Labor Unions: Opiates Of The Masses [Anonymous]

Before commenting, let me clear up something. I am not a rich person, nor middle class, nor poor. I am a US Citizen, and individul, and Libertarian who knows what is right for me without the need for some Labor Union to represent me.

It is about time that Labor Unions behave like other entities. Labor Unions are another form of business. They exist to represent workers [if the workers or professionals want such a representation] and strike for conditions in theory.

In practice, the labor unions violate the basic human rights of people by forcing them to join unions. They violate the rights of consumers by forcing them to buy union made products [that’s why I buy from small companies or abroad].

Labor Unions are corrupt and use the dues of the common man to enrich themselves. In other words, labor unions are the creation of intelligent business minded workers who rip off the less fortunate and less intelligent workers.

The USA will be a great country the day we have no Labor Unions since they are Anti-American and Anti-Constitution.



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