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A Message from Joe Garcia

Posted in Joe Garcia by alvarezgalloso on septiembre 26, 2008

As you may have seen, my opponent Mario-Diaz Balart is scared and resorted to spreading lies.

While serving on the Public Service Commission I helped usher-in the biggest utility rate cut in Florida history, which saved Floridians $1 Billion and forced FP&L to share excessive profits with consumers.

Diaz-Balart is scared of my record of fighting for consumers so he is trying to lie his way to re-election. You and I know better though; and so does Local 10 News, who ran a truth test on Mario’s latest ad and found that it was filled with false accusations and misinformation.

One can see why Mario is run away from his record.  If I had been in Congress for six years and only passed one bill, while giving myself five pay raises, and voting against healthcare for children, services for our returning veterans and giving oil companies billions in tax breaks, I would be doing the same.

Luckily this year we have a choice. But we need more people to help get out the truth

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Nancy Pelosi to Endorse Joe Garcia? [From Joe Garcia]

Posted in Joe Garcia by alvarezgalloso on agosto 6, 2008

I wanted you to be the first to hear the big news.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is coming to endorse Joe Garcia in Miami this Wednesday before the end of the filing period.

Nancy Pelosi knows the kind of leadership South Florida’s families deserve.

She knows that with gas at $4 and South Florida leading the country in foreclosure rates, our community deserves a Congressman, like Joe, who will stand up for children and families, not lobbyists and special interest groups.

That’s why she is taking time out of her busy schedule to let America know that we need Joe Garcia.

Will you stand beside Joe and Speaker Pelosi?

Click here to make a donation of $10 or more and you and a guest may be selected to meet the Speaker.

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More News from Joe Garcia

Posted in Joe Garcia by alvarezgalloso on julio 30, 2008

I want you to join us this weekend.

We’re going to be canvassing on Saturday and Sunday.  Here are the details:

Canvass and BBQ with Joe Garcia
Saturday, August 2nd at 10 am
West Perrine Park
10301 SW 170th Terrace
Miami, FL 33157
Please RSVP with Mario Bailey at or (205)246-3932.

Canvass in West Kendall
Sunday, August 3rd at 12:30 PM
SW 155 Avenue and SW 144 Street
Contact- Alex Deus (305)588-2656

Canvass in Homestead
Sunday, August 3rd at 2:00 PM
101 NE 19 Street
Contact- Edward Garza (305)972-6779

Last weekend was a huge success.   Team Joe canvassed in Perrine, Homestead and West Kendall.  We blew away all our goals and met over 1,000 voters and recruited dozens of new volunteers.

Now we’re asking you to grow the momentum and join us this weekend.

Thank you,

Edward Garza
Field Director
Joe Garcia for Congress


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Joe Garcia

Posted in Joe Garcia by alvarezgalloso on julio 23, 2008


This weekend we will continue to grow our outreach to the residents of the district. We are beginning to make strides and we are really building this grassroots movement into a great campaign. I need your help to continue to push this movement forward and build on what we have. This weekend we have many opportunities for you to get involved and help change the direction of our community.
As many of you know since we’ve launched this campaign we have aggressively been canvassing neighborhoods in all parts of this district. This weekend we are launching a new phase in our grassroots campaign.
We will bring our campaign to the neighborhoods of Perrine on Saturday at 10:00a.m. and Sunday at 3:00p.m. in West Perrine Park located on 10301 SW 107th Ter. We will be walking the area. Please contact Mario Bailey at 205.246.3932 for more information.
We also will be hosting a walk in West Kendall. Please join us 10.00 am on Saturday and 12.00 pm on Sunday at Sugarwood Park located at SW 146th Ave and 99th Street. Please contact Gonzalo Funes at 305.987.3147 for more information.
If you have any questions or to RSVP to our events please feel free to contact Alex Deus at 305.588.2656. I hope to see you this weekend and thank you for your continued support.
We have some big news we want to share with you.

The national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has announced that it will be investing $1.4 million in TV commercials for South Florida’s congressional races.

This means that we are one of the hottest congressional races in the country and it’s all thanks to your support and commitment to our campaign.

While the momentum is on our side, we can be sure of one thing…

Mario Diaz-Balart is going to pull out all the stops to win. He’s even accepting thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from ExxonMobile, while families are paying $4.50 at the pump.

That’s why we need you to make a contribution right now:

Every day, our campaign builds strength, and what was once thought of as impossible feat–to beat an incumbent Republican in South Florida–is quickly becoming the most exciting race in the county.

And the stronger your support, the more that the DCCC will invest in this campaign.

We all know Washington is broken. It is about time we have a leader like Joe Garcia to help clean up the mess.

As Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Joe Garcia took on the lobbyists and the special interest groups and gave Florida’s families the largest energy rate cut in state history.

That’s the kind of independent leadership South Florida needs in Washington.

Make a contribution today and let’s fix Washington together:

Remember, unlike Mario Diaz-Balart, Joe Garcia doesn’t accept contributions from big oil companies. Our campaign is people-powered.

That’s why we’re counting on you.

Thank you so much for everything you do,