After an arduous eight day petition challenge, the Libertarian Party of Illinois (”LP Illinois”) has come out with flying colors and is poised to present our candidates to the voters this fall.  The petition challenge commenced on August 2nd and concluded on August 10th.  Additional hearings are scheduled with a final certification on August 27th.  LP Illinois expects to be on the ballot.

A dedicated staff of LP Illinois members staffed computer terminals at the State Board of Elections (“SBE”) in Springfield, defending petitions gathered by a combination of volunteers and paid contractors.  We currently have 33,545 valid signatures, which is 8,545 more than the required 25,000 for new party and independent candidates in the state.

“This has been a long week, and it is frustrating to have to go through such an ordeal in order to offer an alternative to the voters of Illinois,” said Crystal Jurczynski, Campaigns Director for LP Illinois, who lead the delegation in Springfield as well as the petition drive.  “This has been a total waste of taxpayer money and time for members of the SBE as well as for those who had to take time out of their schedules and spend money on travel and lodging just to defend these frivolous objections,” added Jurczynski.

Ballot access laws on the books in Illinois were passed by the Democrats and Republicans to make it more difficult and expensive for new party and independent candidates to enter the arena and offer an alternative voice.    With the history of corruption and fiscal mismanagement displayed by the two major parties, LP Illinois feels now more than ever the state needs new people with new ideas to be able to participate in the public discourse.  Voters should decide which candidates should win elections.  The petition challenge process hinders democracy and benefits incumbents and career politicians by limiting competition for political office.   We call on all media outlets, print, broadcast and online, to get behind a cleaner system for getting on the ballot and ultimately, choosing candidates and office holders.

As stated previously, we look forward to the November elections and offering the right alternative for the future of the citizens of Illinois.      


 The Libertarian Party of Illinois is a political home for those who value honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and compassion.



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