Snitker Joins Conservative All-Stars Speaking at World Net Daily Conference

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Snitker Joins Conservative All-Stars Speaking at World Net Daily Conference

MIAMI – When World Net Daily (WND) throws a party, you can expect some of the biggest names in the conservative movement to be there.  And the 2010 Taking America Back National Conference will be no exception, with speakers including Joseph Farah, Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, former Sen. Jeremiah Denton, Lt. Col. Allen West, and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker. 
About two years ago, Snitker was just a former U.S. Marine selling office equipment and enjoying a middle-class lifestyle with his expectant wife.   But, like so many Americans, he was becoming increasingly concerned and angry about the direction the career politicians were taking the nation he swore to defend.  So he decided to do something about it.
Today, the underdog Senate candidate is fighting a grassroots battle against some of the biggest career politicians he could find.   And he’s starting to have a ripple effect across the political spectrum.  Snitker’s Constitutionally-limited approach to government is quickly winning him the support of the tea party groups and the conservative movement.  Along the way, his non-interventionist foreign policy and defense of individual liberty is drawing a number of disenfranchised Democrats into what is becoming a bigger tent by the day.
Snitker’s no-nonsense platform and his passionate, straightforward style is drawing crowds wherever he speaks.  So it’s no wonder that he’s becoming a sought after speaker at some of the biggest political events across Florida.   When WND came across Snitker, they were quick to invite him to speak at their huge annual conference.
The WND Taking Back America National Conference will be held at the Doral Golf and Spa Resort in Miami, September 16-18, 2010.  For more information about the event, visit  For information about the Alex Snitker for U.S. Senate campaign, visit



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