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Unfortunately, NBC has given us their final answer and they refuse to include Alex in the September 5th debate on Meet The Press.  Even though you sent hundreds of emails and made hundreds of phone calls, your voices have been ignored. 
Therefore, we have come up with a plan to fight the establishment media and the political class.  We will be producing a 30 second TV ad that will run during the Meet The Press debate in every Florida market.  The ad will point out what a miscarriage of the democratic process this debate is, and will call out NBC for excluding Snitker.
TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, WE NEED $5,000 IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.   We need you to donate today.  Please, donate as much as you can right now.  We urgently need you to send as much as you can afford, whether that is $20 or $2000.  This is a critical juncture, and if we let this three-way debate continue unchallenged, the media will continue to ignore us.  Click here for our secure donation page:
If NBC does have a last minute change of heart, and includes Alex in the debate, we will still run the advertisement using a standard campaign ad which we will have on stand-by.  Your calls and emails might still make a difference, so please call or write to NBC today.  An overwhelming response may still change their mind.  Please forward this message to as many people as possible.
Sunday, September 5
NBC’s Meet The Press Debate
Moderated by David Gregory
Washington, DC
Call:  202-885-4000
Ask for Betsy Fischer, Executive Producer and email her at
Call back and ask for Rebecca Samuels, Producer
Call a third time and ask for Chris Donovan, Producer
Email the show’s booker, Ilana Drimmer at
Finally, visit 6872152/ns/meet_the_press-more and leave comments.
Please, be polite but firm.  Insist that they include Alex Snitker in the September 5 debate on Meet the Press.
Friday, September 17
WLTV-Univision 23 Debate
Miami, FL
Tuesday, September 28
WTVT-FOX 13 Tampa Bay Debate
Tampa, FL
Wednesday, October 6
ABC News, WFTV-ABC 9 Orlando & WFTS-ABC 28 Tampa
Moderated by George Stephanopoulos and two local media panelists
Orlando, FL
Wednesday, October 20
Leadership Florida Debate
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sunday, October 24
CNN/St. Petersburg Times Debate
Moderated by Candy Crowley
Tampa, FL
Tuesday, October 26
NBC News & WESH-NBC 2 Orlando Debate
Moderated by David Gregory
Orlando, FL



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The Libertarian Party of Illinois (“LP Illinois”) proudly announces that our state-wide slate of candidates will be on the ballot for this November’s election.  By a unanimous vote, the Illinois State Board of Elections determined today that LP Illinois has a sufficient number of valid petition signatures and as a result will be able to compete for votes this fall.

“This vindicates our efforts in this process,” said Lupe Diaz, State Chair of LP Illinois.  “We played by the rules, withstood the challenges, and now we can focus on offering the right alternative to voters,” added Diaz.

Earlier this month, members of LP Illinois defended our petitions against a series of challenges during an eight day line by line review in Springfield.  At the end of the review, LP Illinois had over 33,000 valid signatures, 8,000 more than the minimum required for new parties and independent candidates.

Our candidates are:

Mike Labno                       U.S. Senate
Lex Green                         Governor
Ed Rutledge                      Lt. Governor
Josh Hanson                      Secretary of State
Bill Malan                         Attorney General
Julie Fox                            Comptroller
James Pauly                       Treasurer

Now that we have secured our places on the ballot, we invite the public and the media to meet our candidates.  The perfect venue will be in Springfield during the weekend of September 10-12, when LP Illinois holds its annual convention.  On Friday, September 10th, there will be a meet and greet with LP Illinois candidates, beginning at 6 p.m.  This is free and open to the public.  The LP Illinois convention will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, 3100 S. Dirksen Parkway, in Springfield.  In addition to the meet and greet, there will be a host of quality speakers and workshops.    This year’s theme is:  “The Libertarian Revolution…Our Time is NOW!”  For more information, visit our website at:


 The Libertarian Party of Illinois is a political home for those who value honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion.

Wyclef Jean and Alexander Snitker

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Wyclef Jean and Alexander Snitker are two people who are diametrically opposing personalities but have one thing in common. They have been marginalized by their respective systems.

Full Body Article

Wyclef Jean is an Haitian artist who was involved in the assistance of victims of the earthquake that devastated his country in the beginning of 2010. He recently announced his intentions to run for the Presidency of Haiti in that country’s general elections.

The responses of the powers that be in Haiti were to exclude him to the point that he is reconsidering his decision to run for the highest office of his country.

It is unfair that the powers that direct Haitian politics have excluded Mr. Jean from the political process when he could have offered more for a country that needs all of the assistance of its best and brightest.

While Haiti will have to solve its political problems without the assistance of other countries, it reminds me of something similar close to home.

The elite in the USA which includes the US Mainstream Media loves to lecture its people and the world about the virtues of democracy, freedom, and human rights without practicing it at home. One example of this hypocrisy is the candidate for US Senator for the State of Florida Alexander Snitker.

Alexander Snitker loves his country and has served in the US Marines defending it at home and abroad in the name of freedom and liberty. The response of the US Elite is to deny his candidacy the same rights as others.

Why do the media cover the other candidates for US Senator for Florida [such as Crist, Meeks, Rubio, and Greene] but do not cover Mr. Snitker?  The answer is that he is a Libertarian instead of a Republican or Democrat. It does not matter what ideas Mr. Snitker may have but since he is a Libertarian there is no press coverage.

If a Republican or Democrat were to talk about withdrawing from the Middle East and Asia in order to concentrate on the domestic side of the USA, they would get the coverage.

Mr. Snitker believes that the USA should concentrate on its domestic policy [unlike the governing elite] and is not even mentioned even though he has fulfilled the requirements of the electoral commission in his state.

It is easy for the US Elite including its mainstream media to say that votes for the Libertarians, Greens, or other independents are a wasted vote. It is also easy to give up and accept the status quo in the USA and the “lesser evil” of the Republicans or Democrats.

While thinking about the “wasted vote” and “lesser evil” concepts, I often ask myself the question that why do both parties use their power to exclude others from the political process while offering nothing to the people?

What about a straw poll that placed Snitker ahead of Rubio? The media said nothing.

The US Elite is interested in power and maintaining it without thinking about the consequences of what could happen to the country.  The Republicans and Democrats talk about how they made this country without taking into account that they spent a century and a half destroying it gradually.

The people in America want change and they are tired of its elite that have lost touch with its people. The US Elite and Media should allow all candidates to express their viewpoints if they want to talk to the world about freedom, democracy, and human rights.

If the US Elite and Media does not want to include Snitker in its political process, it should quit talking about freedom, human rights, and democracy to the world. While the world should not interfere in the US Political Process, it should remind the US Elite and Media to practice what it preaches at home.

PS: I called WSVN Channel 7 News to protest their lack of coverage of Alexander Snitker. The response of the news staff was to cut me off. I called them two more times and they hanged up on me even though I was talking peacefully.

Snitker Joins Conservative All-Stars Speaking at World Net Daily Conference

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Snitker Joins Conservative All-Stars Speaking at World Net Daily Conference

MIAMI – When World Net Daily (WND) throws a party, you can expect some of the biggest names in the conservative movement to be there.  And the 2010 Taking America Back National Conference will be no exception, with speakers including Joseph Farah, Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, former Sen. Jeremiah Denton, Lt. Col. Allen West, and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker. 
About two years ago, Snitker was just a former U.S. Marine selling office equipment and enjoying a middle-class lifestyle with his expectant wife.   But, like so many Americans, he was becoming increasingly concerned and angry about the direction the career politicians were taking the nation he swore to defend.  So he decided to do something about it.
Today, the underdog Senate candidate is fighting a grassroots battle against some of the biggest career politicians he could find.   And he’s starting to have a ripple effect across the political spectrum.  Snitker’s Constitutionally-limited approach to government is quickly winning him the support of the tea party groups and the conservative movement.  Along the way, his non-interventionist foreign policy and defense of individual liberty is drawing a number of disenfranchised Democrats into what is becoming a bigger tent by the day.
Snitker’s no-nonsense platform and his passionate, straightforward style is drawing crowds wherever he speaks.  So it’s no wonder that he’s becoming a sought after speaker at some of the biggest political events across Florida.   When WND came across Snitker, they were quick to invite him to speak at their huge annual conference.
The WND Taking Back America National Conference will be held at the Doral Golf and Spa Resort in Miami, September 16-18, 2010.  For more information about the event, visit  For information about the Alex Snitker for U.S. Senate campaign, visit

Puta Que Pego Bebe Debe Ser Encarcelada

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Entere de una puta que pego a su bebe de 18 meses en un vuelo de la aerolínea Southwest desde Dallas, Texas hasta Albuquerque, Nuevo México. El bebe fue rescatado por un azafata hasta que se calmo los ánimos.

Lo que hizo aquella puta [estoy seguro que debe pertenecer al Partido Republicano o Demócrata] fue un abuso contra un bebe indefenso. Los bebes son regalos de Dios y son cariñosos.

El azafata actuó bien pero la puta que abuso de su bebe merece un castigo. El pueblo debe coger a esa puta y propinarla múltiples patadas por todo el cuerpo y tirarla en la cárcel sin ropa, comida, y atención medica.

Bitch Who Its Baby Must Go To Jail

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It has come to my attention that in a Southwest Airline flight from Dallas, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a bitch hit her 18 month old baby. Fortunatly, the baby was rescued by a flight attendant. The flight attendant deserves to be praised. The bitch on the other hand is probably an egoistic Democrat/Republican who hates life.

The bitch who hit her 18 month old baby deserves the same treatment that she gave her baby. An example would be inviting the multitude to slap and kick the bitch in every part of her body as punishment and then sent to jail without clothing and food.


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Snitker Beats Rubio In Straw Poll

ORLANDO – In a shocking upset, grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker defeated GOP frontrunner Marco Rubio in a straw poll held at the Florida Liberty Summit hosted by Campaign for Liberty at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Snitker said of his surprise win, “I think this shows that Americans are starting to shy away from the two-party political class, and are instead looking for candidates that will uphold the Constitution and defend their personal and economic freedoms.”

The Libertarian Senate hopeful not only won the straw poll, but defeated Rubio by a landslide. The final results were:

Alex Snitker (L) 53%

Marco Rubio (R) 30%

Bernie DeCastro (C) 13%

Charlie Crist (NPA) 3%

Kendrick Meek (D) <1%

Jeff Greene (D) <1%

Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan group that was founded by supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) after his 2008 Presidential primary bid. Rep. Paul was the keynote speaker at the three-day event, attended by an estimated crowd of 1,200 people.

Political insiders note that many tea party and 912 groups have been gently distancing themselves from Rubio in recent weeks. Rubio’s move toward the center in anticipation of a post-primary battle with Charlie Crist, coupled with the dark cloud of Florida GOP scandals, has caused some conservative groups to look at Snitker as an alternative.

Snitker’s individual liberty platform is also picking up some Democrat support along the way. According to Public Policy Polling, Snitker would get 5% of the Democrat vote should Jeff Greene win the nomination.

Snitker, a former U.S. Marine and office equipment salesman, has never held political office. At a time when career politicians are shouldering the blame for America’s woes, being a political outsider is seen as a plus by many voters. And Snitker may be as outside the beltway as they come.

Response from a Republican About Snitker

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Dear Ohio:
I’m not aware of all of the details of the race you’re speaking of, but I have read your email, and wish you the best of luck addressing the things you’re concerned about.  I’m afraid that I’m not exactly the entity to provide the solution, and wanted to let you know that yes, someone does read the emails sent to this account.
Good luck!


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After an arduous eight day petition challenge, the Libertarian Party of Illinois (”LP Illinois”) has come out with flying colors and is poised to present our candidates to the voters this fall.  The petition challenge commenced on August 2nd and concluded on August 10th.  Additional hearings are scheduled with a final certification on August 27th.  LP Illinois expects to be on the ballot.

A dedicated staff of LP Illinois members staffed computer terminals at the State Board of Elections (“SBE”) in Springfield, defending petitions gathered by a combination of volunteers and paid contractors.  We currently have 33,545 valid signatures, which is 8,545 more than the required 25,000 for new party and independent candidates in the state.

“This has been a long week, and it is frustrating to have to go through such an ordeal in order to offer an alternative to the voters of Illinois,” said Crystal Jurczynski, Campaigns Director for LP Illinois, who lead the delegation in Springfield as well as the petition drive.  “This has been a total waste of taxpayer money and time for members of the SBE as well as for those who had to take time out of their schedules and spend money on travel and lodging just to defend these frivolous objections,” added Jurczynski.

Ballot access laws on the books in Illinois were passed by the Democrats and Republicans to make it more difficult and expensive for new party and independent candidates to enter the arena and offer an alternative voice.    With the history of corruption and fiscal mismanagement displayed by the two major parties, LP Illinois feels now more than ever the state needs new people with new ideas to be able to participate in the public discourse.  Voters should decide which candidates should win elections.  The petition challenge process hinders democracy and benefits incumbents and career politicians by limiting competition for political office.   We call on all media outlets, print, broadcast and online, to get behind a cleaner system for getting on the ballot and ultimately, choosing candidates and office holders.

As stated previously, we look forward to the November elections and offering the right alternative for the future of the citizens of Illinois.      


 The Libertarian Party of Illinois is a political home for those who value honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion.

912 Group: Republicans Only Need Apply [Alexander Snitker]

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August 12, 2010
Media Contact: Adrian Wyllie
phone: 727-403-7735
912 Group:  Republicans Only Need Apply
ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – When Glenn Beck founded the 912 project, he laid out a philosophy of nine principles and 12 values. He urged people to come together who believed in those principles and values to form local, grassroots organizations. Within days, 912 groups were forming all across the nation.
Beck also had a piece of advice that he repeatedly passed on to these groups. That advice was to find the best candidates, ones that would uphold the principles and values, regardless of party affiliation. The majority of the 912 groups have heeded his words, and have opened their doors to all Constitutional conservatives, regardless of party affiliation.
However, at least one of these groups has taken a different approach. The South Pinellas 9/12 group in Florida has gone out of their way to exclude non-GOP candidates from speaking at their meetings, rallies, and candidate forums. This has at least one third-party conservative steaming mad.
Enter Florida U.S. Senate hopeful Alex Snitker, the Libertarian Party candidate and a 912 pledge signer.  Snitker, a former U.S. Marine and strong Constitutional conservative, is running a grassroots campaign that has recently gotten the attention of the media and pollsters.
Snitker and his campaign staff have repeatedly asked that he be given the opportunity to speak at one of the South Pinellas 912 group’s events. Each time, group organizer Barbara Haselden has assured Snitker that he would be invited to the next event that included U.S. Senate Candidates.
While stringing Snitker along like a backup prom date, Haselden was all the while courting their anointed superstar, GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio.
In a email to the 912 group on Tuesday, Haselden excitedly announced that Rubio would finally grace them with his presence at their Freedom Day Rally in St. Petersburg on September 12. Attempting to maintain the increasingly transparent veil of non-partisanship, Haselden also wrote that, “All the Conservative Candidates have been invited to attend.”
Assuming this was confirmation of Haselden’s promise to include Snitker at the next Senate candidate event, his campaign staff began promoting Snitker’s appearance right away.
Within hours of their announcement, Haselden withdrew Snitker’s invitation, stating, “I do not recall issuing that invitation for Alex to speak at the rally.”
After being pressed by campaign staff about backing out on her promise, she elaborated, “You are right when you say that I said if and when we have a candidates forum that included the senate seat that we would invite Alex Snitker.”
“We are not having a candidates forum for the senate race at this time nor do we have one planned,” Haselden added.  By that logic, she appears to have a point. A Senate candidate “forum” would have to include more than one Senate candidate.
How can you ensure that an event attended by your favorite Senate candidate, in this case Marco Rubio, does not become a forum? Simply deny all other conservative candidates access. Hence, no forum.
What may be most interesting about South Pinellas 912’s favorite son is that, unlike Snitker, Rubio has not signed the 912 pledge according to
There may be another, more sinister reason for Snitker’s invitation being revoked. Rumor has it that Rubio’s staff is pulling the candidate from any event where Snitker is speaking. One event organizer reported that Rubio’s staff declined an invitation after learning the grassroots Libertarian would be there.
One potentially disastrous effect of this GOP takeover of a few, isolated 912 groups is that it gives fodder to left-wing pundits and politicians who have taken to the airwaves claiming this is an “astroturf” movement. Based on the actions of the South Pinellas 912, it would be hard to defend accusations that they are just another branch of the Republican establishment.
While a handful of 912 groups like South Pinellas are looking more and more like Republican PACs, the overwhelming majority of 912 groups have held true to their founding principles and values. To their credit, many 912 groups such as Tampa, Miami, Pasco, Hernando, and North Pinellas have welcomed Snitker and other non-GOP candidates with open arms, and on an even footing with Marco Rubio.