THE LAST DAYS UNTIL WE MAKE HISTORY   The final days of the campaign I will still be traveling the state to meet the people I will represent.  I hope you can join me at the following events. Be sure to tell your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers. Please continue to watch the website for any […]

Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show

Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show Kathie Glass made history as the first Texas Libertarian gubernatorial candidate to be in a statewide televised debate with a major party candidate. The reviews are in:  by all accounts, Kathie Glass won the statewide televised gubernatorial debate. Here are just a few of the quotes on […]

Open Letter To Rasmussen About Snitker

The coverage of the US Elections and the insults have gone out of hand. It is also rare that both parties (Republican and Democrat) talk about human rights and freedom but exclude Alexander Snitker as well as other LIbertarians and Greens from the national debate. In doing so, the US Elections are nothing more than […]