Snitker Beats Rubio In Straw Poll

ORLANDO – In a shocking upset, grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker defeated GOP frontrunner Marco Rubio in a straw poll held at the Florida Liberty Summit hosted by Campaign for Liberty at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Snitker said of his surprise win, “I think this shows that Americans are starting to shy away from the two-party political class, and are instead looking for candidates that will uphold the Constitution and defend their personal and economic freedoms.”

The Libertarian Senate hopeful not only won the straw poll, but defeated Rubio by a landslide. The final results were:

Alex Snitker (L) 53%

Marco Rubio (R) 30%

Bernie DeCastro (C) 13%

Charlie Crist (NPA) 3%

Kendrick Meek (D) <1%

Jeff Greene (D) <1%

Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan group that was founded by supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) after his 2008 Presidential primary bid. Rep. Paul was the keynote speaker at the three-day event, attended by an estimated crowd of 1,200 people.

Political insiders note that many tea party and 912 groups have been gently distancing themselves from Rubio in recent weeks. Rubio’s move toward the center in anticipation of a post-primary battle with Charlie Crist, coupled with the dark cloud of Florida GOP scandals, has caused some conservative groups to look at Snitker as an alternative.

Snitker’s individual liberty platform is also picking up some Democrat support along the way. According to Public Policy Polling, Snitker would get 5% of the Democrat vote should Jeff Greene win the nomination.

Snitker, a former U.S. Marine and office equipment salesman, has never held political office. At a time when career politicians are shouldering the blame for America’s woes, being a political outsider is seen as a plus by many voters. And Snitker may be as outside the beltway as they come.



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