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Kathie Glass: 2010 Ohio Stranger Award For Truth Seeking.

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For her desire to find the truth and her love of Texas and the USA, Kathie Glass is the recipient of the 2010 Ohio Stranger Award For Truth Seeking.


Kathie Glass in the gubernatorial debates!

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Kathie Glass in the gubernatorial debates!

On Tuesday, September 28, a coalition of big city newspapers invited Kathie Glass to participate in a gubernatorial debate in Austin on October 19 which will be televised statewide by KLRU PBS TV.   Kathie, of course, accepted.

Kathie made history earlier in this campaign by being the first Texas Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in a televised debate with a major party candidate  — the Kerrville League of Women Voters debate on July 5.  The October 19 statewide televised debate will give Kathie the exposure and the opportunity to catapult to victory on November 2.

Rick Perry, of course, refused to appear at the October 19 debate, as he has in any forum with any other gubernatorial candidates this general election season.

Kathie will also appear this evening in a League of Women Voters debate with Bill White in Houston.  That event can be viewed live over the Internet from this web page by clicking on the “Click here for live broadcast” link.  We are told that the event will also be available over the Internet later.

Each of these events is a major step forward for the campaign and the cause of liberty and the Libertarian Party.

Toward liberty,

The Kathie Glass campaign

Kathie Glass makes national news [Kathie Glass]

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Kathie Glass makes national news


Politico, a well respected national political news site has covered Kathie Glass, and provided a favorable and provocative perspective on her campaign.


See the article by clicking here.


Toward liberty,


The Kathie Glass campaign

Kathie Glass to debate Bill White in Rowlett – Saturday, Sept. 25 Perry Refuses To Participate

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Kathie Glass to debate Bill White in Rowlett – Saturday, Sept. 25

Houston, Texas, September 24, 2010:  Kathie Glass, the Libertarian nominee for Texas governor, will face off against Democratic nominee Bill White on Saturday, Sept. 25, 5:00 p.m., at the Rowlett Tea Party, First United Methodist Church of Rowlett, 4405 Main Street, Rowlett, Texas.   Incumbent Rick Perry was invited but refused to attend.
This is not the first time that Kathie Glass and Bill White have faced each other and the Texas voters in debate, and it won’t be the last.  Another debate is set for Houston next month, with more being planned.  “Texas voters can see, hear, and question the two candidates who are not afraid of facing them and each other in a debate,” said Ms. Glass.  “Rick Perry is AWOL from these debates just like he has been AWOL in defending our border for the last ten years.” 
Ms. Glass will continue to emphasize four main issues giving her campaign incredible momentum as she takes her message all over the state: border security, state sovereignty against unconstitutional federal acts, drastically lower taxes and spending, and strengthened property rights.  “You won’t get any of these things from any other candidate.  If these are the things you want, I’m not just another choice for governor, I’m your only choice.”

Kathie Glass For Governor of Texas

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  I’m Kathie Glass, your Libertarian candidate for Governor of Texas.  When I accepted the Texas Libertarian Party’s nomination for governor on June 12, I promised the most high profile, vigorous campaign that the Texas LP has ever seen.  Only halfway through the race, I have kept my word.

This Campaign Is in High Gear

          I have traveled across Texas, appearing in 28 cities including Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Waco, Tyler, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock, Huntsville, Amarillo, Abilene, San Angelo, McKinney, Grapevine, Kerrville, San Marcos, Beaumont, Nassau Bay, Kingwood, Nederland, Winnsboro, Midlothian, Royse City, and Laredo.  Even more appearances in new cities and repeat appearances are set or being scheduled.

          I have made at least 15 television appearances (see link) and 17 radio appearances (see link).  I have had at least 15 interviews by the print media (see link) with almost always favorable coverage including front page articles in major city newspapers. 

          My radio ads (see link) have hit the airways.  Television ads are being prepared and will be coming soon to a station near you, funds permitting.

My Promise to You and the People of Texas

          My platform is not just words – it is my promise, my solemn oath to you and the Texas people.  When the governor can act alone, I will not hesitate to do so. But when co-operation of our legislature is needed, I will use the considerable powers a Texas governor has. 

          I will vigorously use the veto power.  I will be especially enthusiastic in using the long-ignored line item veto. 

          I will call special sessions to force the legislature to take actions critical to Texas including nullification of unconstitutional federal acts like Obamacare. 

          I will appoint qualified, honest persons to public positions.

          And — last but not least — I will effectively use the “bully pulpit” and media to unite Texans and focus attention on what the legislature should be doing, but is not.      

          One way or another — acting unilaterally or with a co-operative or even a recalcitrant legislature — I vow to do all that is humanly possible to achieve ten specific things for our State.

My Contract with Texas

1.       Secure our border using our own Texas State Guard which is under the sole control of the governor. 

2.       Eliminate taxpayer services to non-citizens. 

3.       Restore Texas sovereignty and resist unconstitutional federal acts using the best tools available — nullification and interposition. 

4.       Slash our bloated $180,000,000,000 (that’s billion with a “b”) budget by 50%, using the line item veto provided by our Texas Constitution and which our current governor refuses to use. 

5.       Eliminate property taxes.

6.       End the franchise tax which acts as an income tax on small business.

7.       Opt out of Medicaid, using the approximately $45,000,000,000 savings for health care services that we as Texans decide are right for our state.  

8.       Strengthen private property rights to end eminent domain abuses.

9.                  Force a moratorium on toll roads and other massive road projects.

10.             Drive a stake through the heart of the Trans Texas Corridor.

Liberty Is Hot

          The campaign has been wildly successful.  My message of liberty – limited government, state sovereignty, drastically lower taxes and spending, and property rights including a secure border – has been well received throughout Texas by all kinds of Texans.  We are poised to make significant strides for our party and liberty.

          My campaign has made the Libertarian Party a viable alternative in Texas.  Even if I do not win, the next liberty candidate may well do so, based on our efforts in this campaign.

Our Liberty Is Under Attack

          Much rides on the outcome of this race for Texas governor.  Our federal government is hell bent on destroying our freedoms and economy, and there seems to be little that we can do to stop it.

          But what we can do is make Texas as strong as possible — economically, defensively, and otherwise — to withstand the coming storm and lead America back to the peace and prosperity that liberty brings.

I Can See Victory from My House

          In a three way race, 34% of the vote can take this thing.  Thirty one percent of Texans refused to vote for a Democrat or Republican in 2006, and Rick Perry sits in office with only 39%.  None of my opponents is addressing Texans’ top two priorities — border security and effective push-back on the federal government.  I am. 

          In this unique election year in American history, it is entirely possible to win this thing.  But to kick this campaign to the next level where victory is in sight, we need the exposure and name recognition that only mass media can bring.

We Need Money!

          When people hear my message, they respond enthusiastically.  Our challenge is to make sure that the voters of Texas know that I am in the race and what I stand for.  We will continue to do everything to earn media coverage to get the word out, but to get the message directly to Texans, we need money – your money.

          So I ask not only your vote and your support, but also for your money.  Give as though your freedom depends on it.  Because it does.

Toward liberty,


Kathie Glass


P.S.    The quickest way to get funds to the campaign is to click here to donate online.  But you can also send a check made out to “Kathie Glass campaign” to:

Kathie Glass campaign

9337B Katy Freeway #188

Houston, Texas 77024


          If you send a check, please include your employer and occupation and address with the check to help us comply with state reporting requirements.