Alexander Snitker Is A Victim Of Human Rights Violation

Rubio used the English Official Language as a cheap shot. While English should be spoken in the USA, what should be done is that other cnadidates such as Alexander Snitker should be included in the debate.

Alexander Snotker is the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate and he is a Marine who defended our country against the enemy. He also believes in the need to limit government, withdraw from other countries in order to take of ours including the border, limit immigration, and have term limits.

The response of the elite including the press is to limit the debate to Crist, Rubio, and Meeks. How can the United States of America talk about human rights, freedom, and liberty abroad when it only allows the political discussion to be limited to Republicans and Democrats?

The marginalization of Alexander Snitker goes to show that the society inherent in the USA as governed by Republicans and Democrats are hypocrites who will do anything icnluding create hatred to maintain itself in power.



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