Ohio Odd Laws and One From Indiana

The Buckeye State of Ohio is known for some of the classic odd laws in the law books of the United States of America. The underwriter is familiar with these laws since he was born and raised in that state.

It is an example of what happens when a politician decides to micromanage the behaviour of its people. The examples of such laws are worth mentioning.

The law that prohibits the arrest of anyone on Sunday or on the fourth of July is one of the biggest examples. It was approved on October 1, 1953 and is known as House Bill 1 Section 2331.12.

The full extent of the law says that no one can be arrested during a meeting of the Senate or House of Representatives as well as the Court on Sunday or on the 4th of July. It appears that the lawmakers forgot that they take Sunday and the 4th of July as a day of rest.

I remember reading a law concerning driving while a college student in Ohio. The law that dealt with driving had to do with the State Driving Education Manual. The State of Ohio Education Manual requires that a driver honks a horn while passing a car.

The underwriter used to do that in order to comply with the law and the response was that the drivers of other cars responded with expletives. The laws that bordered on the ridiculous was the prohibition of five women living in one house, breast feeding in public, as well as conducting and participating in duels.

The law against fishing for whales on Sundays [whales do not exist in Ohio] or getting a fish drunk [a person getting a fish drunk is ridiculous] borders on the comic. The City of Akron prohibits the sale of colored chickens while Cincinnati prohibits anal intercourse. The City of Cleveland prohibits catching mice without a license.

The city of Youngstown prohibits people from running out of gas. It is not sure whether it is gasoline in the car or air after running. Youngstown has another law prohibiting people from riding on the roofs of taxi cabs.

The underwriter was once in Youngstown during the 1980 Presidential Elections and people would ride on the roofs of taxi cabs. The police in Youngstown would look the other way.

Toledo prohibits the throwing of snakes at people. It is a law that baffles the mind. Why would people want to throw snakes at people? The city of Oxford prohibits women from stripping in front of a man’s picture. One has to think if the man inside the photo could be easily aroused.

North Canton has a law in which a person must ask permission from the police to roller skate. It appears that people are afraid of roller skates or one of the politicians who approved the law was traumatized after an accident with one.

The odd laws in the law books in Ohio are not the only ones in the United States of America. The State of Indiana has a law in which a male over the age of 18 can be arrested for rape if the female passenger in the car is barefoot. The last law borders on the ridiculous.

The discussion about the odd laws could continue but these are some of the classic examples.



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