats ignored the Constitution. I felt the anger and sorrow as they spent and spent, while at the same time chipping away at our cherished freedoms. Like so many of you, I called and wrote to my Representative and Senators in a futile attempt to make them hear my voice.

They refused to listen. It was then that I realized that I must take action.

That is why I am running for office. I sincerely believe that it is my duty as an American to do whatever I can to restore our Republic. As a U.S. Marine, I swore a solemn oath to defend the Constitution, and I take that oath very seriously.

Today, some tea party groups are standing in strong support of my competitor for the U.S. Senate seat, Marco Rubio. While Marco says he supports the tea party agenda, his actions are suspect. He is an attorney and career politician who always seems to be just one step ahead of scandal and corruption. He is a man whose words and actions are not always in sync. I fear that he is another politician who will campaign on the virtues of our Founders, but then govern through backroom deals and compromise like a typical politician.

We have seen this pattern many times in the past, and I fear we are doomed to repeat history.

I am asking you to take a stand for Liberty. I am asking you to take a risk on the little guy. I am urging you to support me.

In return, I vow never to compromise my principles. I will work to defeat any legislation that exceeds the Constitutional authority of the federal government. I will oppose any legislation that burdens our future generations with debt. I will fight any legislation that cedes our sovereignty to another nation or global body. I will only vote for judicial appointees who will defend and uphold the Constitution.

Together, we can restore our Republic, and return liberty and prosperity to ourselves and our posterity.

If you are still undecided who you will support in this race, I propose that tea party groups host four U.S. Senate candidate debates. The debates could be located in various regions across the state to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend. I will gladly appear at every debate, and I challenge Marco Rubio to do the same. Let’s find out once and for all who the tea party candidate really is.


Alexander Snitker

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate, Florida

Alex Snitker Crashes Press Party

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prior releases:
phone: 727-403-7735
SARASOTA, FLA – When the Florida Press Association invited U.S. Senate candidates to speak to the media at the Ritz-Carlton on Thursday, there was one name absent from the list. Charlie Crist, Republican Marco Rubio, and Democrat Kendrick Meek all made the list. Even long-shot Democrat billionaire Jeff Green was included.
However, Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker was not invited.
But that didn’t stop him from crashing the event to ask the FPA why he was excluded.  After Marco Rubio finished his 15-minutes at the podium, Snitker stepped to the microphone in the aisle and said, “I’d like to make a statement. I think denying a person who served eight years in the United States Marine Corps defending your right to have this today…is an atrocity.”
Snitker admonished the assembled press, saying, “You keep saying that career politicians are the problem, and you’re only going to allow career politicians and a billionaire on stage. You want to talk about the tea party candidate? It’s not Marco Rubio – it’s Alexander Snitker.”
FPA President Dean Ridings told Snitker that he would not be granted the opportunity to speak and called for security. Shortly thereafter, Snitker was politely escorted from the event by security, with a flock of reporters in tow.
Snitker is the first Libertarian ever to appear on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Florida. The Libertarian Party is fully recognized by the State of Florida, and is the third largest political party in the state.
According to Florida Division of Elections procedures, Snitker’s name will appear above Charlie Crist on the ballot, because Crist is running with no party affiliation. In a May poll, Snitker received 12% support in among likely voters familiar with him, Rubio, Crist, Meek.
“The mainstream media has intentionally ignored Alex, despite the groundswell of grassroots support, and despite all our efforts to reach out to them,” said Snitker campaign manager Kelly Lobean. “We’ve made the decision that we can no longer play by the status quo rules of typical politics.”
The decision appears to have paid off. Within minutes of Snitker’s impromptu speech, tweets were flying among media insiders. Several newspapers and 6-o’clock news programs were running the story, and even the Associated Press had weighed in.
“We’re just looking for a level playing field, that’s all,” said Adrian Wyllie, campaign media director. “We have called press conferences, sent out dozens of press releases, called countless TV news producers…if they won’t report the news, then we are forced to make the news.”
Photos available from AP at:
prior releases:
phone: 727-403-7735

2010 FIFA World Cup Comment

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El Departamento de Estado de los EEUU emitió una alerta para los que viajeros a la Copa Mundial 2010. Siempre salen con la misma excusa para meter miedo a la gente. Tengo una sugerencia para el Departamento de Estado, deja de meter miedo y disfruta la vida.

To The US State Department for its travel advisory to South Africa, thanks but quir injecting fear into the hearts of people. Get a life.

Bob Barr Endorses Alex Snitker for U.S. Senate

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Bob Barr Endorses Alex Snitker for U.S. Senate
Former U.S. Representative and 2008 Presidential candidate Bob Barr offers his full endorsement to Alex Snitker in his bid for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida.

Jun 09, 2010

In recent decades, Americans have faced a growing threat from the limitless power of the federal government. Our liberties are being stripped from us. Our property is being redistributed. Our children are being burdened with crushing debt. Our Constitution is being ignored and subverted.

It is more critical than ever that we elect candidates who will reverse this trend. We must support those candidates who will support the Constitution. We must embrace candidates who will fight for the rights of every American. We must vote for candidates who will enact sound fiscal policies.

If we do these things, we will have elected officials who represent the people – not try to rule them.

It is for these reasons that I offer my solid endorsement to Alexander Snitker for U.S. Senate in Florida.  Alex is a man of principle, and he shares our Founders’ vision of the greatness that America can achieve when government endeavors to defend liberty.

I have had the opportunity to meet Alex, and I’ve watched him build his campaign into perhaps the most viable, and visible Libertarian candidacy in Florida’s history. He has managed to build an army of volunteers, and has made truly amazing progress with limited resources.

I wish Alex the best of luck in this campaign, and I look forward to seeing him become the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Florida.

Bob Barr

La grata caída de Helen Thomas y el racismo progre

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La grata caída de Helen Thomas y el racismo progre


Helen Thomas, corresponsal del grupo Hearst asignada a la Casa Blanca desde la presidencia de Dwight Eisenhower, se vio forzada a renunciar al puesto después de sus comentarios antisemitas, debidamente grabados y filmados, en los que dijo que los judíos debían salir de Israel y volver a Polonia, Alemania, los Estados Unidos. Dijo que Israel les pertenece a los árabes palestinos.

El comentario de la racista reportera izquierdista que durante más de medio siglo criticó a Israel, fue la gota que hizo rebalsar el vaso. Ahora que tiene cerca de 90 años tal vez debería pensar en retirarse en el Líbano, de dónde salieron sus padres. Si cada uno debe volver a su lugar de origen, ése es el que a ella le corresponde. Muchos tal vez recién logren comprender por qué sentía tan particular afecto por los musulmanes cada vez que escribía una nota o hacía una pregunta

Según su visión los negros deberían retornar a África, los latinos a América del Sur, los descendientes de irlandeses, italianos, alemanes, holandeses, etc., a sus respectivos países, y dejar Estados Unidos y Sudamérica en manos de los indios que son los originarios del lugar.

Los nativos de Israel son los judíos. Todos los demás, particularmente los árabes palestinos, son invasores que quisieron y quieren hoy más que nunca apropiarse del lugar. La corroboración histórica y arqueológica de ese hecho parece no ser tomado en cuenta por los detractores del pueblo judío que se sentirían más felices si los judíos desapareciesen del planeta. Veríamos entonces adónde llegaría el desarrollo de la humanidad con el gran aporte científico e intelectual de los árabes.

La caída de Thomas está entre las notas más refrescantes en este ambiente periodístico dominado por la progresía, que con su doble discurso se ha convertido en la principal enemiga de la libertad y seguridad del mundo democrático. Es ella la que defiende a los totalitaristas y fanáticos religiosos. La izquierda de hoy es la más reaccionaria, falsa, oportunista y burguesa que haya existido jamás.

El apogeo de Thomas muestra que cuando la desfachatez progresista llega a su límite, el mundo reacciona. En este caso el mundo estadounidense, que sigue siendo el que posee el más elevado nivel de conciencia. Si cayó la arpía decana de la prensa progre, pueden caer los demás, cosa que da un respiro de confianza para el futuro de la libertad y ecuanimidad en las noticias.

No existe la menor duda, de que a través de los tiempos, fueron y siguen siendo los medios los causantes del 90 por ciento de las tergiversaciones ideológicas y las consecuencias políticas que estas acarrean. Si los editores de hoy se deshacen de aquellos periodistas que reciben dádivas de los árabes, y adicionalmente marginan a los extremistas que quieren retornar al absolutismo estalinista o hitleriano, automáticamente el mundo reencontrará su cauce de prudencia y tolerancia.