Alexander Snitker: American Hero From Florida

Alexander Snitker is running for the US Senate in Florida under the Libertarian Party ticket. He has presented himself as a candidate of the people against a political machine that is dominated by retrograde members of the governing US Elite.

He is a believer in a common sense approach to governing which he acquired when he was serving in the US Marine Corp. The centre of Snitker’s promises are based on term limits, respect for the Constitution [especially the Second and Tenth Amendment], Foreign Policy, Reducing Entitlements, Energy, and Education.

Mr. Snitker believes that the United States of America is in the process of being destroyed by career politicians of both the Republican and Democratic Party. He has said that the career politicians care more about remaining in power and using all means possible to do that instead of helping the people.

He believes that there should be a limit of two four year terms for politicians. While career politicians have talked about the need for experience in order to run the USA, Mr. Snitker believes that political offices are simply temporary jobs for the people and that others should be given an opportunity.

According to Mr. Snitker, term limits have made the USA what it is. He also believes that the US Constitution should be respected especially in the right to a militia or the right for self defence [as stated in the Second Amendment] and voting in accordance with the US Constitution [as stated in the Tenth Amendment].

The Foreign Policy of Alexander Snitker is one of Non Interference in the Internal Affairs of other countries. George Washington discussed that subject in his Farewell Address when he talked about the need for the USA to avoid involvement in foreign affairs. His idea is that defence of the interests of the USA should begin at home instead of troops all around the world.

Mr Snitker also believes in the need to rely on domestic sources when it comes to energy by using alternative sources. He believes that the way to find energy sources is to allow private enterprise to do their job without the interference of government and big conglomerates.

He believes that education should belong to the parents and not the state. The proposal by Alexander Snitker to abolish the Department of Education has sounded a positive note among people fed up with excess government in their lives. The concept of reducing entitlements and allowing people to pull their own weight has also been popular.

Regardless of the good intentions of Mr. Snitker and that he has complied with the law governing elections, the US Governing Elite has done all it can to prevent his message of common sense from being heard. The US TV Conglomerates such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN have refused to interview him and have ignored him.

The US TV Conglomerates have referred to the Florida Senate Race as a three or four way race with Meeks [Democrat], Rubio [Republican], and Crist [Republican who calls himself Independent].

During a conference of the above mentioned candidates by the Florida Press Association, Mr. Snitker attempted to address the conference but was expelled savagely by an archaic association that falsely accused him of agitation.

It is surreal that the US Press and their governing elite love to talk about human rights and liberty while repressing it at home. The people have responded but there is still a long way to go before this American Hero receives his time with the press.



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