Wyclef Jean and Alexander Snitker


Wyclef Jean and Alexander Snitker are two people who are diametrically opposing personalities but have one thing in common. They have been marginalized by their respective systems.

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Wyclef Jean is an Haitian artist who was involved in the assistance of victims of the earthquake that devastated his country in the beginning of 2010. He recently announced his intentions to run for the Presidency of Haiti in that country’s general elections.

The responses of the powers that be in Haiti were to exclude him to the point that he is reconsidering his decision to run for the highest office of his country.

It is unfair that the powers that direct Haitian politics have excluded Mr. Jean from the political process when he could have offered more for a country that needs all of the assistance of its best and brightest.

While Haiti will have to solve its political problems without the assistance of other countries, it reminds me of something similar close to home.

The elite in the USA which includes the US Mainstream Media loves to lecture its people and the world about the virtues of democracy, freedom, and human rights without practicing it at home. One example of this hypocrisy is the candidate for US Senator for the State of Florida Alexander Snitker.

Alexander Snitker loves his country and has served in the US Marines defending it at home and abroad in the name of freedom and liberty. The response of the US Elite is to deny his candidacy the same rights as others.

Why do the media cover the other candidates for US Senator for Florida [such as Crist, Meeks, Rubio, and Greene] but do not cover Mr. Snitker?  The answer is that he is a Libertarian instead of a Republican or Democrat. It does not matter what ideas Mr. Snitker may have but since he is a Libertarian there is no press coverage.

If a Republican or Democrat were to talk about withdrawing from the Middle East and Asia in order to concentrate on the domestic side of the USA, they would get the coverage.

Mr. Snitker believes that the USA should concentrate on its domestic policy [unlike the governing elite] and is not even mentioned even though he has fulfilled the requirements of the electoral commission in his state.

It is easy for the US Elite including its mainstream media to say that votes for the Libertarians, Greens, or other independents are a wasted vote. It is also easy to give up and accept the status quo in the USA and the “lesser evil” of the Republicans or Democrats.

While thinking about the “wasted vote” and “lesser evil” concepts, I often ask myself the question that why do both parties use their power to exclude others from the political process while offering nothing to the people?

What about a straw poll that placed Snitker ahead of Rubio? The media said nothing.

The US Elite is interested in power and maintaining it without thinking about the consequences of what could happen to the country.  The Republicans and Democrats talk about how they made this country without taking into account that they spent a century and a half destroying it gradually.

The people in America want change and they are tired of its elite that have lost touch with its people. The US Elite and Media should allow all candidates to express their viewpoints if they want to talk to the world about freedom, democracy, and human rights.

If the US Elite and Media does not want to include Snitker in its political process, it should quit talking about freedom, human rights, and democracy to the world. While the world should not interfere in the US Political Process, it should remind the US Elite and Media to practice what it preaches at home.

PS: I called WSVN Channel 7 News to protest their lack of coverage of Alexander Snitker. The response of the news staff was to cut me off. I called them two more times and they hanged up on me even though I was talking peacefully.



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