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Mike Labno, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate (IL) to Hold Press Conference

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Mike Labno, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate (IL) to Hold Press Conference
Mike Labno, Libertarian candidate for US Senate invites all press to participate in a press conference, Sunday 10/31/2010 at 5:30 pm outside the location of the Mark Kirk rally at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street.  Mike Labno will address the recent endorsement of Mark Kirk by a tea party leader, which was born of her evidence of the Labno campaign financial backing; as she stated, “this was confirmed to me by a long-time friend and democratic operative.”  Mike will provide full disclosure regarding his relationship with the Democratic Party and Alexi Giannoulias.
Sunday, October 31, 5:30 pm
Joe’s Bar on Weed St, 940 W. Weed St, Chicago, IL
Contact:  Rae Ann McNeilly (217) 408-0076

Mike Labno is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate.  He resides in Oak Brook, IL.  He is the only pro-life, pro-second amendment, fiscal and constitutional conservative on the ballot.  For more information visit


Alexander Snitker: Victima de la Discriminacion Electoral en EEUU

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Los medios de comunicación en EEUU vitorean por las esquinas del mundo sobre la democracia, libertad, derechos humanos, y el derecho del voto con la dicha: “Vota para que te respeten” o “Vota para que sus ideas son tomado en cuenta”.

Con que derecho podemos hablar de libertad, democracia, derechos humanos, y el “votar para ser respetado” cuando nosotros somos discriminatorios contra los partidos como los Libertarios y Verdes?

Alexander Snitker es un candidato del Partido Libertario para Senador de la Florida. La campaña del Sr. Snitker fue basada en la Constitución del 1787, el fin de la política como carrera, la responsabilidad personal, la necesidad de una inmigración balanceada, y el retiro de los EEUU de las alianzas mundiales.

El Sr. Snitker no quiere ni la izquierda ni la derecha sino el sentido común. La respuesta fue la exclusión de este veterano de la Primera Guerra del Golfo Pérsico de los debates con amenazas de arrestos.

Los seguidores del Sr. Snitker fueron hostigados y clasificados como locos. Rubio, Crist, y Meek no quería hablar con el Sr. Snitker ni el Partido Libertario. Quizás los tres no querían lucir como los payasos que son frente a un experto de la ley en EEUU.

Quizás temen la verdad pues ese temor es intrínseco en los gobernantes de hoy. Los medios de comunicación tienen la culpa por no exigir la inclusión de Alexander Snitker y su Partido Libertario [o los candidatos del Partido Verde] en los debates.

Los estados de Texas y Nueva York tuvieron la decencia de incluir a todos los partidos y los sabores en los debates políticos. El estado de Texas fue testigo de la inclusión de la candidata del Partido Libertario para Gobernadora de Texas Kathie Glass en los debates.

La respuesta de Rick Perry [Gobernador de Texas y Republicanos] era de cobardía porque temía la verdad.

El estado de Nueva York tenían un partido en el debate cuyo candidato repetía su promesa de la candidatura pero estaba presente en el debate para que el pueblo ve, oye, y decide por sí mismo.

En la mayoría de los estados de la unión norteamericana, ni siquiera sucedió la inclusión.

Todos los partidos políticos [incluyendo los monárquicos representado por 1% del pueblo estadounidense} tienen el derecho de participar en el proceso político para presentar sus opiniones con el propósito de recibir el voto o el no voto en los Comicios de 2010.

Desgraciadamente, pienso en las palabras del Presidente de Irán durante una entrevista con Larry King en su programa: “EEUU no tiene el derecho de pregonar sobre la democracia, libertad, ni derechos humanos en el mundo cuando ellos violan esos principios en su propia tierra.”.

Si seguimos en el rumbo del desastre, considero que los EEUU terminarían como Checoslovaquia, Yugoslavia, la Republica Romana, El Imperio Romano, y la Republica de Venecia.


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The Republican and Democratic Charlie Browns are at it again. Election cycle after election cycle, the Republican and Democratic Lucy politicians of America promise to hold the football for Charlie Brown – for sure, this time, instead of pulling the ball away at the last second so to make Charlie Brown fall on his butt as he tries to kick his field goal.

“Cut spending, lower taxes,” the Republican politicians say. And the Charlie Brown voters fall on their butts once again.



Restore our rights, get out of foreign wars,” the Democratic politicians say – and the Charlie Brown voters fall on their butts once again.



What makes anyone think that this year will be any different? If you keep on doing what you have always done, you’ll keep on getting what you always got. If you keep on voting for Republicrats who try to sound like Libertarians at election time, you’ll keep on getting higher spending, higher taxes, more big brother, and more costly foreign wars affecting the lives of our nation’s young and the nation’s pocket book. Lots of sore butts out there.



According to Libertarian activist and current PR Director Ken Prazak:


“Many people fall for the Lucy trap because of what is known as the “wasted vote” syndrome. It is thought that voting for the lesser of two evils is better than allowing the opposition party to take power.”



Ken adds:

“However, voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil, and if evil takes power does it really matter if the evil manifests itself on the margin for more taxes, spending and regulation with a loss of our rights and the continuation of a destructive foreign policy, rather than on the margin for a loss of our rights, the continuation of a destructive foreign policy, and slightly less of “more taxes, more spending and regulation? Not a dollars worth of difference (in these inflationary times).”

What many people don’t realize is that politics is not a horse race. It is a protracted conflict in the battle of ideas and trends matter. One does not have to win to effect change.



If a person believes that the libertarian philosophy is the wave of the future then one should register that belief now by voting for Libertarian candidates in the coming election. The more votes Libertarians get, the sooner will a libertarian future be achieved.



Here in Illinois it is even more critical to do so, for to achieve “major party” status, the Libertarian Party needs to get 5% of the vote or more. If Lex Green, Libertarian candidate for Governor, gets over 5%, then the onerous ballot access requirements that have prevented the Libertarian Party in the past from becoming viable will no longer be operative, and libertarians in subsequent elections can concentrate their efforts on the election rather than managing the multiple hurdles the major parties have placed to make it so difficult to get on the ballot.



So in this election, make the smart choice. Vote for whom or what you truly believe in. And if the belief is freedom, don’t waste your vote, vote Libertarian.



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The final days of the campaign I will still be traveling the state to meet the people I will represent.  I hope you can join me at the following events. Be sure to tell your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers. Please continue to watch the website for any additions to the calendar  If you would like to host your own Meet and Greet and invite a group of people, we still have some wiggle room in the calendar, so email today!
We also still need your help in reaching voters.  Please continue to distribute campaign materials and tell everyone you meet about the Snitker campaign.
Early voting continues through Saturday, October 30. Grab your yard sign and head down to your early voting location to wave, or stand outside the 100′ restriction zone and pass out materials and let people know about me.  Saturday will be an extremely busy day for voting, so our visibility is important.  You can find your early voting location here
On Election Day, please help us make a final effort to let people know about this campaign.  Grab that sign one more time and head down to your precinct. Sign wave as long as you can, and you can continue to stand outside the 100′ perimeter to talk to people approaching the building.  Your voter’s registration card has your precinct location listed, or you can find it through your county’s Supervisor of Elections office  If there is not already a Snitker sign at your precinct, please consider leaving yours there, in a prominent location, for the day! 
Later in the evening, please come out and join us at our Election Night Victory Party!
For the avid Snitker fan, go to your local party or craft supply store and buy a tube of window chalk (white or yellow work best) and write a short message on your car window(s). Keep it short so people can read it easily, and be sure to leave yourself room to see out of your windows!
Schedule of Events
Deland 9/12 Project Meeting
Wednesday, October 27, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Wayne Sanborn Activities Center 
751 South Alabama Ave, DeLand, FL 32724
Alex will speaking to the Deland 9/12 Project about how important it is to support his fight for liberty.
Winter Haven 9/12 Group
Thursday, October 28, 7pm – 10pm
Central Baptist Church 
57 6th Street NW, Winter Haven, FL 33881
Come out and meet Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Alex Snitker.
The Alex Snitker Show
Friday, October 29, 9am – 10am
WTAN 1340AM / WDCF 1350AM – Tampa Bay
Listen Live Online:
Call in with your questions and comments at 727-441-3000 or 1-866-826-1340
New Port Richey Meet and Greet
Friday, October 29, 7pm-10pm
Brew City Grill & Sports Bar
5711 US Highway 19
New Port Richey, FL 34652
St Petersburg Circus McGurkis
Saturday, October 30, 9am – 12pm
Lake Vista Park
1401 62nd Ave. South, St. Petersburg 33705
Come join U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker at this great family event. 
Melbourne Meet and Greet
Saturday, October 30, 7pm – 10pm
Matt’s Casbah
801 East New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32901
Come out and meet Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Alex Snitker!
Tuesday, November 2, 7pm – 10pm
Stonechase Grill – 12227 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626
Please join us for our Victory Party. No matter the results, this will be a night of celebration. We have a lot to celebrate because we have accomplished so much. We have done what many thought would be impossible or even worse…not worth the effort. We have proven that nothing is impossible in freedom….and we know that nothing is more worth our effort than energy spent to keep us free. We have enlightened countless people and recruited many of them for our a fight that has just begun. That fight continues on Nov 3rd. But Nov 2nd is our night to let our hair down, look back at an amazing year, and enjoy ourselves. We deserve it. Come watch the election results as they come in and enjoy the company of fellow patriots and liberty lovers. Florida’s Liberty Candidate will be there to thank you for your contributions, hard work, and sacrifice. See You There!!!!!
Nearby Lodging Available: 
Thank you all for your continued efforts and support!  It is only a few more days until you can say that you helped elect the first Libertarian Senator!
In Liberty,

Nestor Kirchner QEPD HDP

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Nestor Kirchner QEPD HDP

Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show

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Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show

Kathie Glass made history as the first Texas Libertarian gubernatorial candidate to be in a statewide televised debate with a major party candidate.

The reviews are in:  by all accounts, Kathie Glass won the statewide televised gubernatorial debate.

Here are just a few of the quotes on Kathie’s performance:

     “Kathie Glass seemed to steal the show . . .”  AP

     “White was often upstaged by Houston Libertarian Kathie Glass.”  Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

      “Kathie Glass was the action.”  Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman

     “Glass got off a number of good lines”  Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune

The debate can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking here.  This site has the debate broken up into twelve small videos.

Here are links to a number of articles about the debate:

     Associated Press

     Fort Worth Star-Telegram

     Austin American-Statesman

     Houston Chronicle

     Texas Tribune

     And another Texas Tribune perspective

Many people did not get the opportunity to see this debate live.  Let other people know how to watch it.  It is a great tool for educating people about Kathie.

Toward liberty,

The Kathie Glass campaign

Open Letter To Rasmussen About Snitker

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The coverage of the US Elections and the insults have gone out of hand. It is also rare that both parties (Republican and Democrat) talk about human rights and freedom but exclude Alexander Snitker as well as other LIbertarians and Greens from the national debate. In doing so, the US Elections are nothing more than a fraud in which the pundits and politicians practice the art of deceiving the people.
You say that a vote for any party besides the Republicans and Democrats are wasted votes but I look at the candidates from both parties and they represent themselves, they do not represent me. The Republicans and Democerats have done everything to exclude Libertarians and Greens by calling them crazy, insignificant, and even expletives. In the process, they destroy what was once a great land.


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Newsmax: Republicans Plus Democrats Equals The Same Old Stupidity

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Dear Newsmax:
You talk about less government but endorse the same status quo people instead of John Wayne Root for Governor and Alexander Snitker for Senator. Maybe to you they are waster votes because you do not give them publicity but to me, a vote for a Republican or a Democrat means a wasted vote because it is the same old stupidity.