No Barrs Held in South Carolina

Dear friend,

I urgently need your help.

I’m in Charleston, West Virginia attempting to get Bob Barr on the ballot. When I arrived early Wednesday morning, I didn’t think it would be possible, but I had to give it a shot.

We’re headed toward 48 state ballot access. Only West Virginia and Oklahoma are problems. However, there is hope in Oklahoma as we have just filed a lawsuit to get Bob Barr and Wayne Root on the ballot there.

If we win that case, only West Virginia will stand in our way of 50 state ballot access – an apex of achievement for a third-party candidate and something the media cannot ignore.

But here’s my problem.

There is no active Libertarian Party in West Virginia and a very limited pool of volunteers.

I have had to bring in out-of-state petitioners from across the nation to get this drive done.

So far I have 13 petitioners on the ground and another nine on their way.

I didn’t think we would have the manpower to get the drive done, but now I think it’s a possibility. I have enough petitioners in the state and on their way to collect enough signatures by our August 1st deadline.

But I won’t have the money to finish the drive if I don’t raise $43,000 by close of business on Monday.

Russ Verney, our campaign manager, wrote to me this morning and instructed me to shut down the drive if I cannot raise the funds by COB Monday.

So far this month, we’re raised less than $100,000. We’re even off pace from our June fundraising totals.

The campaign cannot afford this ballot drive as I write this. We would have to choose between basic campaign operations or the possibility of 50 state ballot access.

Russ has to make a tough call on this drive but he did give me 96 hours to raise the funds to continue the effort.

I ask that you keep this drive alive by helping me raise $43,000 by close of business on Monday.

Please make an emergency donation to fund the West Virginia ballot access drive right now. Please give generously by clicking here.

My friend, I’ve only been in this state for a few days and we need to be on the ballot here.

When I arrived in West Virginia it was 2:30 in the morning. I pulled into a hotel parking lot and a restaurant owner and one of her patrons were standing outside smoking a cigarette.

They didn’t look too happy.

As it turns out, just a few weeks earlier the county had banned smoking in all “enclosed workplaces” including bars and restaurants.

I’m not a smoker, but it’s the property owner’s decision to allow or disallow smoking on their premises – it is not a county bureaucrats’ decision.

When I explained libertarian philosophy to them and told them about our candidate Bob Barr, their eyes lit up.

They did not know that there is an alternative to the two-party system. They didn’t know that there is a party that respects an individual’s rights and personal decisions.

Since then, I’ve talked to many more folks in this state and the same holds true. We need to give West Virginians a better choice and the only way to do that is to get Bob Barr on the ballot.

Please donate today and help me keep this drive alive. I have two weeks left to pull it off and I sincerely need your support.

A gift of $50, $100, $250 or more would be a significant help. If you can’t give $50, give $5 or $10. Every dollar gets us one step closer to getting a pro-liberty candidate on the ballot in what could be our final ballot access hurdle.

Thank you for all that you do.

In Liberty,

Shane Cory

Deputy Campaign Manager

Bob Barr 2008



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