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P.O. Box 1782
Lancaster, PA 17608

Dear Constitution Party Friend,

More and more Americans have had it. They are finally waking up and realizing that their liberty and very way of life are being taken away by elected officials who are enriching themselves while serving term after term in Congress or moving from elected office to lobbying and banking jobs, then back again to political appointments.
Registrations in the two major parties have declined with more voters registering independent or third party, thousands have turned out for “tea parties,” and there is increasing anger over out-of-control federal spending, and the universal health insurance plan.
The Constitution Party is the political answer, and we continue to experience a consistent increase in the number of new people joining our party, and requesting information.
As you might imagine, this is a most critical time for the Constitution Party. But unfortunately, we are desperately behind budget and your support is crucial to our effort.
Year after year CP supporters across the country have worked to build the foundation for a viable political party. And as you know, we will only run candidates for office who are pledged to the tried and true principles of constitutionally-based government – Life, Liberty, and Limited Government.
But I cannot keep the national office open, and our small staff paid without your help.
May I count on you for a gift today?
Your party needs your financial support today. If you don’t help, I don’t know who else will.
Please make a donation here.
I look forward to your reply and thank you in advance for your generous contribution.
Yours for Liberty,

James N. Clymer
National Chairman

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Thousands Cheer Chelene Nightingale During Her Electrifying Appearance At The”Stop Taxing Us” Rally Thursday In Oceanside, California! [Constitution Party]

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News and Information
Special Report
-September 8, 2009-
Thousands Cheer Chelene Nightingale During Her Electrifying Appearance At The”Stop Taxing Us” Rally Thursday In Oceanside, California!
California’s newest political sensation, Chelene Nightingale, who brought thousands of Southern Californians to their feet cheering last Thursday evening at a “Stop Taxing Us” outdoor townhall meeting in Oceanside, CA, called for “‘we the people’ to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and to take our government back.”  Nightingale, a candidate for the American Independent Party nomination for Governor of California in next year’s June Primary Election, is endorsed by a number of Constitution Party leaders across the country, including 2008 Presidential nominee, Chuck Baldwin; a very long list of veteran leaders and activists of California’s American Independent Party, (a charter state affiliate of the Constitution Party); as well as California voters from all up and down the Golden State who, regardless of political affiliation, are jumping onto her ‘we the people’ bandwagon.
Reporting on Thursday’s “Stop Taxing Us” rally said that, “Chelene Nightingale… revved up the crowd with Patriot red-meat topics like; the President’s address to the school kids, Second Amendment rights, the White House using the National Endowment of the Arts for propaganda and illegal immigration. “It’s up to us to take our government back. ‘We the people’ need to run for office. We can’t keep voting the lesser of two evils,”she said. “We need to be country loyal.”
The phenomenon of  Chelene Nightingale’s sudden impact on California politics is even being likened, by some, to the impact of The Beatles on Rock ‘n Roll music in the early 60’s, in the sense that she is arriving on the political scene at just the right time with just the right message.  As voter discontent reaches the boiling point, evidenced by the proliferation of “Tea Parties” and angry “Town hall eetings,”
Nightingale’s energy, personal charisma and popular “we the people” message is capturing the imagination of California voters of all ages and demographic groups.  As a result, she is finding herself increasingly in demand for speaking engagements (such as the upcoming national home school conference in Anaheim, CA) and as a media guest.  For example, earlier today Chelene appeared on Scott Bradley’s popular “To Preserve The Nation” radio show.  To listen to her appearance on that show please click on the following link: and then choose audio hour #2).
Constitution Party leaders, members and supporters from all across the nation will have an exciting opportunity to see and hear Chelene Nightingale at the upcoming Fall 2009 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona October 22-24.  For further information concerning this event and for a guest registration form please visit:  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!
To find out more about Chelene Nightingale’s campaign and/or help her to be elected the next Governor of California by making a financial contribution, please go now to her campaign website:
Please tell every Californian you know about Chelene Nightingale’s
‘We the People’ Campaign for Governor of California and remind them to register to vote American Independent, if they are not already registered AIP, in order to be able vote for Chelene in the 2010 Primary Election next June!
Next regular edition:  Joel Skousen added to speakers list for upcoming national meeting in Phoenix and CP news from Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama and Georgia.

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