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Geauga Lake Park now an eyesore [WEWS News Channel 5]

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Abandoned Geauga Lake Amusement Park – OH [Urbex US]

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Republica: Razones Para Ser Monarquico

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Para los amantes de las republicas

Francia [Republica Francesa]
1. La Revolucion Francesa dio luz a los masacres de personas que no compartian sus ideales o que estaban en el lugar y tiempo equivocado.
2. La Republica Francesa suprimio los idiomas autoctonos de Euskadi, Catalunya, Provence, Breton, y Alsacia dentro de sus fronteras.
3. Aventuras Coloniales en la epoca de la Republica.

Cuba [Republica de Cuba]
1. Castro I [1959-2008]
2. Castro II [2008-?] Muertos [incluyendo de hambre], Fusilados, Torturados, Destruccion de la Familia y Exiliados.

Argentina [Republica Argentina]
1. Dinastia Kirchner [2003-?] Silencio y Censura

Corea Del Norte [Republica Democratica Popular de Corea]
1. Kim I [1945-1994]
2. Kim II [1994-2011]
3. Kim III [2011-?] Muertos, Hambrientos, Fusilados, Torturados, Exiliados, Destruccion de la Familia y Animales.

1. Assad I [1970-2001]
2. Assad II [2001-?] Guerra Civil, Muertos [incluyendo de hambre], Fusilados, Torturados, Destruccion de la Familia y Exiliados.

Republica Democratica del Congo
1. Kabila I [1997-2001]
2. Kabila II [2001-?] Lo mismo

1. Artistas que besan el culo de los dictadores y creen que son grande.
2. Mediocres que creen que son reyes o reinas como Dennis Rodman, Hermanas Kardashian, y Television de la Realidad

1. Dinastia Taft [Ohio], Dinastia Bush [Nueva Inglaterra y Texas], Dinastia Clinton, y Dinastia Kennedy. En un pais que supuestamente acabo con las dinastias y nobleza, los politicos se comportan como reyes mientras el pueblo busca trabajo.
a. Bush I [1989-1993]
b. Bush II [2001-2009] Nivel Nacional
c. Bush III [Florida] [1999-2007]
Leyes electorales favoreciendo a los Republicanos/Democratas

Nueva York
1. Bloomberg. Buenas intenciones pero su comportamiento es como los reyes medivales con leyes tontas.

Boston y otros lugares
1. Impuestos y restricciones

Wall Street
1. Banqueros y Hombres de Negocios comportando como reyes tambien

Inside the Paramount Theater, Youngstown Ohio 2012 [Nicholas Serra]

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Green Party candidates to watch in the Nov. 5 general election [GP-USA]

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Green Party candidates to watch in the Nov. 5 general election

WASHINGTON, DC — Nearly 100 candidates are representing the Green Party in state, county, and municipal elections on November 5, 2013.

Below are some of this year’s Green candidates who are running noteworthy campaigns, listed by state. For several of the candidates, victory is achievable.

For a list of all 2013 Green candidates, see the party’s election web pages ( and For contact information, see the candidates’ web sites.


25 California Green candidates are running, almost half unopposed (

• Marnie Glickman is running for a seat in the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (Marin County), with an endorsement from the Sierra Club ( (Candidate photo:

• Gladwyn D’Souza, running for Belmont City Council, currently sits on the planning commission in his city of 25,000 ( He has the endorsement of current and past mayors and planning commissioners as well as the Sierra Club and numerous community leaders ( (Candidate photo:


• Ronna Stuller and Mirna Lis Martinez, candidates for City Council and School Board, are running a coordinated campaign to transform the City of New London ( Ms. Stuller is focusing on taxation (making it fairer) and public safety (focusing on prevention). Ms. Martinez is a teacher and parent activist who is bringing attention to the impact proposed reforms will have on the majority minority New London Public School System.


• Anna Trevorrow, candidate for the School Board of Portland (, is a former elected member of the Portland Charter Commission and works as a legislative aide for three independent members of the state legislature. Ms. Trevorrow recently earned the endorsement of the Maine League of Young Voters. (Candidate photo:


• Joe Carvalho, candidate for Mayor of Fall River (, is a native of the city, a Vietnam veteran, and a former social worker and counselor. He’s a local environmental hero — the winner of the 2010 Alison J. Walsh Award For Outstanding Environmental Advocacy presented by Save the Bay. Mr. Carvalho is former president of the Coalition for Responsible Siting of LNG Facilities, a group that won its fight against Hess Oil over plans to build an LNG terminal in Fall River and sail dangerous LNG tankers through a narrow channel lined with homes and schools. (Candidate photo:


• Johnny Howard, running for St. Paul City Council, is a longtime community resident and activist ( He is campaigning hard on issues such as reclaiming vacant properties, closing the achievement gap in public schools, and creating job opportunities for un- and under-employed residents.

• Annie Young is running for relection to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board — a seat she has held since 1989 ( For decades, Ms. Young has advocated for sustainability, efficiency, and community in Minneapolis’ parks. She is running with the endorsement of the local Sierra Club and several prominent local labor unions ( (Candidate photo:


• Steve Welzer and Patricia Alessandrini are running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively ( (Candidate photo:

“For a couple of years the New Jersey electorate seemed to be mesmerized by their media-savvy governor-with-presidential-aspirations, Chris Christie,” said Mr. Welzer. “But during this campaign it has become apparent that Christie’s performance in office does not stand up to scrutiny. Governmental labor relations have deteriorated, he pulled the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and property taxes are soaring. Meanwhile, his Democratic Party opponent is such a weak candidate that half of the bosses of her own party have abandoned her for Christie, the millionaires’ buddy. Interest in the Green campaign is surging as progressives and environmentalists throughout the state seek out a truly new alternative.”


At least 25 Green candidates are running in New York (

• Kevin Bott, candidate for Mayor of Syracuse, is associate director of Imagining America, an organization devoted to creating connections between educational institutions and communities through art and design ( Mr. Bott’s recent work in the organization has focused on helping men transition from prison. Imagining America and Mr. Bott came under attack by Glenn Beck — which the candidate’s supporters have called “a badge of honor” ( (Candidate photo:

• Howie Hawkins is running for Syracuse Common Council ( The last time Mr. Hawkins competed for this seat, he lost by 70 votes. (Candidate photo:

“Syracuse is the second poorest city after Detroit, with 38 percent of its residents and 55 percent of its children living below the poverty line,” said Mr. Hawkins. “Like Detroit, Syracuse is on the verge insolvency and takeover of its elected government by a state-appointed Financial Control Board. New York State has defaulted on its previously enacted revenue sharing and school aid for the city in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. No city elected official — every one a Democrat — has challenged Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his conservative fiscal austerity policies for New York’s cities. As a Green who is independent of the moneyed interests financing the Democratic politicians, I will be free to speak up for Syracuse and fight for the funds for the city and its schools that the state promised to pay for its mandates on municipalities.”

• Alex White is leading a strong slate of six candidates in Rochester ( — featuring a video, “A New Vision for Rochester”). Mr. White is competing against a Democrat in a two-candidate race (see his essay: (Candidate photo:

New York City Greens are fielding 13 candidates (Green Team 2013:, including Tony Gronowicz for Mayor (, Julia Willebrand for Comptroller (, James Lane for Public Advocate (see below), and Borough President contenders Carl Lundgren (Bronx, and Hank Bardel (Staten Island,

• Lynne Serpe, running her second race for New York City Council in District 22 (Queens), received $50,000 in the first round of matching funds for the general election ( In her first race (2009), she drew a strong 24% of the vote against Democratic incumbent Peter Vallone, who isn’t running this year. See Ms. Serpe’s videos “22 Ideas for District 22” and “Get to Know Green Party City Council Candidate Lynne Serpe” on her web site ( / video page: (Candidate photo:

• James Lane, candidate for Public Advocate of New York City, has sharply criticized New York City government for turning its back on our residents by making behind closed door deals for reductions of affordable housing, removal of fire houses, and decreased funding to our public schools to name a few with no community interaction ( (Candidate photo:


• Brian Cummins is running for re-election to the Cleveland City Council ( Mr. Cummins has stood up to entrenched power structures in the Cleveland and Cuyahoga County and has set an example of how an elected Green can make a difference and serve with integrity, transparency and accountability to the voters. (Candidate photo:

• Sean Nestor, candidate for Toledo City Council, is 28 years young and hopes to be the first elected Green in his city ( He was recently profiled in the city’s major newspaper, the Toledo Blade, which said Mr. Nestor “has more ideas than most members of Congress. He too has seen the poverty and random violence, but he loves the city and wants to stay here and help it.” ( (Candidate photo:

• Joe DeMare is running an aggressive campaign for Bowling Green City Council ( Mr. DeMare works full time as a machine operator in an industrial ceramics plant. (Candidate photo:


• Tom Alba is running for Ambler City Council in Montgomery County ( He has strongly opposed the city’s 76% hike in property taxes since 2008 and is promoting a “walkable” Ambler. (Candidate photo:


• Audrey Clement, running for the Arlington Board of Supervisors (, was a Congressional Fellow for the 100th Congress and is a longstanding member of the Arlington Coalition on Sensible Transportion. (Candidate photo:

“Gentrification is the number one issue in Arlington County,” said Ms. Clement. “Every year hundreds of tenants are recycled out of the county to make way for the redevelopment of moderate income housing into upscale luxury apartments, condos and town houses. The all Democratic County Board has made matters worse by scrapping existing land use plans limiting high density development and opposing a Housing Authority referendum placed on the ballot in 2008 and 2013 by the Arlington Green Party. If elected I promise to turn this retrograde situation around by enforcing the current zoning ordinance and promoting a Housing Authority that will put the brakes on rent increases.”

In addition to Green candidates on the ballot in the Nov. 5 general election, Dr. Amy Roe is competing in the nonpartisan special election for Mayor of Newark, Delaware, on Nov. 26 ( (Candidate photo:


Green Party of the United States


• Green candidate database and campaign information:

• News Center

• Speakers Bureau

• Ballot Access Page

• Video Page

• Green Papers

• Discussion Forum

• Google+

• Twitter

• Livestream Channel

• GP-TV Twitter page

• Facebook page

Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of the United States

Green Shadow Cabinet

Ted Cruz: Homenaje

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Ted Cruz Cagon De Mierda, regresa a Canada pues de Estados Unidos no tiene ni un centavo.

Abandoned Rolling Acres Mall, Akron 2012 [Urbex US]

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Antes, este centro comercial conocio la prosperidad hasta su destruccion economica por el elite en EEUU.

Alo Gobernador

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Tenemos la traduccion del texto del Gobernador de la Florida sobre El Ciclon tra

Huevo [Evo] y las Estrellas – Especial de Halloween

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Huevo Morales, la resurreccion de Qadafi presente para celebrar los horoscopos. Tambien vamos a celebrar la boda de Dennis Rodman con Kim III de Corea del Norte en Pyongyang.

Primero los horoscopos mientras cometo el acto de Mierdalindi Peo Yoga. Tengo como testigo a Maduro para multiplicar los penes y peos para alegrar el ambiente.

Capricornio: Deja tu alfombra magica y turbante pues son simbolos de la esclavitud. Para meditar solo basta con un inodoro para librarse de la mierda interior. Sus numeros de la lotto son 23730 [C3PEO].

Acuario: Para la belleza, Debes tomar un Batido de Mango con Colon Cleanser para una limpieza interior. Sus numeros de la lotto son 643732 [MIERDA]

Piscis: Consultas a Maduro para la multiplicacion de Penes. Busca los numeros de la lotto 632 [MEA]

Aries: Lo mismo como Acuario pero con Batido de PAPAYA y Jugo de Ciruela para una cagada feliz. Sus numeros de la lotto son 864538 [TOILET]

Tauro: A garrar el toro por el cuerno. Purifica tu alma de toda mierda incluyendo Santos y Ferrero. Reemplaza a los fracasados con energia positiva que proviene de Italia y Rumania [Berlusconi y Becali]. Tendras una vida feliz con el cambio. Su numero de lotto es 669642 [NO YOGA]

Cancer: Coloca las fotos de Silvio Rodriguez y Pablo Milanes en el inodoro. Los dos son un cancer en la vida cotidiana por su voz y estilo de musica. No hay numero de Lotto

Geminis: Deja de cocinar y comer TORTILLAS para gozar de verdadera comida como Arroz con Pollo y Carne con Papas. Su numero de lotto es 2656637 [COJONES]

Leo: Ponte en linea. Su numero de lotto es 466273 [HOMBRE]

Virgo: Vas a perder la virginidad con la multiplaciones de penes con Maduro y Rubio. Su numero de lotto es 0

Libra: Perderas libras en tonelada debido a Toilet Yoga. No hay numero de lotto

Escorpio: Aburrimiento total. Tampoco tienes numero de lotto

Sagitario: Un Peo Frustrado. No hay numero de lotto.

Ahora declaro a Kim III y Dennis Rodman marica y marico por el poder de Huevo con sus estrellas acompanado por la multiplicacion de penes y lechon de Maduro.

Washington: El Problema y Las Dos Soluciones

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Washington resolvio temporalmente su crisis gubernamental despues de una semana y media comiendo mierda con su teatro barato. El problema radica en los Republicanos, Democratas, su grandes conglomeraciones, prensa, y un pais dividido en etnias pero unido en la masturbacion cerebral.

En resumida cuenta, la clase gobernante [con sus intereses en Wall Street, Boston, Washington, y Hollywood] son putas, maricas, tortas, y racistas de estilo blanco anglo-sajon bostoniano. La mayoria del supuesto pueblo estadounidense [sin importar raza, etnia, religion, y clase social] sigue la corriente porque son de la misma tela.

La clase gobernante [y sus intereses] son hipocritas hablando de democracia y libertad sin promoverlo en la llamada tierra de la libertad. Los problemas necesitan una o dos soluciones.

En teoria, seria bueno privatizar todo lo del gobierno y forzar a los politicos dentro del gobierno y sus seguidores a trabajar. Tambien debemos reducir los sueldos de los politicos y permitir partidos como los Verdes y Libertarios una oportunidad en participar en las elecciones como iguales incluyendo cobertura de prensa.

Debe existir un limite de periodos verdadero en todas las esferas. La inmigracion debe ser prohibido pues no hay cama ni economia pa’ tanta gente.

No seria mala si quitamos todas las restricciones dentro del pais y suspender ayuda hacia el exterior. Seria bueno un retiro estadounidense de la ONU, FMI, OEA, abolir a la NASA con el proposito de poner el dinero a trabajar dentro de America.

Seria bueno una Misa de Hippie en Washington, Hollywood, Washington, y Boston para que los pueblos en esa ciudad logra restablecer contactos con sus verdaderas raices. No seria mala si los reporteros de FOX News y MSNBC [junto con los politicos y conglomerados] tiran peos, eructan acompanado por una pelea de tortas y agua.

Los chismosos, delatadores, y comemierdas de turno en los medios de comunicaciones [como en la vida real] debe ser colocado en una silla por encima de un tanque de agua. El proposito es el deleite de un publico dispuesto a tirar pelotas hasta que se caen en el tanque con la ropa puesta.

Con eso podemos hablar de democracia y libertad.

En practica, la clase politica debe dejar de hablar mierda en cuanto a la libertad y derechos humanos. Ellos deben NACIONALIZAR a la prensa incluyendo a FOX y MSNBC pues los dos son instrumentos del elite vestido de privado.

Incluso, la clase gobernante debe cerrar cadenas televisivas como FOX y MSNBC como sucedio con RCTV bajo Chavez. Seria bueno que se quitan la mascara con declaraciones veridicas de que no existe la libertad en EEUU.

Pueden hacerlo con periodos vitalicios, prohibiendo actividades de ciertos republicanos/democratas, y castigando a los chismosos/delatadores cuando terminan su trabajo. Asi podemos hablar en realidad en vez de hipocresia.