For Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer of the Today Show

Today Show Protest Message to Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer I was disappointed to learn that despite having heard from PETA on several occasions, you continue to wear Canada Goose jackets—which are made with fur stripped from coyotes who can suffer for days in steel traps and endure blood loss, gangrene, and attacks by predators—on […]

Super Bowl LIII : An Open Letter To Lebron James

Hello LeBron James Dear Le Bron: I heard about your support for Colin Kaepernick and that you thought the Super Bowl was boring. I enjoyed every part including the rapper with the great words of liberty. I understand where you come from because we come from the same crappy place within a Banana Republic called […]

Super Bowl LIII : Carta Abierta Para LeBron James

Carta Abierta Para Lebron James Entere de su apoyo hacia Colin Kaepernick y su rechazo al Super Bowl LIII. No estoy sorprendido acerca de su actitud pues tu y yo somos de la misma mierda y republica bananera [Akron, Ohio]. Hemos superado el racismo y mentalidad tercermundista de esa porqueria condenada al fracaso, abandono, y […]