Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show

Debate Report – Kathie Glass Stole the Show

Kathie Glass made history as the first Texas Libertarian gubernatorial candidate to be in a statewide televised debate with a major party candidate.

The reviews are in:  by all accounts, Kathie Glass won the statewide televised gubernatorial debate.

Here are just a few of the quotes on Kathie’s performance:

     “Kathie Glass seemed to steal the show . . .”  AP

     “White was often upstaged by Houston Libertarian Kathie Glass.”  Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

      “Kathie Glass was the action.”  Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman

     “Glass got off a number of good lines”  Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune

The debate can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking here.  This site has the debate broken up into twelve small videos.

Here are links to a number of articles about the debate:

     Associated Press

     Fort Worth Star-Telegram

     Austin American-Statesman

     Houston Chronicle

     Texas Tribune

     And another Texas Tribune perspective

Many people did not get the opportunity to see this debate live.  Let other people know how to watch it.  It is a great tool for educating people about Kathie.

Toward liberty,

The Kathie Glass campaign



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